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Hello dear XXX!
How are you ?
Hope that you are okay.
Love, i want to do you very much my blowjob... and 69.... ohhh.... ?:))))
Dear, i was speaking with the UK embassy... they say that first i need to have a passport, because i never been abroad i don't have them.
After that i can receive a visa and then go by bus to you!!!
But i need a little help... i can't pay the visa and passport!!! And tell me which city and station i must come ?
So... can you help me with that?
If you want i will write you what all this costs...
Sorry for that i ask you about the help... i feel uncomfortable about that... but... but my pussy become so warm... so i understand that i need you!!!
Love you!

Comment #122449

Hello my love xxx :)

How are you today ? Hope that you are okay. Wish i am with you, and wish i can kiss you even at this moment right now;))))))))))

What about me... today i was thinking about you all my day... thinking how we live together, how we see in eyes each other, how i touch you and you touch me ... oh... in this moment i forget what i must to do and ask my mother, because dreams about you are very nice and after thinking about you i become happy !! Dear, thanks you that you still with me and that in this hard time you make me happy, give me hope for a good life and hope for a have a good man near me... it only you and nobody else..

Today i cooked at kitchen for parents and me... and its so unbelievable, i did four plates of food... i don't know why, but i cooked for you and forget that you aren't with me. My parents was shocked but understand that you can give me other life without war, problems and with love... You know, maybe some day we staying under sky and see on stars and thinking about a lot of things...

I still don't lost hope only because you give me that. You are my future... I only for you and you only for me.

Dear, everyday my love to you more and more big. I don't know how i will live without you after two weeks... because i think that i can't find place for my self if you aren't with me... :(

So... dear, as you understand and know... in my life only one man can do me happy and only with this man i can build my future life and it's you.

I hope you feel the same to me... :)
I want to be with you as soon as possible...
Kiss you my dear ...
Valya... ;) 

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Hello, my dearest xxxx !

I am writing you a letter with great tenderness and love in the heart .
How are you? How was your day ?

I hope you have everything in order and you remember me at least occasionally .

From the time when we met, I have every day a good mood. yes, it is crazy, but you remember what i told you before!? i am a little bit crazy girl;))

I Imagined you I dreamed last night . It was an amazing dream. I do not remember what we were doing , but one shining moment I remember very much " we stood facing each other and holding hands ... " . Now I dream about what would be my dream was fulfilled ) ) I woke up with a smile and smile still about , I have long been nothing so pleasing as your presence in my life. ha ha, this is really special, do not you think so?

You know, i never thought that this is really possible to meet in Internet and to think about someone, who is so far from me. But THIS IS POSSIBLE!!! ;))

My phone number is a +3809338978541 .)

How is your day? What have you been busy today ?
What are your plans for today?

I look forward to your early reply, ok?') Do not make me wait too much!!!!!!

sweet kiss


Comment #122603
  • Hello ..... 

    Nice to meet you there! Thanks for that you write to me!) It's very pleasure to me that you give me some of your time, it cost a lot! And i hope that i don't waste your time and we will have a good time and have a many themes about we can speaking!:)

    So... if you want(hope and know that you want) i tell you about me!:)

    My name is Valya. Valya - short name, full - Valentina.
    Easy to call me Valya, all call me a Valya.
    I live in Ukraine in the good city Kramatorsk. I like my city, but... but feel that there no future. So, that first answer on the question "why i'm there".
    And yes, there is a question to you! What about you? Why you there? How many time you are there and have you some eperience in the internet ? I would like to know about it because i'm new there and don't want to have a mistake.

    I'm 32 years old.. Not old but and not young! What do you think?

    I have a not big family. Mother, father and younger brother who studying at the medicine university and want to be a doctor! All family try to help him study and all hope that he will be a good  docotr and will help many people to be healthy! And what about your family ?:)) I would like to know about your family, if you want to say me about.

    I ended a school and university of economy! And have a diploma of economist. And now works in private firm as accountat. If you want, i tell you honnest, i don't like this job. Why? Because there a very hard work, but a little salary. 
    And what about your education, what job you are have? What you think about my job?:)

    So... what else... huh.

    Oh! I there for find my man who will be with me! Who will like me and who will be ready to spend with me all time of this life.

    Hope you want the same, yes?

    Thanks for your writing and hope that you like my letter and like me. If you want to know me a little better - ask me, i will answer on all your questions, i promise!:) 

    And in the end i send you my photos and hope that you will like it too!

    Hope to hear you soon!

    Valya or Valentina (as you like:))

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(by Elena Garrett, July 2011)


A brief summary.

Basically, it is a scam where a lonely foreign man gets acquainted over the Internet with an attractive supposedly single female from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Quickly, the " female" (the bait) falls in love with her Internet acquaintance, and shortly after " she" begins to plan her travel to see her Mr. Right in person. Money issues arise, and, reluctantly, the bait asks the gentleman to help "her" with money for her visa and tickets. Very often, the bait tells the guy that she has a work offer in his country, and she would be able to pay off the loaned money to him quickly.

If the guy agrees, the "lady" pretends to put all effort into making "her" travel arrangements. But the meeting continues to be delayed. " She" acts surprised to find out that there are various expensive requirements that " she" has to comply with before she can fly out of the country. Those supposed requirements usually include proof of financial independence and requirement to pay off all loans that "she" has in her name. And so " she" will reluctantly ask for financial help again.

If the guy is determined to make her supposed trip happen regardless of the expenses, he sends the money again and again. In the money keep coming, the "lady" will continue to experience difficulties. "She" will get robbed or attacked, may become injured or sick, may suddenly get arrested, or her apartment may get flooded or burned.

The scam will go on for as long as the guy is willing to continue sending money to help his "Russian princess" to get through her never-ending travel misadventure. The bait will keep the "flames of his love" alive by periodically chatting with him on the phone or sending him descriptions of "her" erotic fantasies.

In the end, he will be left financially exhausted, and " she" will continue to pretend like she is just one Western Union money transfer away for finally being able to meet her beloved.

The same scam works with single Western gay man. An adorable and lonely gay guy from Russia will be the main character of the same travel story, with very minor changes.

Most scammers ask money for one or more of the following:

- passport, visa, tickets

- travel insurance

- fines for failing to officially register their stay in Moscow

- financial solvency money ("pocket money," "travel money," "money to show to the customs," "money to show to the Embassy")

- money to pay off a loan or a mortgage

- sale taxes on the her apartment

- emergency medical expenses for the girl or her relatives (illness, car accident, death in the family)

- bail money / to pay fines for minor "accidental" violations of the law

- taxes supposedly owed on the previous money transfers

- money to replace stolen funds

- ransom money / financial debt to mafia

- presents for herself and her family at holiday times

- luxury items (cell phones, clothes, etc)

What the victim of the scam never realizes, however, is that behind all the seductive pictures and behind all the warm and passionate letters hides a cynical, manipulative, and sleek mastermind of the crime - a cyber thief of hearts and wallets. And this mastermind is not at all who you think (s)he is...

Let's look at the scam scenario in more detail.