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using stolen photo of model



Hello dear! I hope that I can call you a friend, because I think
you're very nice people. I am very glad that you answered me! I want
to thank you for your interest in me. I seriously thought that you did
not answer me ... Thank you for your understanding. I feel like I made
the right choice when I wrote to you the first time. I feel that our
friendship becomes stronger every day and I'm happy. In this letter I
want to tell you about my family. My family is the largest and most
important place in my life! My father's name, Vladimir. He was 55
years old. My father works in the FSA, the details of the father, I
can not even say because it is even for me a big secret. My father had
this year has resigned. My mother name is Olga. She was 52 and she
works as a doctor. Her work has is very complex, sometimes mom comes
home at night. This is a very demanding job - to treat people, but she
manages. My brother works in the furniture industry as a carpenter.
His name is Andrew. He was 31 years old. He collects the furniture at
a furniture factory. I also have a grandmother, she was 85 years old.
When I was a little girl, I came to her for the holidays in the
summer. I liked to stay with her and my grandfather. He was 5 years
older than my grandmother. After the death of his grandfather's health
had deteriorated grandmother. We tried to convince my grandmother
migrated to our apartment, it does not want. My grandmother said that
she would stay where she was happy with her beloved. We respect her
feelings, and we do not insist on this, but we're just worried about
our grandmother. Sometimes the mother works the night shift, and when
she comes home my Dad cooks dinner for her. And I think it's very nice
of him! I love to cook! When I was a little girl, and my dad and mom
worked, I cook for them. I found myself trying different recipes and
to surprise them every day. I expect that all foreigners think that
all Russian vodka drink. But it is not. Of course, in Russia a lot of
alcoholics. I almost do not drink alcoholic beverages, I only drink on
a holiday, and only a glass of wine or champagne. Now that I have a
job, I always try to help my parents. In this letter, I told you about
the most important part of my life. This is my family. I hope it was
not boring for you. Tell me please about your family? How do you live
in your country?
What are you keen on? I'm curious to know about everything! =)! I look
forward to your next letter! I want to know more about you :) it's so
cool to talk to you. Me love it! DOSVIDANIYA. That's how we say
"goodbye" in Russian :) Your friend Natalya.