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Africa / San Sai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Africa / Thailand

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luvly:  Yes I would love to, but I am new to this so I didn't know I could chat

luvly:  Oh I see.... Tell me, what are you seeking for?

luvly:  I am sorry I am a nurse and work with UNICEF so we move around the world, I am not in Thailand right now, we are fighting Ebola here in Africa...I will be back to Thailand soon, don't know when.....So if you have a problem with that just let me know

luvly:  so we don waste each others time

luvly:  Thank you, it's not a easy job though, one needs to be very careful....I joined because I could not watch children die on Tv

luvly:  The world gets tired after few months, everyone gets back to their lives....But see, over 18 people die in Africa everyday

luvly:  The situation is getting worse because these people are not we equipped and the WHO is not helping much

luvly:  as they also have a lot of things to attend to

luvly:  I have been here for 4 months

luvly:  do you have yahoo?

luvly:  This site keeps freezing

luvly:  Mine is case your remember

luvly:  think the freezing is from my side

Me:  I have found you: Look here: