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Hello dear xxxxxxxx :)
I am very glad to receive your mail. I already feel a great attraction
to you. With every mail let us discover each other and come closer and
There are a lot of horny men in Ukraine, but I'm not searching for
sex. I'm searching for a love of my life and my soul mate. Do you
think, you could be such a man for me?
My biggest hobby is dancing. I like to dance and in childhood I
visited dance classes. I love Latin music and a belly dancing is
totally cool too! As for dancing I think its totally thrilling and I
love it especially when I'm on my own, sometimes I switch off all the
lights and listen to my favorite song or songs at that current time
and just dance away to such a point that it takes me away from
everything...... its an amazing feeling. My favourite type of dancing
is Latin dancing. What I love is the fact that its very sensual, when
2 bodies doing the salsa or lambada their bodies embrace each other,
its a totally out of this world!
I am a very romantic, sensual and passionate woman. Although I like
and enjoy sex, it should be only with the person whom I love. I'm very
faithful and devoted to my man. I'm the kind of woman who would always
say 'Yes' if my beloved man needs my caress, passion and intimacy, but
to all the other man I would always say 'No'.
I feel like I was born in the wrong time and it upsets me a bit
because the times now, does not hold much value in taking the time to
discover love, romance and all the passion that true love brings. I do
not like rude men and to forcefully make love. It should be gentle,
sudden... it cannot be planned. There should be small things of being
with each other, holding hands, taking walks, helping with household,
giving surprise kisses.. merely looking inside each others eyes...
Sometimes silence is more powerful than action. I like and want that
all. I would love to go to sleep after making passionate love with
your head buried in my breasts, holding you tightly against me. I also
like to seduce my man wearing lovely lacy bras and panties. Do you like
sexy underwear and does it excite you?
I shall be dreaming about you my darling and will be waiting for your
reply. Tell me how would you like to spend time with me... tell me all
your likes and dislikes.
Lots of kisses and best wishes,

Comment #122371

Hello to you, xxxxxxx
I wish you great day!

Your answer is here - what a happiness!:) Thank you for replying. I am
glad  our  learning  of  each other continues!:) Day today is grey and
with  no  sun  - but now I have sunshine with help of your lines! mmm,
you  is  right  talking  abut  teachers;)  I  can tell about me - I am
knowledgeable and patient right!:) how are your days passing? what you
making  on  free  weekends?  So let's get back to me:) As I told you I
work  with  small children - age 6 - 9 - primary school in Lugansk but
live  in  Petrovka,  this  is little settlement in Lugansk region. For
sure  you  heart last months about East of Ukraine, Donbass, yes, that
is  exactly  where  I live. We went through real hell this summer, now
war  is  calmer, but sounds of shooting and far bombings are habitual,
can  you  imagine? Madness... I pray peace will come sooner! Meanwhile
we  work  all here and life goes on. Search for love keeps going too;)
My  job  is  a  teacher  of physical training. I studied University to
become  a  teacher, but when I had 1,5 year before finishing my father
had  accident at work (he is a miner) and that was long 3 years he was
disabled... That time I took different jobs on a way to survive. I was
dishwasher,  cleaner,  nanny...  Maybe you will not like that... There
was  only me and my smaller sister. Mama was taking care for Dad and I
earned  money.  Thanks skies Dad recovered now and I managed to finish
university.  Already two years I work in primary school! My sport past
helped  me  in choosing of profession. I was doing gymnastics in small
ages:)  You  see?  I even started telling about my work before telling
about  me! :) this is because I really love my job. I am 27 years old,
my  B  Day is on 10th of October. I had few relationships, but nothing
deep  and serious... I simply had no time for my own life in past. Now
I  look  around...  and  I  feel men here looking on my, sorry, boobs,
ass.. this is good to look there!) I am not against! But what about my
soul,  my  thoughts?! So that heart about Internet dating I decided to
try..  and  I  am  so happy time of you and me decided to search for a
dear  person  abroad  matched..:) Hope your day today was also full of
sunshine?:)  I  want to wish you nice day. Hope I didn't took too much
of  our  time..  So  hard  to  put  all what I wish you to know in one
letter.. I will finish! Till next letter, hope sooner!:)

teacher from Ukraine:)

P.S.  What  you  think  about  me  having such summer 2015 uniform for

Comment #122372

Hello, xxxxxxx
Hello and good day;)

What  a nice thing - to read your letter in day time and to smile with
every  your word!:) I am thankful you for answering, seems my previous
letter  wasn't too boring for you!:) this is a real pleasure when such
a man calling me lovely girl))) you giving me here in letter that what
I  never found in reality. Of course you mentioned my body parts (ass,
boobs.)))  this  is  normal!:) but you also have care to that what and
how  I feel - this is what is the most important for me! thank you for
that  you  is attentive and kind for me - I will be careful, with your
kind words!! so sweet you worrying about me!

Few days ago lunch time was a simple time for eat or read news papers.
Since  I have you I have totally other lunch time things to do!:) I am
waiting  for  your  letter and I am so happy to reply! I wait for your
letter  and  feel  sad  if  that  is  late... I am getting addicted to
you?!:)  I  like that!:) shootings become louder todays night. Well, I
keep  praying  people  here  will have stable life! That is enough for
political  games I guess. Sorry for boring you with this damn politic,
just  try or not that is impossible to avoid close for me topic. Right
now  main thing is that your letter is here, my lunch time keeps going
and  I  am  happy in day time to be on my way to translation agency to
read  that  what  you  wrote...  So what you think now?! I am terribly
worry  how you will react on that I use help of translators to receive
and  to  send  you  my  letter.  I never learnt English in my life. My
village  is  too  small  and we had only basic lessons in school and I
have no computer and never had. So to imagine me to type text, to find
something  in all that computer programs that is surreal.... Of course
I  would  love  to  learn  how  to make all that, I understand that is
important,  here for us! I hope you will be not angry knowing I cannot
make  that  right  here  and now... With your faith and support I will
make  all  and  that  white  blank in my skills will be fulfilled! OK,
Brian?! I hope you had a nice day and I will be glad with your answer.
If I didn't scare and you is not thinking I am not enough educated for
you...  I  want  to give you my warm wishes and my sincere smile right
from  my  pictures!:)  My  girl  friend  once  made photos of me in my
bedroom.. now I have whom to send them!:)

with best wishes!!