Scammer Tatanya Zheltyannikova Tanya

Alchevsk Ukraine
Leningradskaya street 38 94200
new-dating dot com

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translation fees scam ,email of the girl and the agency are the same



Dear Sir,

We are glad to greet you in the translation company "NeoText"!

Your  lady  Miss  Tanya  (photo  attached)  is our one of constant and
respected  clients.  We  cooperated with her during the translation of
your   correspondence.  She  paid  us  for  our  service  herself  but
unfortunately  she  can't  continue  doing  that  any  more because of
circumstances  that influence upon her financial condition. But we can
continue  our  cooperation  if  it  is possible for you to pay all the
expanses.  If you are interested, Miss Tanya will inform you about our
conditions and prices.

We hope for the long and productive contribution!

Yours faithfully,
Marina Semenenko,
senior manager of "NeoText"

Dec 15 (12 days ago)

to me

Dear Sir,

We  are  glad that you are still interested in your communication with
Miss Tanya and hope for long and productive contribution!!


* Translation into Russian:
  - one letter (any size)              -  5 USD,

* Translation into English:
  - one letter (any size)              -  5 USD,

* Other services:
  - sending   (scanning) of one picture    -    3 USD,
  - receiving (printing) of one picture    -    3 USD,


1. PER WEEK:                              - 49  USD,
2. PER MONTH:                             - 180 USD,
3. PER TWO MONTHS:                        - 250 USD.

Information you need for making payment:

the name of receiver         Tatyana Zheltyannikova
the town                     Alchevsk
the address                  Leningradskaya street 38
country                      Ukraine
zip code                     94200

Ways of payment:                     - Western Union,
                                     - Money Gram.

!!! After making payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the
full information for getting it:

- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number.

N.B.  Thank  you  for your choice in advance! We are open for all your
suggestions!We will try to do all our best to prolong our cooperation!

Best regards,
Marina Semenenko,
senior manager of "NeoText"


Comment #122337

Dec 10

to me

Hello  my  dear xxxxx!

I'm  so  glad  to receive your letter. You know, that the situation in
our  country  is very difficult, tanks, bombs and guns everywhere. And
your  answers are the only joy I have. Sorry I can't write more often,
it's  all because of the war conflict. But when it's getting better, I
have an opportunity to read your letter and reply you a few words.

Yes, let's plan our meeting on summer;))) That would be very wonderful
to  spend couple of days cuddling in the sun together;))) I even can't
imagine  what  to do without you. It seems to me you're so near when I
read  your  letters.  I  do  not notice all that distance, kilometers,
oceans  between  us. And every day my desire to meet you gets stronger
and  stronger. I'm willing for that very much. And even thinking about
that makes me excited! Do you feel the same, dear xxxx ?

But  unfortunately  I  must tell you that there are some troubles. Our
plans for future can be broken by the stupid circumstances. Remember I
told  you that I use the service of translation company to communicate
with you? Well, I've tried to do it by myself at first using different
on-line  translators,  but  now  it's  war  outside  and  I  don' have
connection  to the Internet, besides it's dangerous to go outside most
of  time,  because  of  shooting and exploding. And so the only way to
talk  to  you  is  to  use the translation company service. Of course,
their  service  is  not free. Till this moment I had a little money to
pay, but because of war they made the payment higher, and I don't have
opportunity  to pay anymore. To all that, again because of the war, we
don't receive our salary for two months.

I'm   really  sorry  for  asking  you  for  that,  probably  it's  not
appropriate  yet  as  we  have  changed only a few letters, but I have
nobody else to ask for a help. I would never do that if I had any ways
to solve problem on my own.

I  see,  you are interested in me and so do I. So won't you be able to
help  with  my  problem  with  translation  service? It's only for our
future!  I  don't  ask  for  diamonds or furs, just a little chance to
continue  communication  with you and find out more interesting things
about you! It's so much information we can share!

xxxxx,  do  not  think bad about me, I'm just a little woman under the
circumstances,  that  she  can't  fight herself on her own and needs a
little help.

Hugs, kisses,

Comment #122338

Hello, my dear !!!

I  was very happy to find your letters in my mail box this cold rainy
morning! It is usually a great joy for me!! You are so romantic)))))))
Your  words  excite me a lot!!! Though the kilometers separate us, the
bond  we  have  is far stronger. You are the very one I have spent all
these  years  looking  for.  You make me smile. You make me laugh. You
make  me whole. I can not describe the feeling I have when I read your
letters.  I  am  so  amazingly happy and content and forever I want to
spend  in  your  life,  in  your  world,  in  your family, and in your

,  in  my  last  letter  I asked you for help with my translation
fees.  the  problem is that I'm very short of money as I have not been
receiving  my salary since May((((( I can't pay for the translation of
our  correspondence  any  longer((( I'm forced to ask you for help! It
would  be  nice  if  you  helped me a little with money! I do not need
much,  just  to  have opportunity to continue our correspondence! I do
not  want  to  lose  you and stop our communication!!! I pray for your
understanding and kindness!!

I'm  looking  forward  to seeing your letter in my mail box again soon
and hope it will bring me positive news!!

Kisses and all my affection,
Your Tanya

Comment #122441

Hello  my  dear  xxxxxx

It's so nice to get letters from you. It's a great joy. I'm happy like
a child :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

You're  becoming  a  great  friend  of mine and I wish to continue our
communication.  Who  knows  maybe  it's  a destiny;-)But please do not
pretend!  I'm  a  simple person and can understand you as you are. You
can  write  me  everything  as  it  is  in  real.  As I said earlier I
appreciate  truth most of all. I belive that true and sincere dialogue
can  grow  in  strong  relations  between us full of love, romance and

You kno   xxxxx, I know you only a few days, but nevertheless, it seems
that I know you for a long time, and I feel a great desire to continue
communication  and  as a result of it to have a real meeting with you.
But  I  don't  want  to write letters till the end of my days. I don't
want  to  have  virtual  relations,  but the real one: dates, flowers,
presents, kisses, walking together hand by hand... Isn't it beautiful?
Don't you want that? I know that it is very dangerous for everybody to
visit  Ukraine  now,  but we can meet when everything will end! I hope
that  will be soon!!! Till that time let's continue our correspondence
and find more interesting things about each other, do you agree???

I want to ask you some questions.Do you like country where you live or
probably you'd like to live in some other? Why? What would you like to
change  in  your  present  life and what you appreciate much and never
will refuse from it?

Sorry,  I  can't  write  more  now, I need to go. I will wait for your
answer and your new pictures!

Kiss you gently,

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now operating on new-dating as
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Registration date: 13.07.2015
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