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Hello My New Friend xxxx !!!!!I am glad to receive your letter. xxx I thought about how you write to me ornot write, and waited with impatience for your letter. And I am happy whengot it. I first became acquainted in the Internet, I looked atprofile that I gave at the dating site and saw you. I decidedwrite to you. I hope that you understood my first, My name is Natasha. I am 25 years old, I have never beenmarried. I have a normal character, I live in my mother's apartment. Mycity is called Yaransk. It's in the Kirov region. In addition to mothers, grandmothersI have no friends and relatives. His father, I never saw andmother says nothing about Who do you work? I work in our hospital. I love mywork. I do not know what else to tell about myself. xxx You canmore to say about myself? I want to know a lot about you. Why did you decidemet on the Internet? What are you looking for in a girl? What is your character?How do you like holidays?I'll gladly answer your questions. Ask and Italk about themselves. I just do not know what else to tell. What dointeresting? xxx I hope that you write to me tomorrow.I hope that tomorrow I'll be in the Internet cafe and get your letter and yournew photo. you will send them to me? I'll wait.Your new friend Masha!!!

Letter 2

Hello xxx !!!!!!!How's your day? What did you do today? I hope that you feelwell and you have everything properly. I waited all day for your letter and immediatelyafter work today, came in an Internet cafe, that would get yourletter.Today, I have many questions for you. I want a serious relationship and just want to warnyou. I do not want to play games, and if you want to just play with me then I think that we should stop our communication.I want to know you more and better. I do notgoing to hide anything from you and tell all that you I hope I do not need to describe themselves in detail, you sawmy photo. My growth of 175 sm (5'7), weight 54 kg (120lbs). Chest, waistand thigh, respectively, 89 - 64 - 92. I hope that you tell mealso about yourself. Because it is I can not see in the photo.I am looking for a man with whom I will be fine. Who will be happy,if I were with him, which I can make happy. I wantWe were always together and were happy, xxx, you can besuch a man? How do you think? What should I'll do whateverdo you like? I am very interested to know that.I hope that I get your picture tomorrow and a new letter with responses tomy questions.I am already looking forward to your letter.waiting .....Yours sincerely Masha!!

Letter 3

Hello My Dear Friend xxx!!!!xxx Like you? How's your day? All that today was bad in my day,immediately disappeared, leaving only the good, after I got yourletter. I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and wrote me.I want to tell you about my family more. I want to tell you abouthow I grew up, and who I was brought up. Brought up by my grandmother andmom. Mother name Galina, my grandmother name Evgeniya. I live with my mother inapartment in our village. My grandmother lives in another village, it name Znamenka.On my father I do not know, mother, and grandmother did not speak about it. Momcrying or go, when I ask her about it. So I did notknow. I do not want that to my mother My grandmother very good. I have lived it every summer and Iliked. She good. She and I often strolled together in the woodswent swimming and went to pick berries.I want to explain to you why I can not find the man of her dreams intheir country. We have men, but many drink or beat their wives.But others are already married. So I decided to get acquainted with you. Ido not drink or smoke, just for the holidays I take the drink a littlewine. I do not mind that the man would drink, but not much and not often. xxx II want to say right away that I do not like to scream and quarrel. I loveI want to laugh and that would be my favorite was always happy and neversad. And I'm going to do for this. I am always ready to kissit, if it makes him happy. I wish that we had with himenjoy our love, passion and tenderness.I look forward to your letter .......Your Masha ....

Letter 4

Hello xxx, My Far Friend!!!How are you? xxxx How do you feel? What did you do today? II hope that everything you wanted, everything turned Know what I saw today? Whn I walked down the street, I sawsmall cat. He was purring and staring at me. I picked it up andtook him home. Now I do not know what name to give him. Inever had a cat. Can you help me?xxx I want to know about you, how you love to rest? You like to walkNature? What songs do you like? What movies? What dances? you woulddance with me? I do not dance very well, but with you I wouldagreed to dance. Theater, the sea? What else do you like? xxx Tell me.I love, movies and cooking. My grandmother taught meprepare many dishes, and I am sure you would have liked the dishesI have prepared. I know how to cook this pizza that moreNo one can cook. I'm sure you would appreciate You were at sea? I was once in Sochi. I veryliked. As a cool breeze envelops the body like the cool watergives freshness and delight. Not enough only one. Men withthat all these can be enjoyed. You would go with me xxx??? ITHINK, that you and I would never neglect such a trip. HOW YOUTHINK?I send you greetings from my mother and girlfriends.I'll wait for thy letter. They are my joy each day. Ihappy that I met you. With you I can not discuss what I want.I am waiting for your letter.VERY WAIT!!Your Masha!!!!

