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I can describe myself as a quiet, gentle, and kind person. I love animals very much, and I dream to get a dog. I love sports, namely volleyball. Also, I love rest among nature. And still, I like to sing. I love rest in a warm circle of friends, or the loneliness of the house behind reading books. I believe in love and am a risk taker; the one who believes in her own abilities. My parents say that, once I want something, I try to achieve it. So, I could describe myself as obstinate, but in a good sense. You can email me on [email protected] and you can add me on yahoo messenger mollytrager400. looking forward to reading from you.

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Hello ,
   How are you doing,hope you had a nice day at work or home today,my night was cool and i am very happy to read from you,I would like to tell you everything about me so that you could know that i don't have time playing games,My name is Molly Trager, My originality is US,I was born in the year 1983, My childhood was spent in US too,The prematurely calamitous death of my parents brought me to Arkansas about 9 years ago,My father was killed in a motor accident at Farningham Road,Caterham,England.He was on his way back to Liverpool when the accident struck,his death worsened my mother's situation,she herself was going through heart attack before but fortunately she survived barely,she could not contain the grief and sorrow of my dad's death. Perhaps i would have still been staying in UK all my life, if not for the way dad's younger brother was trying to make everything impossible for me,I was being pre-emptied and maltreated to the extent that i started having an inferiority complex,My step mother took me away from him and brought me to Bristol that was where i was staying  before i relocated back to US in Arkansas where i got my new job,She has been an inspirational value for me to become a  hair dresser in life today,i do artwork by profession and i work with a modelling agency and the deaf help association, for now,It has not been easy though but i just thank my Lord that he has never left me and I still believe that He will always be with me,I am looking for a real and long term serious relationship,One of my goals in life is to nurture my children in such a way that i will not need to look up to my husband before taking care of my lovely kids,i like being independent and i hope you are not scared off by that because it's just the way i have been all my life,i like to be at the sea atmosphere for spare time,all i want in a relationship is trust,faith and loyalty,I want all these and may the lord help us with others. hope to read from you soon and have a wonderful day too, I will be expecting to see  more of your pictures .....hope to read from you soon and have a lovely day...
Molly Cares..

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