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letter 1

Hey my dear hello, nice to get your letter, well i am really happy you want to got to know me, it is really wonderful. Ok, so come on then ; ) My name is Karina as you know, my last name is Chadova. So, i am going to tell you just some basic facts of my life, i think that is what you should know for the fist time and then it will depend on you whether you want to know me deeper. Well, i was born the 3rd of August 1984 in Ukraine, Hmelnickij region, Dunaivci town, the western region of Ukraine, the nearest big town is Vinnica and i still live here. So, i am still a student but that will be finished soon, like this year : ) My profession is a sewer-modeler. So, if you want to sew and nice costume, you can ask me for the help ; )

Well, I am the only child in the family, i don't have any brothers or sisters but always have been dreaming to have. But, for my mother it was very difficult to give a birth for me, so the second child wasn't planned. So, may be i will have more then one child, i really want that. Well, as you can guess i am still alone, i don't have any boy friend here, so that is why i was suggested to search him in the Internet because a lot of people spend a big deal of their time up here. So, looking at that fact that i am not ugly and not silly girl, i can find a decent man for me : ) I hope you understand my English, i didn't have too much practice but i have learned it watching English TV channels and movies and of course reading book. I don't use any kind of translators writing you, only dictionary sometimes but it is quite natural : )

So, what else can i tell you about me, i am quite easy going, so my friends say that i have a good character, i hate to fight, that is why i always try to try avoid any conflicts and if there is any chance to do it i always try to find a compromise. The same in relations with a man. Of course i used to have boy friends but that wasn't very serious, i couldn't find a man who wants to act like a serious and grown up man and sometimes i think that there is no such men. But i am sure that there is one for me, who will love me and treat me for all his life and he is somewhere on this planet, may be not in Ukraine, so for this the Internet is, to find your second half any where. So, i think i should finish, i will be looking forward your answer impatiently.

your Karina

Letter 2

Hello my dear xxx.Thank you so much for your reply, yes of course i am also very happy to keep in touch with you, so thank you for writing me. I am really fine, especially now after getting your letter. I am very interested in you, in country where you live in, in your family, i really don't mind hearing from you anything you can tell me, in my term i also promise you to tell you all about me and to answer all your questions.

I would like to tell you that the reason i am here it is not because i want to find a foreign man and i hate men from our country, no i don't really care about the peoples nation or country where he lives in, i just want to find a decent man to make a family with. Of course it can be you and i wouldn't mind that, but i think that only time can show what is the actual role of you in my life ; ) I know that i look young and rather wild, because of my style and the way i look but don't misunderstand me, i am really looking not just for flirt but for serious relations leading to marriage. I hope you are also interested in that! I know that long correspondence is not that interesting for both of us. In the future we will have to think about meeting personally because it sounds much more exciting and it will be much more affective, do you agree with me xxx?

You know why i am interested in you Pat? Because you seems rather mature, interesting and smart man. Of course i don't know you very well, but i hope i am not mistaken because i have very developed intuition. What do you think about me?

To tell you two words about my country, it is rather nice country with rich nature recourses but with very silly president and parliament, so that kills everything and makes our country poor and undeveloped. So, if i actually had a chance to live in another country with more possibilities, i would go there with no sorrow. The only thing i would miss it is my family. But i hope i could figure it out. Well, can you tell me more about your country? It will be very interesting to hear. Well, ok dear i give you a kiss and i am waiting for your reply impatiently.

your Karina

Letter 3

Hello xxx, that was really great to get your e-mail back to me, i am happy you liked my letter. So, i see you are really interested in our communication, that makes me feel really happy because i have been waiting for a mutual feelings ; ) Well, hope you are fine today. I have been to the tennis today i take a part in the ping pong competitions of the university. So, sometime i even take the price places, that wasn't the first place but the second and the third was mine once ; )) Do you like to play ping pong? This is not only hobby for me but sport as well.

Also i think that we should make our connection better, i mean to come closer to the reality, that is why i think we should talk on the phone, So here is my phone number, you can call me +380662153897. This is a cell phone number, so you can also text me if you would like to do that, but i would really appreciate if you called me because i am really very interested in hearing your voice, talking to you in the real time, i don't know if we have the time difference but you can call me during the whole day and in case i am busy i will let you know. Because i can be on classes.

Well xxx, you see that for me it will be really exciting to get to know more about you, your hobbies, favorite music and films, about everything. Have you ever tried Russian kitchen? As for my favorite dishes that is salad Olivie and potatoes with mushrooms. I really wish we could spend a nice and romantic evening in this way. I would invite you to my house, i would prepare some very tasty dishes, you brought some wine and we would spend this evening with tasty food, wonderful wine talking to each other, laughing and who knows may be there would be continuation ; ) Oh, ok that was nice to dream a little bit. Well, ok dear i am looking forward hearing from you, you can write me or call me, whatever, i am always happy to hear from you!

kisses and hugs

your Karina

Letter 4

Hello my dear, thank you so much for your letter : ) How are you xxx? I am really fine, after getting your letter i feel even better. I am always so happy to mails from you, right now listen to my favorite songs and try to imagine your voice. Today i am a little bit busy but any way i am still very happy to come to the cyber club and to write you something. May be just a couple of words but i hope you will be happy to get them from me. I am really happy you like my pictures. I want you to know that i am not looking for a handsome man because i think that is not very important thing in men. I told you i want him to be smart, intelligent, mature and cute, so that is all about you. You are very nice and i am so glad to keep in touch with you!

Does your family know about me? I don't like to tell to other people about my personal life, especially even i am not sure about the continuation of the relations but i have a good feeling about you that is why i told one of my friend that i have met you here. So, she is very happy for me because she can see that shining eyes during emotional talk, that is all because of you. Also she reminded me that we already have one common friend, who found his soul made on the Internet, they also were from different countries and now they both live in Denmark. Sometimes i really envy to that people who have already found their soul-mades, i really wish i could be one of them.

Also one of my closest friends is my mom. I always discuss all the things. So, if we have some kind of serious relations i will introduce you to her ; ) So, you see i already think about you and me like about couple in the future, so that means something. That means that i already imagine that and want that. But still we should develop our relations, so may be after friendship love will follow ; ) So, ok dear i have to go now, it was very pleasant to hear from you, hope to get your another letter soon.

I kiss you

your Karina

Letter 5

Hi my xxx, how are you doing? I am missing you very much, how comes that i am thinking of you so often, hmm, that is really interesting and i started to think about this question more and more now. I have never believed that it actually possible to fell in love by the Internet but now i think i can be mistaken. I am always more then happy to get your letter, to hear just something from you and it doesn't matter if you wrote me just a couple of words or the whole novel : ) I am just joking. But i really like you very much and i guess you have already noticed that, haven't you?

Dear, i think that now i really feel more then friendship between us and that is not because of sweet words that we can tell to each other, that is because i see you in my dreams, think of you when i go to sleep and when i wake up.. I thought that it sounds so banal when people say about that, but now when i feel that, it is absolutely another thing. Of course it will be not true if i tell that i have never fell in love, of course i did and felt like that, may be that is why now i know for sure how i feel when i fell in love. But, whatever feelings to you are really special even because we have never met personally. You know, when i can meet people, i can touch them, kiss them they are too available for me that is why i think i don't appreciate that. But when you know that even i want to touch you, to feel you, i have to do a lot for that, so that make me appreciating every singly moment i keep in touch with you. Well, ok xxx, i just wanted you to know about my feelings. Ok, dear i was rather brave to tell you all these things, now i want to know everything about your feelings, i want to know all your minds about us. Write me sooner please, i give you a big and passionate kiss ; )

your Karina

Letter 6

Hi xxx How are you sweetheart? I miss you very much, how do you think why? I know why, i want to be true to you, i think that it is some easier to write then to tell face to face, i think that i am starting to be crazy in love with you. Why do i think so? That is because of many reasons, first of all every time i see your letter in my mail box and read your words, i feel a fire inside of me. That really looks like a great fire and desire to kiss you if you were by my side and i really wish you were by my side at that moment.

