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 Dear XXX,

                   Greetings to you, I know my message will come to you as a surprise but I want you to know that am contacting you for business partnership. I really wish to have you as my good friend/partner and wish to hand over my funds to you for investments on trust. I will be sending to you my photos and my military identity copy in my next mail to you.
                   I will like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you, I Sergeant Lillian James USA Army, single/serving in USA army, 32 years old, my contact address in USA is Van Ness Avenue Westward San Jose -California -United States of America but I was serving in USA Victory Base Baghdad but was posted to work as Security attached with United States of America Embassy Baghdad-Iraq.
                   I made total sum of $5.2 Million US dollars which I have successfully moved out of Iraq to Global Defense Security company for Safe Keeping and to be use for investments with reliable and trusted foreign investor. The funds are oil business money I did with some Iraqi citizens worth over 42 million US dollars, but the $5.2 million US dollars stated is my share on the business and it’s legal. I have successfully moved the funds out of Iraq as family valuables with help of Global Defense and Security company.
                   The most important thing is ''' Can We Trust each other? Am offering you 30% share of the total funds while we use the rest 70% for our investments. You have to take control of all investments and will be coming to meet with you later as soon as I have vacation but please I have more interest on real estate. Kindly indicate on your next mail if you are really interested to partner with me so I will provide to you more detail information's on how we will move forward.
                    Note that the whole process is very simple and we must keep a low profile at all times and I want all our communications to remain on emails for now. I look forward to your reply and co-operation. Always write to me in my personal via email address for full details;

E-mail :
Best Regards,
Sgt.Lilian James.

Comment #122123

Dear xxx,

           I really appreciate your interest to partner with me on this transaction. The most important for us now is understanding and the trust between us which will keep us strong and together as partners so we will achieve all our investment plans on Real Estates or any other profitable investments .

          It is true we don't know each other before but i strongly believes internet and dating sites have make it easy for people around the world to become friends and partners, I will like to always keep in touch with you to build our relationship and partnership to be more strong,I have already develop much trust and confident in you and do believe with you our funds will be well invested and managed. I made this funds through the shipping of oil vessels with some Iraqi's to Japan and South Korea.
          I have contacted you in good heart and the main reason why i have decided to entrust all this funds to you is because we serving USA military officers are not permitted to transact business while we are still on duty and when you have money source of income then the USA government will not approval retirement rewards and benefits so this is why i choose to invest with a foreigner so we can use this funds Five Million, two Hundred Thousand us dollars for our invests with you while you take control of all investments.
          For your information i have already moved the funds out of Iraq with the help of Global Defense and Security Company for safe keeping and i packaged all the funds inside a locked box before handing it over to the company for the security of our funds inside the box and i never disclose the real content of our box to any staff of the company, I will be giving to you the digital code of our box as soon as you receives our box of funds from the company but you have to keep our transaction and all i have i told you concerning our investments plans and the handing over of our funds to you for security of our funds. Note that i registered the content of our box as valuable items so keep our transactions and all procedures secret and confidential between us alone.You should kindly provide to me your below information's such as ;
1: Scan copy of your international passport or any of your identity copy.

2: Your receiving contact address.

3:Your contact telephone number.

4:Your occupation.

           As soon as I receives all your information then I will provide to you letter of approval stating you as my rightful partner to enable the company get the box release to you. Note that the releasing and handing over procedures is very simple and easy, only what you need is to co-operate with the company and always ask me questions if there is anything you don't understand well during the handing over procedures to you. Always write to my personal via email address;

E-mail :

Best Regards,

Comment #122125

Die will mir einfach ihren Pass nicht schicken die dumme Kuh ist wieder einmal sehr hartnäckig muss ich sagen. >:(

Dear xxx,

I think i have explained to you the reason why i will not be able to send to you my international passport, please you should try to understand my point meanwhile i have sent to you my original current military ID card which i not suppose to send to you because it is against our military law but i did it also  is just for you to know me more so if you really wish to help me in this case kindly go ahead and provide me your information's as soon as you got this mail so that i can prepare the authorization letter which i will empower you as my the person who will receive my consignment from the delivery company on my behalf.

Looking forward to have your information

Best regards
Sgt Lilian James.


Comment #122126

 rud Bild wurde irgend einer arabischen Schauspielerin geklaut. Leider ist mein Arabisch zu schlecht, dass ich den echten Namen herausfinden kann

Das ist Sahar Abbas Jamil. Eine irakische TV-Moderatorin.