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How are you doing?
I am Evelyn Motaung,New on the dating site i am here in search for a relationship that is build in love and
honesty..I am open heart woman from a christian family..I have read through your profile and i see you seek
the same thing too...I am hard working woman and i love to keep myself fit..I am understanding, loyal and
caring..I believe in one thing a relationship is not built in one day but it started from a day so i am using this
means to send you this email and i will hope we can come to know more about each other...I will hope to come
to know more about you maybe you can send me your personal email address so we can come to know more
about each other.... [email protected]
Take care


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Hello xxxx,

How are you doing?
Thank you for the letter it is nice to read from you this morning .....I will love to tell you more about my self
..My name is Evelyn Motaung..I am from Japan this is where my family come from but because of my fathers
occupation being a missionary we have to move down here in Pretoria South Africa and we have been living
here in this country together for five years now.....I am from a family of four my father,mother, younger
sister and I.....We live here in Pretoria south Africa for almost five years now since when my dad move here
from Japan to do his missionary work..I also do help my dad with his missionary work also with the small part
time Job i do with this factory here that produce plastic cans....

I join the dating site because i want to find love a relationship that is build in Gods purpose for us a
relationship that is build under one heart and happiness....I have been single now for three years after i
come to find my ex to be a cheat who was having another affair with another woman because i left Japan
to assist my father here ..It was a painful experience but i put all in Gods will until now i come to join the
dating site..I believe a relationship is not built on a day rather it takes time and understand for two to know
more about each other very well more i see is the Grace of God to bring two hearts together....About myself
i work here Monday to Friday and on the weekend i love to go out in the morning Jogging, have some
exercise and when i am free i listen to gospel Music,read a novel and have some time with my family...I see
we do have age gap between us i do not see age as any issue to a happy love home...I am simple woman
and i give all i do to God first and i am very happy to meet you...

i want to find the right man for true love  based on trust and honesty....i don't like to be hurt or to hurt
anyone.. my heart is very fragile and open to love you if you give me your heart...i would give you my love
and willing to share equal love and respect... I don't have children but i feel maybe its a future decision
between us two if things work our way and i think age does not matter when we are truly in love, our
hearts is what matters...Here is some photos of me and and i hope to come to read from you and know
more about you too?It will be nice to meet you too..I hope we can come to develop this relationship more....

With all my love

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