So, the only thing i want to know, do you feel the same? I have always been seeking for a mature feelings because sometimes it happens when you fell in love you your partner doesn't love you as must as you do and vise versa. But, i am looking for such relations when we will love each other with the same force, you know what i mean. So, i really hope that you also feel something special to me. Dear, i really understand that by the Internet is not that possible to develop relations, because of many reasons, we can't see each other, we can touch each other but on the other, that is why i think that we are grown up and mature people and we should plane our live, right? I want to tell you that i would really love me to meet you in the reality once. That would be really great for me. I don't want to rush you, but just think about it. Thank about our first meeting, i am sure that would be so romantic, i have never met any person like that. Actually, i have never believed that it is possible to fell in love by the Internet, now i see that it is really possible, may be even more then in the reality because you see your partner very ideal. So, sweetheart, let's start to think over that, ok? I want to give you a big and passionate kiss and you please save it ; )

I gonna miss you and and i will be waiting for your letter back ; )

your Karina

Letter 7

Hello xxx. how are you doing dear? Well, thank you for your sweet letter, i was very happy to get it from you. Well, of course i really want to meet you, so that is actually the only thing that i really want right now and i can't think about anything else but that. I love you honey, so i really hope that you want to meet me too!

So, we have to do something for that, i told you that i am going to find out all the information about the trip, so i have already done it.

So, in order to come to you, i suppose to have three items, that is the International passport, visa and ticket. So, that is it but unfortunately that is not that easy like it seems because i also should get those documents and it will take some time and funds. So, that makes me confused a little bit. Whatever, in order to get the International passport, that will be valid for 10 years i should apply for it now and if i want to get it quickly; i should wait for one week but that will cost no less then 200 dollars. So, after it is done we have to apply for a visa, so in the travel agency i was suggested to make a tourists visa, that will let me stay in your country for one month with no problems, so the price of the visa, (of course including that fact that i will get it for sure) is 277 dollars. So, i should get a visa during tree days after i had a interview at the embassy. So, what about ticket. I should say that i have one friend that i travelling very often and she has already got a discount for tickets like 15 % , so i think that it is not bad. Tickets are always expensive. Well, that is it dear.

I am really very excited about our meeting, i can't sleep well, i can't do anything but my work. I am thinking of you all the time. When i am looking at those children, i really want to have one from you and i imagine our family growing in its size : ) I love you honey, i really need you by my side! Well, ok sweetheart, i will be waiting for your reply, i love you and need you very much!

your Karina

Letter 8

Hello my sweetheart, i have just got your letter. I was very happy to get it from you. Well, thank you very much that you are so caring and that you understand the situation. You are really mature and grown up man! Well, sweetheart, of course i want to start to prepare the documents as soon as possible because i really want you so badly, it's my biggest wish! Every single day i am missing you and spend my time just thinking about you! Well, hon thanks a lot that you are in my life!

As as for the way you can send me those funds, i don't even know how to do that better. I know that in our country we have such service like Western union and Money Gram, so i guess you also should have it. At least you can try to find out about that, it is the easier way to transfer funds. I remember when my dad was abroad he sent us money trough that system all the time. Wow, i am really so much excited to meet you, that is so exciting. Thank you very much for your picture, you look great, and you are my man, i am on the seventh cloud : )) Ok my love, i am looking forward your reply, i love you very very much!

your Karina

Letter 9

Hello my sweetheart, thank you very much for your letter, i am very happy to get it from you, i am missing you so bad! Well, yes i have a picture in the mini skirt, haven't i send you it? So, of course i can put it on out first meeting is you want that, i want to be the most desirable for you ; ) I love you so much, can't wait that moment when we are together! So, thank you very much that you want to support me with the funds for the documents, so you need my information, ok :

My full name is Karina Chadova

My address is : Ukraine, melnickij region, Dunaivci town, Sagajdachnogo street, 3/54.

So, that is it! I am very excited to meet you and i am very impatient to kiss you, embrace you, impatient to make passionate love with you, hmmm, i am getting so excited thinking about that. I love you my man ; ) So, whatever very soon we will be together, are you exited? I love you darling and looking forward your reply!

your loving Karina