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to me

Hello,  my  new friend XXX! You gave me your email on the site, if you are
interested in a serious relationship, answer me! I am waiting. Sveta.



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HI xxxx!!

I  am very glad that I have an opportunity to get acquainted with such
a man. Thank you for your mail!!!

Frankly  speaking, it is the first experience of mine to write letters
via  Internet, I'm not sure where to start, but I will try to do this.
If  I miss some information about myself in the letter, you can ask me
questions, I will answer them with a great pleasure.

So,  here  I am :-))). My name is Sveta, my friends call me Svetik and
my  fellow  workers  call  me  Svetlana!  I am 32 years old. I am from
Ukraine,  I  live in Znamenovka town. It is situated in Dnepropetrovsk

I  am  an  ordinary woman who just wants to be happy and wants to make
happy another person on this earth. I am very cheerful and I try to be
surrounded  by  people  as  I  am.  I  enjoy  such simple things as my
friend's smiles, sunny days, summer winds, walking hand in hand on the
streets,  old  comedies,  ice  cream  and  so  on.  They bring me real
happiness!  And  what  about  you? Do you like some of things, which I
have mentioned?

Besides,  I  am energetic, confident, emotional, sensual, spontaneous,
responsible, honest, gentle, kind and sociable woman. And very modest,
ain't I :-)))?

Well  ,  what  can  I  say  about  my family? My family is not big. It
consists  of  my  younger sister (she is 6 years old) and my mother. I
will  tell  you more about my family in next letters, if you want. Can
you give me some information about yourself, your life style? Where do
you live? Do you like the place, where you are living now?)

Maybe you are interested in knowing why I am looking for a man abroad.
Well,  I'm  very  disappointed  in  Ukrainian men because of their bad
addictions  and  self-destructive lifestyle. Besides drinking, our men
have  a  lot  of  other  negative  traits such as laziness and lack of
desire  for  self-development.  I have faced such kind of people in my
life  and this is not what I want. And why are you looking for a woman
from  Ukraine  ?  Are  you  doing  it  purposefully  or this is only a

Well,  I  have to stop telling you about myself. If you are interested
in  something,  you  can  ask  me.  And  now  I  say  goodbye, but not

I hope see your letter very soon.

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Hello, my dear friend xxxx!
I was extremely glad to get a letter from you. You're the real man who
does  not deprive me of the possibility to communicate and get to know
you better. Thank you for your wonderful response and gentle words! By
your  response I can already see that you are a wonderful person and a
gentle and considerate man. I hope that our communication will lead to
something  more than just friendship. I hope it will lead to something
ethereal and beautiful. What do you think ?
I  like  to  read  your letters. As I have already told you, it is the
first  experience of mine to write letters via Internet and I am happy
that  I  have  tried it. Do you have many friends in the Internet? And
many girls :-)))? How do you like this experience?
I  promised  to  tell  you  why  I  decided  to look for a man abroad.
Unfortunately I have no dad and honestly I suffer from it very much. I
have always wanted to have somebody who would protect and help me, not
always  with  money,  but he would be always around me and he would be
more  powerful  that me and my tender mom. Sometimes I cried at night,
because  I  have  never  seen such kind of man around me. When I was a
little  girl, I dreamed that my dad would come back someday... But bit
by bit I forgot this and I was looking for a man who would become even
better for me than my dad.
My  dear  ,  can I ask you a question? Do you believe in fairy tales ?
sometimes  I really want to be a Cinderella, because my life is really
similar  to the one of this fairy tale's heroine. I help my mom and my
sister and I love to do this. I am very hardworking and energetic, but
I want to get my glass slipper someday)))).
Today  I want to tell you a little more about my family. I do not know
what  you  are  most  interested in, so I take the initiative and tell
what  I  think  to  be  appropriate. You already know that I live in a
small  town called Znamenovka. Although my village is small, it's very
beautiful here. It is located on the left bank of the river Samara. My
mom  has been living here all her life since childhood. My parents met
in  this  village.  As  I  remember, we were getting on well, but then
something  changed.  When I left high school, my parents made me study
in another city. I arrived there to study as the veterinarian, because
I love animals very much.
Unfortunately  I  didn't  finish  training. When my younger sister was
born,  my  father decided to go to work to the big city. My sister was
only  1  year old, when we received one phone call from our father. He
said  that  he  would  never return to us any more. He met a beautiful
wealthy  woman and decided to stay with her. We spent the next 6 years
hearing  nothing  from  him.  Therefore, I had to give up training and
return  to  the  village to help my mother. Luckily I got job there as
the  assistant  of  the  veterinarian.  Since  then  I take care of my
family. You are already informed a little about my family and now tell
me  about yours, please. I think that such a good person should have a
big close-knit family. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Speaking  of  my  hobbies,  my main one is my work. Since the earliest
childhood I have been helping these little defenseless animals. I have
always  wanted  to  preserve  and  help  them. That's why I chose this
profession.  What  kind of animals do you like? There is a farm in our
settlement,  where  we  support horses. I was trained to ride a horse,
and you? Can you ride horses?
My  second  hobby  is  cookery.  I'm fond of cooking very much. I hope
someday  I  will prepare something for you))). What kind of cuisine do
you prefer? Have you ever tried Ukrainian dishes?
I want to tell you one thing to avoid us from having secrets from each
other. I don't speak English(((. I tried to learn English and attended
lessons, but I was visiting them only for two weeks. It appeared to be
too  expensive  for  me  and  my  family. But my friend advised me the
professional  translator  in  the Internet cafe. This girl helps me to
translate  your  and my letters. I should pay for her service. I tried
the  Google  translator. But when I saw the translation of your letter
in  Russian, I could not understand anything. It is a senseless set of
signs. It is necessary to fight for the happiness. So, I started using
the  translation  service.  I  hope  that it is not a problem for you,
isn't it?
> I would like to ask you: do you smoke or drink?
No, I don't.
> Do you speak a language other than Ukrainian?
I speak Ukrainian and Russian.
Oh,  darling,  I forgot to ask what woman's qualities attract and push
you away? I hope you will please me with your next letter.
Yours truly,