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Feel so glad and delight to have you in my private email address. My name is Vicky James, single from Liverpool, I'm 28 years old single, average human being lol, with 5ft6, Never Married and with no kid, but would love to have some in the nearest future maybe 2 or 3 with a right partner, I'm easy going, i like music and dancing, i like to cook, love to travel and meeting new people, love to go to the beach and cuddling. I always like to be sincere and honest with people and also to get the same thing from the other person i put all this on, The reason why i joined the site is for lover, honesty and trustworthy man, that know how to treat a woman right not to maltreat her, and more serious relationship in the nearest future. I do believe we can start as friendship first to get to know each other better and see where it leads to soon, cause i have been in rush to relationships before and all i got back in return is broken heart so i dont want such to happen again, so i believe we can start to get to know each other first before any other thing more..... My Dad was an English man (British), i lost my both parents when i was 19years old, then it was so hard for me so i drop out of the school after the death of my parent due to some reason, I have been in different love affair with differents men but all they gave me back in return is broken heart, i wanted to be single forever before but it not possible for me, i just need someone as a companion that will always be with me, that i will be able to share anything with about my life, that will treat me like an angel and i will take him to heaven, a man that will make feel real, that will make feel someone care for me. I have tried so many dating site but i dont get anything good from it, that is why i tried sign up on that site and think if i cold find any man i ever desire for but ever since i have been there i never find any man like that, all the want is the pleasure nothing serious more, i know that is also neccessary but it sholdnt come first, so i dont want to say what will come out from this but i hope it what i have been desiring for so long. I dont like to always remember my past, i count them as what life has to offer me and to build up my life experience and what life have to teach me about itself, I have been so lonely since i broke up with my Ex, i will say he is an not a very nice person, cos i hate to feel hurt that is why i used that word, he really hurt me alot so i dont like to let his memory get back to me, cause he cheated on me beyond i could share with anyone, that is why i want to try someone more enlighted than me if i can find peace in it and all the love and true feelings and cares i want, i dont know how you are exposed to life but i will like you to tell me everything about your life experience and all what you have been to about life,  also am currently out of the country to get some of my goods cause am about to start a new business cos the level of unemployment is very high in UK that is why i want to do this after i quit from my waitress work. The only family I have left is my Granny and my little sister who is not living with me here in UK. But I dont just know why am tell you everything about me but i just feel free and excited with your mail i got in my inbox.. I think that is the little i can tell you about me for now, please just tell me if you are for real or just wanna play games, i dont want anymore broken heart, and i want to know everything about you too without anything left...........                                             
Hope to hear from you soon and to have more of your pictures to see you better


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What took you so long to reply me back and thanks for the admire, i will want you to tell me everything about you cos i don't want to fall a victim of my last experience as i have told you earlier so please kindly get back to me with your full details and everything about you, your work, your home, your family background, your full name, what is experience with woman, has anyone break your heart before or have you break anyone own before, how do you treat your woman, do you make her feel alive that she have someone that cares for her, do you take her as your life partner or just your bed mate alone, why did you divorce your woman, have you date any woman on internet before cos i have never do it before and i merely believe in it, please just open your mind to me, tell me everything about you cos it gonna also help in the relationship if we are meant for each other, open minded person is the type of man i like and i hope you will be one. Also i believe with love, trust and understanding relationship will leads to any extend we may have never thought of before, so please be faithful with me if you really want me, i will be waiting for your mail response as soon as possible, don't let it take too long before you reply back, please make sure you add your pictures this time............... Thanks

Yours faithfully

Comment #122093

I really appreciate you for getting back to me with all this answer to my question and this is the kind of man i look forward to have, i never believe i can find any man more on that site that can response the way you did, am so glad with your mail and i want to know if you are here with me to have true love or you just wanna have exchange of mails with me alone cos most people have done this to me and nothing come out of this after so many mails and i dont want that again, most people on that site are fake and all they also want is pleasure as i said earlier too and that is why am not so nice in my first mail, i thought you are one of them, i know that is also included but there should be something more important than that , my aim is immediately i find the man i desire am gonna close my profile down on that site which have already done. Firstly am an orphan as i have told you earlier, I will like to tell you more about myself, i lost my parent when i was 19years old, then i use to be my father's auditor, he was a contractor, he works with some Oil companies in UK, US, Asia and some parts of Africa, sometimes we travelled together to do some works when i told i will like to go with him, i will say then life was so good with us and everything was in perfect condition. Ever since i lost him life has been unfriendly with me, i have been facing the bad side of life, i decided then to get a better job for myself but due to the level of my education i couldnt get a better one as i desire, so then i get a casual one as a waitress in one big restuarant here, so that is the work i have been doing to take care of my little sister and to sponsor her school and also look after my granny with this, but last  2 month i have to stop the work due to some consequences am facing in the job, like customers want to take the advantage of me, and a friend of mine told me about a business she is engaging in and i can see she is doing fine in it, so now i have switched, i want to start a petty trading with the little savings i have made during my waitress days. So for now am out of town, but i hope i will be back soon to the country in the next one week or two, to get the materials need for the business. I think that is just true me for now. Am  looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, I need a man with good conversation,intelligence, honesty, God fearing, open minded and faithful, someone that dont look at people low to him like nuts, someone who have face the good and the bad side of life and one who knows how to treat a woman. I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and I'll reward them in my own little ways. Am here to meet the right man for me I am very much young and single, never married, though i have suppose to married but every man i have wanted to marry always break my heart even though i give my full support in the relationship, that is why i give up on them for a long time now but i just think i cant be single forever, so that same friend of mine got her good boyfriend on that site, also told me to try it and i have made up my mind that i wont let it go for any young man again cos they are not a very nice person, that is why i want to very careful this time around and i hope i wont regret i did this. What i want is one to be build a strong solid foundation which is love and trust, I do believe with this 2 ingredients relationship will last forever,so many relationships has come to success with this, unlike ones built on false and pretenses.,i hope you know Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end, when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams. I don't believe in love at first sight anymore, I cried too much over it to believe in it, I think I need glasses to see accurately 'cause I can never really see the right one for me, dont want you to be upset with that word cos am talking out of experinces i had in the past. Well am very happy meeting you,i have been lonely for months now just because i don't wanna meet the wrong man again, i just hope you are not going to playing with my heart. I have a pager line here which i can only receive text through it so we can have smooth and non stop converstion till we are together if you really want me forever {+2348168918823}

Hope to hear from you soon

Comment #122095

Can you please text me on the pager line i sent to you or maybe you should add me on yahoo messenger so we can talk and get to know better


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Wow never believe i could still get an email from you again, i thought you have given up on me and i have decide to leave all this internet stuff not until now i check my mail now and found you message waiting for me, it was so surprising, as i told you earlier am a foreigner here, i dont have mobile line that can call or receive call on, the only one i have is the one i have is a PAGER line that i can only text someone and receive text messages back on it, if you call me it is going to be ringing there but the call wont get here to me, so you can only text message through it and mail me too until am back to Liverpool then we can arrange to meet, also we can have chat on yahoo messenger if you want that too for now for us to keep in contact. For now this is the number you can only text me on (+2348075262608) hope to hear from you on text soon

Vicky James