Scammer Inna biserinkad

Berdyans\\\'k, Ukraine

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Hello xxxx!!!  Nice to meet you!!!Thank you for your message. My name
is  Inna.  We met on the dating site. Thanks for showing your interest
in  me.  I  am  interested in you too. So, let's start talking to each
other  and  getting  to know one another better, OK? I will be waiting
for your letter!!! Have a nice day!!! Inna.
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How are you, my dear xxxx
Xxxx,  it  was  so  great to get your new letter again.Please, send me
your  photos  nest  time,  ok?  The  more  we communicate the more I'm
falling  in love with you. Our letters help me to get sure that we are
two  like-minded  persons. Love and partnership in a marriage mean the
same  for us both. Yes? It is really good, I'm happy to realize that I
have  made  the  right  choice  with  you.  I  only hope that you feel
something  similar to me. Please don't hide your feelings, always tell
me  what  you feel when you read my letters and imagine us together in
the future.
I am always honest with you and I tell you everything. I know what you
write  in your letters only because there is a person in Internet Cafe
who  translates  your  letters  for me and then my letters for you. It
isn't  that  cheap  of course, but I know it works, we understand each
other.  I  earn  about  150$  per  month  and you should know that the
translation  of  each  letter costs 6$ and the scanning of one picture
costs 4$. I do not have modern phone with Internet connection and I am
not so rich girl to buy it or own computer at home.
First  I tried to translate my letter in Russian into English with the
help  of an electronic translator. I received an English version of my
letter.  Then  I  translated it back into Russian with the help of the
same electronic translator. What would you think I received? I got two
completely  different  Russian  texts.  And moreover, the last Russian
version  of  my letter didn't have anything in common with my original
letter.  This  experiment  only  proved me that electronic translators
don't work in such cases as private correspondence.
I  don't want to have any misunderstandings between us because of some
electronic  translators.  It is rather expensive for me to pay for our
letters  to  be  translated.  But  I know it works, we understand each
other.  I  don't  want  to take any risks with electronic translators.
Next  week  I  will  get my monthly pay. I hope it will be as usual. I
will  pay my bills and rent first, and luckily I will have left enough
for  our letters. Sorry for making you bored with all this stuff. It's
just a part of our relations, I wanted to share it with you.
I  hope you will have a nice day. You can share anything you want with
me too. I'm here to listen to you, to be a partner you've never had. I
will support and encourage you no matter what.
Be a good boy, you are always in my thoughts.
Your Inna with love.