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My love is xxx, I would like to explain you all my feelings for you!

For me it's very nice that we'll come together with one opinion!

I am also very glad that I found you in this big world.

For all the time, as we are consistent, I very strongly love you.

And now in my head I only have one thought, I can even say that dream a little better!

I want to be with you and I would like to be your woman. I want to be with you together!

I would like to share with you happiness, and I want you with me shared my happiness.

In my life there were only two loved ones of people. My dear mother and my dear grandmother.

I have always loved them, and I will always love them because they are my relatives.

But now everything has changed for the better. :) I found you my favorite xxx!

You just liked me. I immediately understood what that man whom I am looking for a lifetime.

Now, I love you, and I want us to be together. Our love developed very quickly and openly.

For all time of our correspondence you love me. And I also very much love you.

Now you are my man. I think you agree with this? You too love me?

I can even say that I fell in love with you.

You are a unique person with whom I tested such a strong love.

I am telling you this honestly, with all my heart. I hope that you trust me?

But for this we should be together!

I have in mind that for our future love, we should be together as soon as possible.

Today, I specifically went to a travel agency.

I would like to know what it must have to get on xxx.

And to me the exact distance and clear answer. What I was very pleased.

I must have a visa in your country and the passport for travel abroad for my name.

But I was told that without these things I can not just get in your country.

And yet I can not live there without these things.

So they need to do it. Visa fee of 200 euros.

The passport for travel abroad 150 euros. The total amount spent 350 euros.

It is so much money for me it is necessary to legalize these papers to my name.

But I have a problem that prevents me to make these documents and come to you.

It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I tell you, because you need to know.

I do not hide from love. It is very difficult for me to talk about it.

But you .... I have always lived badly.

So now I have no money to pay for the documents.

The money that I earn in school, I leave for food and clothing.

Pay only enough to me. When I do not try to save money.

So I do not know that we now do with our meeting with you!

But in my mind there is one idea, which I'll write to you ....

But please understand me correctly, and most importantly do not be offended .....

Maybe for you it's Franco seem a bit rude so I just ask you to forgive me if it is not like it.

I think that you can help me with this sum.

And I decided to ask you financial assistance to these documents.

And then immediately come to you. I do not want to put pressure on you that you have helped me with money.

Therefore, only you to decide, I can not force you.

But if you want us to be together, that we love each other.

Which, I hope that you will agree to help me with this sum.

Do not get me that everything is done for the sake of our love, that we were together.

This is our love was real and very strong. Because I want to love you, kiss, caress and embrace.

I love you very much my dear and road rights xxx!

So now you only make a choice. Will you help me with money that I come to you or not?

To solve only to you, I only have to explain to you the idea.

It is not that bad, because I can not force you.

Everything is done once your consent. Make your choice and give me an exact answer in the next letter!

I do not force you to help