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Comment #301
Subject: Nice to meet you on

Good afternoon John.
To  me it is very pleasant, that you have answered my letter on a site
and  have left to me the E-mail. Something is known to me about you, I
looked  your  profile before to start to communicate with you, and you
have  liked me. John, I send you the photo. I wish to tell to you,
that I seriously concern search of the man, and to relations, I do not
like  to  play  game,  and most of all I care of tomorrow. We with you
have  chosen  each  other  from  thousand people of this site, whether
means  it  that that? Give we will not run forward, and we learn, that
will turn out from our dialogue.

I  think, at all of us it will turn out. I now am a little excited, as
first time I write to the person from abroad, that is to you. John
it  is very interesting to me to start to communicate with you. If you
not against, I ask you tell to me a little about myself. With whom you
live?  What  your  hobby?  Where you were born? Well and in general on
more about itself.

John  If  you questions on me I ask interest set to me them I with
pleasure  I  will answer them. I with impatience wait for your letter.
Yours Nadezhda
Comment #302

Dear, at us today a Christmas, I know that that at You this holiday
has already ended, but not looking at it I wish to congratulate You on
Christmas, I wish to wish You all most the best, and the main thing it
of health and good luck in all! Today we celebrate this holiday,
likely it will be very interesting!

Still I very much wanted and would be simply happy if you have started
to write to me every day as Your letters please me and give me certain
energy and each time I with impatience I wait for your answer! I hope
that that you will answer me and we can perfectly conduct our

Comment #303
Hello!!  How are You? I wish to congratulate you on fine holiday Merry
Christmas!!  I  wish  you  all  the  finest that there is on this this
world,  and  main  this  health and that always your close people were
near to you!! With coming new year!! At us in Russia Christmas only on
January, 7th, but all is equal at me today as celebratory mood! Please
transfer to all your relatives my congratulations and my relations!

I hope to see your letter in the near future!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #304
Hello my dear,

I did not receive from you the letter. Why you have not written to me?
What  is?  I  do not receive your answer already long time, and you do
not  write to me. To me has bothered each time to look at the mail box
and  to  search there for your letters, but there is nothing. What is?
Why  you  began to write to me less often? Or you refuse ours with you
of  relations?  To me painfully to think of it. Why you so arrive with
me  severely? I the woman and with me it is necessary to treat kindly,
gently.  I  hope, that you understand me. Also you will explain in the
following  letter  why  you do not write to me. At me now all is good,
and  the  life  flows the channel. All the same work, all same people,
all  same  ordinary life. To me it is boring without your letters, you
cheered  me up and gave to my person a smile, and now even it at me is
not  present,  I  go  to  park  that  will  a little relax and to take
pleasure. I wait for your letter. Yours Nadezhda
Comment #305
Hello.  I will begin with that that to me very sadly and I cannot find
to  myself a place from that that you do not write to me, I have found
in you something especial and I do not wish it to lose, You understand
it?  I was very much bothered with these winter days to me it would be
desirable  as  soon  as  possible spring solar and warm it. I would be
desirable me love I want many new sensations and passion, You want it?
I  would  like  that  you  replaced these warm and pleasant days, with
given  time, the letters which me so does not suffice. I hope You have
not  found  to  myself  other  girl? You consider me beautiful? Please
answer me fairly, Your opinion to me it is very important! Today after
work  I with my girlfriend went on to a cinema and we with it looked a
film "Spouses Morgan in runaway" To me so this film, from any party it
a  little  ridiculous has liked, but in it value of love, trust and as
it is correct is described and it is necessary to forgive the loved. I
so would like that this film looked near to me mine loved the man, but
that  is  not  present.  .  You  looked this film? It has liked you? I
advise You it to look if you love a drama. Now I finish the letter and
I  hope  for  that  that  you  will warm me the letter both to me on I
become much easier also I will not long so. I wait for Your letter.