Scammer Maria Masha

Donetsk, Kharkov

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:)  Hi! How are you? Before I begin my story, let me confess. I really
infinitely  glad to meet and talk with you, my friend. I hope that the
feeling is mutual. For me, a dating site - it's something new. I first
acquaintance  in  my  life. I hope to find love here. I am an ordinary
Ukrainian  girl  my  name  is  Maria.  I was born on 03.26.1987 in the
Ukrainian  city  of  Donetsk. This is a big beautiful city, and I love
it.  July  20  in connection with the continuation of hostilities, Mom
decided  to leave the city. Now we live in Kharkov. In my city, it was
very dangerous to stay. Even then, there were many casualties. When we
were  leaving  town  explosions all around, and shoot machine guns. It
was  really scary. We are now in Kharkov. Rent a room here. What can I
tell  about myself? I had a happy and wonderful childhood, I grew up a
wonderful  family.  I  have parents, whom I love very much and younger
brother.  I graduated from college and I'm a designer on profession. I
am  currently  working  as a salesman and consultant Wedding Salon. My
work  is  so  creative and enjoyable. What could be better than seeing
the  happy  smiles  of happy brides! what do you admire? What inspires
you? I love to meet new people, chat with them.

I  dream of a speedy end to the war, every day I pray to God about it.
Every day I watch the news to be informed. In my town there are plenty
of   ruined  buildings,  including  schools,  kindergartens,  business
objects.  Nobody  knows  what will happen next. The economic crisis is

I  decided not to go home for a long time. Perhaps this beginning of a
new life. I hope that this life will be filled love and happiness.

I  would  also  like to go to the theater, cinema, art galleries. I do
not  artist, but I like different kinds of art: photography, painting,
architecture,   etc.  How  do  you  feel  about  art?  Painting?  that
fascinates  you?  What inspires you? I like to dance a lot too! I Love
watch  dance  professionals,  but I also love to dance! That's why I I
like  to  go to parties on weekends. My preferences? diversity in all,
especially  in  the  clothing and food. It depends on my mood. Today I
can not wear high heels and a beautiful party dress, Tomorrow I change
them in blue jeans and loafers. What do you like The most? I am always
happy  to  try  a variety of dishes kitchen, something new and exotic.
Have  you ever tried any Ukrainian dishes? I love cooking (hint!). You
know,  I have a big family and I I like to cook for her, and she loves
it  when I cook. they are often complain to me that they eat too much,
and  my  dish  is very tasty! I love chocolate! But fitness workout to
help me stay in great shape. Well, I think that's enough for today.

I  would like to know how you spend your free time. What kind of sport
you  how?  I  have a feeling that we will be pleased to communicate. I
hope  I'm not too open, but I feel very good when I meet new people! I
send  you  my  picture,  so  you  can see how I look. :) Please do not
forget include some of your pictures! I look forward to to answer your
question.  Tell  me about yourself, about their hopes and dreams! I'll
wait for your letter! Good day Maria

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uses photos of emily sears .she/he  is working me at the moment on a translation scam by the alleged agency