Letter 5

Hello xxx!!!!xxx I have now worked and waited for the time when I can get yourletter. When I received it then I felt good. xxx And how are you? Asyour day?I am glad that you understand me. Every day I look forward to yourphotos and letters. xxx, Tell me about your friends? We in Russia havesaying, tell me who your friend, and I'll tell you who you are. And you?I did not have many real friends. I have a friend who calledNastya. We are friends with her since childhood. We went to school and always together. Shea very good friend and always and in all my supporters, to know everything about you. II told her about you. She is very glad that I met you. Shesaid that I very much changed since I met you. He says that Ibecome more happy. And my mom also says so. xxxx Thankmake me happy. Nastya is now working as a teacher in the school.We with her well-studied English. You understand what I write?I hope so. Teachers have told me that I speak better thanwrite. But I hope that you understand all of what I Do you have a best friend? As his name? You relax together? How?How long have you buddies?Can you send me a picture of you and your friend together? I want to seeYour Know how I named the cat? I gave him the name of the brave. My mother was verysurprised at such a title. But I think that's better. Brave waysends you greetings. Every morning he wakes up and immediately beginspurr.What dreams do you see? I began to see a lot of interesting dreams. I willsay what now. I will only say that they are about you and me. I wouldwished that they would become a reality.I hope that you will soon write to me. I am waiting for your letters everyday.Your distant friend, Natasha

Letter 6

Hello My xxx!!!!!xxxx I want to know more about your work. She likes you? Youmany colleagues? How do they relate to you? I'm sure that's good, becauseyou're very good man. I hope that you will not flirt withcolleagues? I'm jealous .... kidding.I love my job. It pleases me very much. I can help people, andthey thank me. For me there is nothing better than a smile on his facepatient. Sometimes I work two days in a row, we are calledduty. And we have to spend the night at work. What would help those whobecame ill during the Who do you work? When you off? What are you doingday off? For example, I go to the cinema or Nastya we walk in the park andwalk there. Last weekend we were sitting on a bench and talked abouthow it would be nice if there were no borders and all people canmeet, without overcoming great distances, you xxx discuss with your friends when you are together?Yesterday my mother and I watched movies on TV. This is a foreign film andI think you saw him, you watched TITANIC? Such a beautiful film. Ieven almost cried when watching it. You know what made the brave?He ran into the street for a walk when he saw that the ship is sinking.Can you imagine?I am glad to know more about you every day, we as athletes,who climb the mountain. The more we learn, the closerbecome. Really? And soon we learn about one another, and between us allthere will be obstacles, and we will rise to the very top and we did.What do you think such a comparison?your sincere Masha

Letter 7

Hello My Dear Man xxx!!!!!!!!!xxx I hope you all understand and do not hurt me. Ithis work and I had to go to the hospital and help people. II hope that you are not offended at me for it. I am very tired today. Islept almost half of the day. I worked all night and day, too. And now I'm inInternet When I'm at work I think about you. I am happy that I metyou, and I want more and more to know you. I want to be with youoften. The first time I met a man like you, and you give me alike you. When I worked at night, I fell asleep and had a dream. In this dream, Iwas on the beach and sunbathing. I lay on my back and read what younovel. And then a shadow covered the sun and I turned around. It was you xxx. You said that a skin like me, that would not burnnecessary, use a cream for sunburn. I told him that he have ame. But I can not put it on your back, you said that helped.Patrice, You have such good and soft hands, and I enjoyed when youuse suntan You would help me if I asked you to help me? I thinkyes. I woke up and did not know what is over, but I think that I cansee the continuation of this What you eat today? What Russian dishes do you know? Youtried borsh? Pel'meni? Blini?I know very well prepared dishes and I am sure that you would likeif you could try them. you would like to try them? I thinkI can surprise you with his skill. And what can you do well?Tell me.I do not know, I receive your letter tomorrow or not, but I hope that younot offended, and answer me tomorrow and send me your photo. I wantget more of your photo.I send you my kisses and I hope that they warm yourheart, and you will forgive me.I miss ......Your Natasha

