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Hello XXXX, writes it to you Aleksandra. I'm glad to see your photo, you're an attractive man, your appearance seems to me quite nice.
I am very glad, that all of you wrote to me back. Simply I was not so sure, that I can receive from you the letter.
But nevertheless I am very grateful to you, that you could answer me. I mean something interested you. I the first time use the Internet, and still very badly I know a computer, but I hope, that I can soon study in this.
When, I learned, that my aunt got acquainted on the Internet with foreign the man too very much wanted that I could get acquainted with the man from other country. At us in Russia a lot of beautiful and good men. But nevertheless I do not want to have with them communication. As it is a lot of men of our country they throw the wives with children, hence very much not responsible actions in the. And I cannot simply find to myself the man from Russia as to me does not carry with it.
And I have decided to go in the Internet of cafe to write. I want to speak you fairly, that I wrote to 3 men from your country. But to a regret or fortunately you wrote to me only, and I am very glad to this.
I very much hope, that we can well be friends of you, and can put in further any serious attitudes. I send you a picture, and also I want to see from you still some your images as very much I want to see you.
I really very slowly write, as I can not quickly print on the keyboard, you understand. And certainly you want to know about me.
To me of 28 full years, also I am given birth on December, 21, 1986.
Live in city Cherepovets, it in the center of Russia, long from Moscow.
Have brown eyes and brown hair. But nevertheless I like to paint hair sometimes,
As I like to change image. My favourite color, is shades of dark blue color, basically blue.
I like to listen to Russian music, such as popular music.
I have cheerful character.
I before was never married, as this question especially interests men, and also I have no any children though I very much love them. My dream in a life, it to create the house for children of orphans and invalids. But this dream is very difficult for carrying out.
I want to know more about you. You can write to me more about you as I very much want to know you as I have very big interest in it.
Where you work? What your favourite color, music, films?
Of what you think, when go to sleep? When wake up from dream?
It is once again grateful to you for the answer, and I hope, that you we shall be with you good friends.
I ask you to write to me back soon as I shall wait for it.
I speak you DOSVIDANIYA, is on Russian good-bye.
My new friend, I wait the answer, Aleksandra.