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Hi Guy. How are you? I'm great. I am happy to receive your next letter.
In my life, nothing has brought so much joy as correspondence with you. I love to chat with you.
Honestly, I do not think you 'll continue dating me. I thought you were scared the distance that separates us.
You are not afraid of the distance between us? Indeed, we are separated by thousands of miles. However , this distance is not an obstacle for me.
We live in a modern world where there are cars, trains and airplanes. Therefore, we should not worry about it. Do you agree with me ?
Have you had a bad experience on the Internet .. But I believe that we will not repeat it. We will be happy and it's the most important thing. However, my dear? Thank you for the wonderful photos! They are very cute and romantic.
Closed my eyes and introduced us together. I felt very warm and pleasant to the soul. And you ever imagined us together?
You wanted to see me near? I would be happy to see you in the real world. I communicate with you only on the internet.
But, I already have an idea who wrote me letters. Frankly, I really like you. I love your kindness. You communicate well with me.
And also, you said that you would never hurt me. This is the most important thing for me. For me is important, the ratio of men to his woman.
I think a man should love and respect his girlfriend. You're a very attractive man. Guy, I'm sorry for asking, but I need to know.
Probably there are many girls who would like to meet with you? You have not yet found your soul mate ?
Now I have no one, my heart is absolutely free. And I do not chat with other men.
As I told you, this is my first experience on the Internet. Now I'm no
fun, but you. I want to communicate only with you.
And you correspond with other girls? Not to be jealous. But I want to believe that you communicate only with me.
By the way , you're the jealous man? I think that jealousy is a completely normal feeling. Jealousy occurs when a lack of attention from a loved one.
If two people in love to each other will have a sufficient amount of attention , there will be no jealousy from anyone . What do you think about this?
Guy, I can not describe how much joy they bring me your letters. I am happy to meet you.
You're  a very good man. And thanks to you, my life changed. Anna says
"Ulyana, you fly in the clouds. "
Indeed, wherever and was, at home, at work, at a party, on the street, I always think of you. You filled my thoughts are.
I like to think of you. And I feel that in this world there is a man who thinks of me.
I've got to finish the letter. I wish you all the best!


Hello, dear, Guy. Thank you for your letter. How are you doing? I'm good . I love to read your letters.
You're telling me a lot of nice words. Do you like to read my letters? Are not you tired to be friends with me?
Today I have a little work and a lot of free time. I thought about you and us. I 've been thinking a lot about you. These thoughts haunt me .
I am happy that you will support me. I am happy of what you're talking about children ... Do you want children and it is very wonderful!
I am very glad that you're a free man. I am happy to know that you deal only with me. I hope your answer was honest?
I could not imagine that Canada is a salary of health workers! It's a lot of money and they will last for life.
I think we could be a happy couple. Yes, I think about the relationship with you. You are a great man. Man of my dreams!
And it is not just words, these are my thoughts and feelings to you. I would like to be near you, to give you happiness and care. Would you like that?

I would be the happiest girl in the world, if near to me was such a wonderful man like you. What do you think about the relationship between us?
I would be in seventh heaven if you were next to me. It would be great to spend a lot of time together.
I would like to tell you about all my dreams, thoughts and feelings. Guy, do you think that the Internet can talk about love?
I think it is stupid to talk about love on the Internet. About love to say, looking into the eyes loved one.
We can only talk about feelings to each other, but not about love. I have so much to tell you, in so many words about love.
I feel like butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Do you feel the same? Guy, today I talked to my mom.
I told her about you and our relationship on the Internet. My mother was very happy to know that I had a good man.
She thinks that you and I have probably a happy future. My relatives and friends of people know about you. They have nothing against you. On the contrary, my family always supported me in everything. First, for a long time, I feel the tides of joy and happiness.
I do not want it to end. I would like to always be near you. Tell me honestly. You'll never leave me ? Never leave me alone?
I am very attached to you, your letters. And now, I'm afraid of losing you. By the way, I have great news!
Today Anna come to my work. She told me about last night. She came home from work, opened the door to the room and was delighted!
The room was on the dim lights, candles burning, lay on the floor rose petals. And in the middle of the room stood a table for a romantic dinner. Ivan made a proposal to Anna. He asked for her hand and heart. Anna don't thought for a long time. She immediately agreed .
My best friend will get married in the coming months. I'm so happy for her! After her story, from my eyes tears rolled .
All my friends are married and already have several children. Now, only I is alone .
I have one man to whom I have strong feelings, but he's so far away from me. Guy, I 'm talking about you.
I hope that soon the day will come when we will have to face. You want this day to come in the near future? Guy , I send you some pictures . And also, I would like to see some of your photos.
I will think only of you. I'm sending you a kiss. Your Ulyana from far away... 


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you have an other Ulyana email is, she will tell you than she use google translater. she will tell you than she has medical formation , nurse, but she work a secretary in a law office.

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An other letter..

Hi! Thank you wrote me a letter . I'm hoping you write to me .
When I wrote you a letter on a dating site , I was at work . I have not had time to chat with you on a dating site .
I liked your profile on a dating site . You were the first in the list of men , and I decided to write it to you.
Unfortunately , I could not register on Russian dating site . My friend advised me to find a man in another country.
I never got acquainted through the Internet . This is my first experience on the internet. Do not even know where to begin our acquaintance .
I think I will tell a little about yourself . My name is Ulyana. I live
in Russia , in the city of Saransk . I am 32 years old . I was born on September 29, 1981 .
For writing letters , I use the internet translator Google. He helps me , well my writing .
I know English and German. Studied them in school , and then at the university.
I am lonely , I have no children , and I have never been married. I had a relationship with a man from my town . But he cheated and betrayed me .
I do not want to find a man in my town. Russian men drink a lot and change my girls . Therefore , I want to find a man in another country.
I live in Russia since birth. Had never been abroad . I have a medical degree .
I am currently working secretary. This is my temporary work . It is very difficult to find a good job in the profession.
Probably enough to talk about themselves . I would like to ask you a few questions . What are you looking for a dating site ?
You're looking for a serious relationship ? Or you are looking for a girl for fun? I want to tell you , I am looking for a dating site only serious relationship .
I need an honest, loyal , caring man . Man, to whom I could always rely on. I am not looking for fun and games. Do you understand me ?
You  can  ask  me  any questions . I am happy , I will answer all your
questions . I 'll send you 1 photo. At photo I'm on a walk.
I would like to see your photos . You can send me your photos?
I am very interested to know more about you . Tell us about yourself and your life .
I need to finish my letter. Look , I will wait for your answer.