Letter 8

Hello My Dear xxx!!!!!!Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad, thatyou have not forgotten about me and have written to me. I very muchwaited for your letter. I hope, that your day too has passedsuccessfully and all is good. xxx we communicate not the first day, and I feel, that our top onwhich we will meet soon. I much that have learnt about you. You likeme. But I would like to learn more about you. At you to have thesecret from me? To have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me,please. xxx I do not have from you secrets. I can speak with you about whatI want. I do not know, why, but I think, that you understand me. I donot love lie, I do not love people who lie. I since the childhood ambrought up so not to lie. My grandmother says, that for this purposewhat to lie it would be necessary, to have very good memory, what notto get confused. But I think, that it is better not to lie at all. Andthen all will be good. [[[ I do not know, that for us waits at top of mountain, mountainon which we To get. The happiness, love, passion, tenderness can,and the disappointment can. I do not know. But I hope that the first xxx yesterday there has arrived my grandmother. She has told, thatI necessarily would send you regards from it. She asks, whether youwish to try pies by which it does? With a strawberry or another aberry? xxx, you would like? Tell also I to transfer your words thegrandmother. xxx I hope, that you do not get tired of my letters and questions.I wish to know about you more, you more and like me also I is gladmore, that have met you. I already spoke you it. But I hope, that youare not has got tired of me. How to you my today's photo? On it II hope that is pleasant. I will wait for your letter...I wait and believe, that I will receive it soonMasha...

Letter 9

Hello Gentle xxx!!!!xxx your letter as the sun beam warms my heart and lifts my mood.You like my photos? I like you? What in me it is pleasant to you?Yes, I would like to meet youI wish to ask you xxx very important questions for us. I wish tolearn from you about your last relations with other girls. If to youpainfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I will not ask youany more about it. But I very much would wish to know. xxx I willtell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that theywant it only sex what then to tell to the friends, that he was engagedwith me in love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. Incollege I was on friendly terms with the guy who very much liked me. Itoo liked it. But it with parents had to leave and I cannot find it inany way. His father military men and they have left in other part ofthe country and did not write and did not inform anything on itself.Then I at me was the guy who, having learnt that it is loved by adaughter rich the man, has left me at once and in a year married onthat daughters of the rich man. He loves money and more it isnecessary nothing for it. Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted sex, andI have decided to wait the man. Now I communicate only with you, andyou like me. I cannot touch to you, but I can to feel you under yourletter. You can tell in detail about the relations? You when looked at stars? xxx, you walked at night? I would like togo along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under nightstars. I send you a photo, on which II with impatience wait for your letter. Mum, the grandmother, and mygirlfriends with BRAVE transfer you huge greetings.I send you the gentle kisses, and I hope, that they give to youfeeling of tenderness, caress and to you it is good. Your gentle and sincere Masha


Hello My Lovely xxx!!!!xxx your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart. II feel heat which spreads on my body when I receive yoursThe letter. I could come to you and live happily ever after, or you have other suggestions?Pat as you feel? I wish to learn, how passes your day.What do you do? In how many you wake up? As you think, how would putHas changed, if I have arrived to you and was with you? What is the timeWe would be together. I would like that we would spend time together,Could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like thatWe would wake up every day in embraces of one as you think, how there will be our first kiss. II think that it will be fine. I can feel your love,Your tenderness and passion. I very much would wish to tryYour kiss. I am assured that it is fine. xxx I do not know why, but after acquaintance to you I feelWell. I had many forces, it would be desirable that that to do. IIt is happy. I do not know why, likely because at me to have you. xxx you looked at the night sky? You saw the big she-bear? ItIt is similar to the big she-bear. I send to you of kisses, much much,Which will not go in even in it a ladle. I hope that they bringTo you happiness and success in a new bottom. You like my kisses? You wantTo try them in a reality? I will wait for your letter I already miss, and I wish to ask you, you will come today toTo me in my dream? I will wait for your answer as.Your gentle and sincere Masha


Hello My Fine Man xxx!!!!xxx I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of youConstantly. You always in my heart. I feel, how my heartTo knock, when I think of you and to me it is good. I do not know that with me, II do not understand that occurs.Yes I thought about our meeting, and what do you think about our meeting?xxx I hope that you understand that I feel to you. I do not knowWhat is the love, and I feel that to you at me other relation.Other feeling. I do not know how to describe it, but I think that itLove. You as are close to me as mum, as my girlfriends, as the grandmother. II do not know how to describe this feeling. It cannot be described. I am afraid to makeError, I am afraid to be mistaken in you because you are pleasant to me very much. IVery much I worry, I do not know, how, but I should tell to you it. I notI can hide anything from you. I feel that my heart, where thatFar. On mine it with you. I do not know, whether it is exact, but, I seemHas fallen in love. As you think that it for feeling, xxx, tell to me. I notI know your life has changed or not. It has changed, after weHave got acquainted? I feel, precisely I feel that I love you. I as wish to know, withWhat feeling you concern me. Tell to me xxx. That you thinkAbout me? What you feel, when you read my letters? I am not assured of that,That it is love. That, which I searched. I am not completely assured. But IPrecisely I know that you that man with whom to me it will be good. II think that you of whom I dreamt since the childhood. That prince onWhite game whom I waited all life. xxx I miss you and your letter.Very much......Your sweet Masha


