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Hi xxxxxxxxx
glad to see your new letter. how have you been? how is your weekend? I hope that you are fine and you have a good time. i am good. so how to read your letters always great fun.
xxxxxxx, thank you for your advice on my trip to you. I also have a lot of talking to people about the trip to the UK. learned what documents are required for this. learned how is the whole process of preparing such a trip. I was told that there is indeed a lot of nuances in the preparation of such a trip. told what works. how to do better. gave some advice. explained how and what I need to get my work to make it easier to obtain a visa. in order to get a visa and travel arrangements for you will have to do a lot of work. but it can be done. Only if I will do everything I can not cope on their own. I was introduced to people who have already several times to go to the UK. They introduced me to the people who help to prepare and arrange such a visit. I think that for me it would be better to turn to them for help in the design of the trip for you. because they have a lot of experience and he can come in handy. if I draw and cook it yourself, I do not have time to do all this before I leave. because we will have holidays and I then I miss the chance and the opportunity to come to you. but it's all good news. the main problem for me now is that many of the documents cost money. I also want to pay for the services of people who will prepare everything you need for a trip for you. the problem is that I do not have the means to do. I can get the money before my vacation. and pay all need right now. how to do it now, I do not know. all who can help me to do so only at the end of the month. now I need to make at least 300 Euros. to begin the process of registration and training. but now I do not have that kind of money. apply for temporary help to you I do not want. but also how to do everything quickly without the help I do not know. I really want to come to you so that our relationship with you can grow and develop. but how to solve financial problems in such a short time, I do not know.
At this point I will finish my letter.
Have a good weekend.

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glad that you wrote to me again. how are you? I'm good.
I am glad that we have the opportunity to continue our dialogue and friendship. and I want to continue to tell you about myself.
I live in a nice, but small city Cheboksary. It is not far from Kazan and about 800km from Moscow. it's a beautiful place. I'll try to find a picture to send to you. I graduated from the Institute in accounting and auditing. and now I am working as an accountant in a small firm. I like my job. staff are not very big but very friendly and responsive. I think that is the first thing that you would like to know about me?
If you're still interested to continue our communication and familiarity, I'll write you more about me in the next letter. Ok?
my english is not very good. this I find it hard to write once a lot about myself. For this reason, I may be difficult to answer some of your questions. if I forget to answer that is important to you then remind me about it. I will try to answer. ok?
Your email I received the letter. I received a letter in which it was written that a single man looking for a single girl. maybe it was a joke or a mistake. I am now alone and this decided to try to write to you. That's how I got your email and why you wrote.
Can you tell me more about you? What are you looking for in a woman? And the most important question for me is, "What do you expect from dating a woman?" It is important to know for me now at the beginning of our acquaintance, then to between us there was no disagreement. Because simple flirtation does not interest me. I need love and serious relationships. Just so I'm here.
I hope that our meeting will be enjoyable. I would like you to sent more of your photos and answered my questions honestly. I love honesty and truth. I understand that you have a lot of questions for me. Also I have to you. You can ask what you're interested to know about me. I will wholeheartedly respond to you.
I have attached some photos in my letter.
I hope that you'll like it.
I am waiting for your answer and your photo.


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Your letter, somehow lifted my spirits. how are you? I hope that you are fine.
I had a good day today, not for me. After the lunch break, I found that I do not have my phone. I checked everything on the job. then again to go to the cafe where I had lunch. But unfortunately I could not find it. I was very upset. I called on my phone, but it turned off. It seems that I have left the phone unattended, not even remember where. And someone took my phone. I am so hurt, because this phone I really like. It was a gift parents for my birthday last year. I do not know what they'll say now ...

yet I am very sad because I wanted to keep our relationship became even closer. so we can sometimes call each other and write sms ... It seems that now we have to wait for when I buy a new phone for me ... Unfortunately, I can not do it quickly. so as to ensure that I was able to buy a new phone I need to get paid. Of course, first try to find my phone. I told my dad worked until retirement in the police, he may be able to help his former colleagues to find my phone if it is stolen. So, I'll tell you my phone number as soon as I will have a phone again. Ok?
I watch BBC but not often. I mainly watch documentaries with the BBC and they love me. I sometimes watch some news. but only when they are translated into the Russian language. and I believe that there is to tell the truth but just as beneficial to them. always see only one side of the country and only that which is beneficial to them only. news should be shown with different points of view. when there is only one point of view, which is considered their opinion necessarily correct is not correct. to learn to understand each other's need to hear two opinions. between our countries have a lot of differences. but I hope that your and our people know the truth. and that ordinary people to be sensitive to each other.
Is a very interesting question about the mafia and ex KGB. the fact that it was in the period 1991-2000 there is no such a long time. some corruption was and still is. but I think that it is in so many countries. good and bad people everywhere.
Now I will finish my letter. as I need to calm down and think again where I could leave or lose your phone.



(never mentioned the stolen phone again even when i asked about it )