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Hello, my xxxxxxx
Hello dear!!

You  reply is here, cool!:) I am glad with every your line, with every
word!!  Your  day is nice I hope? I feel so nice and sweet brightening
up  your  day!!  I am pleased to make you feel more and more good with
every  photo from me! to get closer to you - this is what I also would
love to! you and me together in hotel.. that sounds so sweet and nice!
or  at  a  beach - in fact no matter where - main thing closer to you!
you driving me really crazy with these hot words and fantasies witch I
would  love  to  share!  that  is so cool how sexual and sensitive you
is!!!  There  is one serious thing I need to tell you!:) My small cute
sister  found  your  letters yesterday and run to Mama telling - Mama,
Anna  has a man! Of course she didn't read your lines.. but she was so
happy!:)  so  small but so clever!:) and mama said .. you know what my
Mama told me?!?! 'I knew', she said!!:) She felt changes in me and she
just  waited  until  I  will  tell  her  on  my  own! Brian, we have a
problem?:)  Mama knows! :) for me this is not a problem at all, as far
as  I  am happier from day to day only more getting closer with you! I
feel  inside  seems  I want to scream so loud that I met a perfect man
and  we  are  getting  closer from day to day! That feels so good!:) I
open my eyes in morning and think - how is my Brian doing?!:) that may
sounds  as  kind  of trite expression.. but this is exactly how I feel
inside!! Only when strong feelings start to appear inside you start to
understand  all  that great words of poets and writers! Butterflies in
stomach and hot in bottom of belly.., all that!:) What about you?!:) I
am  again  afraid to scare you with my emotionality.. but I am sincere
and open here with you, telling you all what I feel inside! I hope you
is  smiling  now..  smile suits you madly! I am now all in waiting for
your lines back and.. let me kiss you?!:)

happy girl from Ukraine!

Comment #122374

I wish you good day!
Hello xxxxxx

My  letter  is  flying to you as I promised! Your day is OK?
Mine  is  very cool - I am writing to you! :) I am that kind
of  girl  -  if  I  wish something - I am making and telling
direct:)  how you think about that?:) So right now and right
here  you  seems  man  not  usual... You is a man with great
inner  world,  with  powerful  sensuality  and  life  views!
Correct  me,  if  I am wrong, but I feel you is a real Man -
man  of  a  word  and  also  man  of  Acts.  I thought these
characters were impossible to find.. but here you is!:) I am
curious,  your  intentions are the same strong as mine? I am
sure  you  will  be happy to find nice and good person. Will
you  like to let teacher for small children enter your life?
:)  I talk about me:) If you want to learn more of me I will
gladly  continue!:)  I so much hope to make us closer and to
learn  more  of  each  other. I want happiness - for me that
word includes love, care, mutuality, honesty and of course -
passion.  I  wait  for  your answer.. Crossing my fingers!:)
Hope you will reply soon!

with lot's of smiles  to you!

Comment #122375

Dear Sir,

I apologize for interruption of Your correspondence with our client
miss Anna. My name is Valentina Smirnova and I'm translator who helps
Anna and You with translation of Your correspondence where Your lady
has been using our services of translation, Internet providing and
computers. Anna's account of correspondence, which she opened for
correspondence with You has expired. We cannot translate Your letters
to her and vice versa because Anna can not afford using our services
any more. Anna hopes that You can help to keep on your correspondence.
If You are interested in further contact with your lady, we can
recommend you to become our client and open an account at out company.
If You are interested, please write us back here or to our e-mail
address ABC Translation Agency and we will
gladly send You all the necessary information about our services and

With best regards,
Representative and translator of ABC Translation Agency,
Valentina Smirnova.

Comment #123504
out of the blue i get this email >>>>about a year later ,slow uptake boris
We are greeting you in services of InterEastTranslations!

Excuse us, you didn't understand us in proper way! We are
informing you from name of miss Anna that she is not in
position to continue translations services going now and she
hopes you will support your relations. Anna hopes at your
help with translations fees here so that you will get in
touch further! You is very important man for miss Anna.

We are ready to send you our conditions and prices as for
refreshing account with miss Anna. Lady is very sad and
asking every day about news from your side here. Tell us,
please, what should we pass to miss Anna?

With all best and sincere wishes,
manager Arina Hripova,
staff of InterEastTranslatio

We are greeting you with services of InterEastTranslations!

We are thank you for your answer and now giving reply on all
needed questions!
These are positions witch will be needed for you to renew
correspondence with miss Anna. She is so happy soon you will
be again connected!
Our services includes:


1(one)letter translated Russian to English 5 USD;

1(one)letter translated English to Russian 5 USD;


1(one) picture scan 3 USD;
1(one) picture print 3 USD;
web-cam communication with our interpreter
(per 1 (one) minute) 5 USD;

We have a special proposition here and for you, most
attractive and advantageous services:


- per 1 (one) month (all included) 230 USD;
- per 2 (two) months (all included) 355 USD;

There are many ways for you to make a transfer, choose the
most convenient to you from a list below:

- Western Union,
- Ria Money Transfer,
- MoneyGramm,
- Bank Transfer (contact us for getting more info).

Most fast and safe way to help with further connection will
be to make a transfer on a name of your lady, miss Anna.

The information you will need for making that transfer is

the receiver Anna Nikonenko
the address Karla Libknehta st., 132-a
the city Lugansk
country Ukraine
zip code 91000

After you will make a transfer that will be needed to
provide us here with follow information:

- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN code).

With all that info miss Anna will be able to pick up your
transfer and then to renew your correspondence!
When you will make all ready inform us, please, so that miss
Anna will be also informed about your news.

We are glad you chose our InterEastTranslation agency for
further collaboration!
In case of more questions - do not hesitate to ask!

With all best and sincere wishes,
manager Arina Hripova,
staff of InterEastTranslations
Comment #123505
Karla Libknehta st., 132-a
the city Lugansk