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I live in the country and really like it but looking to relocate when i meet someone of my dream and that like my kid. I am comfortable in sweats or evening gowns. Designer names mean nothing to me and I don't care to shop for hours, I guess you could say I'm low maintenance. I only socially drink. I love to travel anywhere and will jump in the airplane and take off for a day or two just seeing where I end up. I read mostly historic books. I love dancing and I sing loudly when alone in my car. I talk a lot when I get nervous. My family is very important to me and i mean my son and my mum in my country. I go overboard decorating for holidays and am a huge fan of traditions. I love art, I paint and sketch sometimes and love to go to museums and i also like to camping and swimming and i am just an easy going person. I'll listen to any type of music except rap but I really like country, oldies and soft rock. I've lived in the city and country, I am honest to a fault and don't play games. I love with my heart on my sleeve.

I'm looking for long term relationship, hopefully marriage. Yes, I said the "M Word" but I'm being honest. I don't want to rush into anything, I want to make sure it's right. But I don't want to invest time in something that will never go anywhere because the other person isn't looking for the same thing I am. I am not looking for casual sex or a cheap imitation of love.


Hi how you doing and i get your message and i really want to know if you are interested in my profile and like me and if you will like to chat with me and get to know more of each other, i have to tell you from my profile that i am looking for serious relationship, love and commitment from a good reliable man and who will love to meet me and my son in person, i am a dutch woman but currently living in the united state and i am an european woman and i am ready to meet and settle down with any man that will love and accept me and my son and will want us to move with him and i am ready to move with any man who will be love of my life in anywhere around the world and i have been to many countries in europe and i stayed most of my life too in spain and i am ready to meet any man anywhere in the world so if you are interested in me kindly email me to and email me your
pictures and tell me more about yourself in the email message that you are sending me or add me to yahoo chat instant message.. lindseywilliams919. I prefer to chat there simply because i am not a paying member here and i will not be able to reply to your message everytime but if you contact me through my email or yahoo chat we will stay connected and get to know more of each other and i will be waiting to hear from you there at my email soon or to chat on yahoo or text me to my phone nbr if you live in the united state or Canada and my nbr is 872) 216-8782

God bless

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Hi how are you doing xxx, i got your message and i really love what you wrote and sent to me, i love the message and i read about you that you are also from the netherlands but i dont know where you are originally from there in netherlands and i was born in Rotterdam netherlands but i don't live there for long sweetie. My dad was a british army when he was alive and me and my family stayed in the u.k before i moved to spain and i am currently here in the united state now and i cant speak much language, i mean dutch language but i can express my self a little. I am currently here now in the united state and my seven years old son. I came to united state when i met with my late husband who was born in raleigh north carolina and he asked me to moved with him when we met each other online and we lived together for 6yrs before he passed away last year. I am now looking for a good man for serious relationship, i am looking for love and commitment and looking to have a good reliable man in my life to move with and looking to my mr right anywhere that i will meet him in the world. I am ready to move and relocate now and if you are really interested in having me and my son and settle down to live together, I will move with you anywhere that you are living if that you are interested in having me and my son for serious relationship and love and care for us, i will be looking to hear from you soon again and here are my pictures and my son and i hope you like them and i have to tell you that i like your picture and i am very interested to have you in my life.


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