Hello My Lovely Man xxx!!!!!!I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings, and IIs glad to learn yours. Your letter has again warmed my heart. And I am glad thatIt is familiar with you. Yes, I agree to meet with you and join you in your country.When I do not receive your letters I feel lonely and as thoughAnybody in this world is not present also to me it is not necessary to live. Your letters give me forcesTo live, and I feel better. xxx that you did last night? I looked yesterday, what that a filmTogether with mum. I did not look it attentively. I thought of us. And mumHas asked to make to it massage, xxx you love massage? Mum says thatAfter my massage to it it is easy, and she feels better. As though atIt there were new forces. I learnt to do massage when studied onnurse. I very well do massage, and I think that to you tooIt was pleasant. xxx you would like, what I would make to you massage?? IWished to feel as your strong, and gentle hands do to meMassage, you will make it to me? I very much would wish to try it. xxx I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope,That they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. YouLooked at the sky? Saw stars? I send you so much kisses,How many stars in the sky. With each star and if you look at the nightThe sky they will begin to sparkle to you, transferring my kisses. xxx I will sleep, and to dream of you. Perhaps we will meet, in oursDreams? I hope that I will see our meeting.Your gentle and tender Masha


Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun xxx!!!!!
Well, I'll go to a travel agency and learn how to prepare all the documents
xxx I miss you, and I wish to be with you and only with you. You
looked yesterday at stars? You have received my kisses? I have
recollected history that when the person is born there is a new star
and when dies one star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky
and searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, what occurs,
when two persons, enamored one in another become together? xxx how
you think? I think, that they unite. Also become more and more
brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and
understand my feelings.
xxx you know, what happens yesterday? I, as well as thought, have
met you in the dream. It was so perfectly. We have met in the street,
I went along the street and thought of what that, you went to me
towards and thought of the. And we have casually faced, xxx, you
have asked, I will go with you to cinema or not. I have told, I do not
know. You had one more ticket, and you have invited me. And I have
gone with you to cinema. But cinemas we did not look, we communicated
with you more. When the comedy has ended, we left cinema happy and
happy. You have told, that spend me. When we have reached the house we
did not wish to be separated. We stood about my door both talked. Also
have not noticed, how became close one to another and we have kissed.
AS our FIRST KISS was fine!!!!!!
On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your
embraces, and you have kept me, and we continued to kiss.
xxx, you see dreams? You can describe them?
I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want it Pat?
I send you the kisses, and I hope, what tomorrow I will receive yours
as, you will send them to me?? I will wait tomorrow.
Your most gentle Masha


Hello My Lovely Man and My Gentle xxx!!!!!
xxx I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that we are
familiar with you also to a steel so are close to one another.
I am happy, to receive your kisses, they warm my heart, and I feel as
an angel, and I from your kisses have wings.
I'll tell you the information after the weekend trip.
xxx you know, that today happens. I have come today from work home
and to lay down on a sofa to have a rest and have fallen asleep. I
slept hour two and here have felt, that who that awakes me. I have not
understood at first who touches my back but when has opened eyes has
understood that it is BRAVE will be me. You remember it? xxx I
think, that he wanted, that I would send you regards from it and have
woken me, that I would not be late in the Internet of cafe and have
come there before closing.
xxx as your relatives concern me? What do they speak about me? What
think of us with you? How you think they will well concern that that
we will be together? They will not be against? I do not know your
country and people. I know only you, and you very much like me.
xxx my mum, my girlfriends and the grandmother, constantly say to me
that I would transfer to you of their congratulation and good luck on
every day. I send you their congratulations now. xxx the Grandmother
says, that would like, that you would try its pies. And you want? xxx
my girlfriends and mum ask, what they can present to you? You would
like to receive what gift from them?
xxx You wish to be my man? I wish to be your girl, and I wish to
feel your love, your passion, your smile, your tenderness and your
xxx between us the big distance. But I think, that for us it will
not be the big problem. And we will be together. I almost am
completely assured, that you that with whom I wish to be together. It
is interesting to me as your relatives will concern ours with you to
relations. What will they think?
I miss and I wait for your answers.
Yours and only your sincere and gentle Masha


Forgive xxx. Forgive me xxx, I ask you, do not take offence at
me. I do not know how to tell. I do not know what to speak. To me it
is very bad, forgive..................
I do not know from what to begin, I do not know what to tell to you. I
promised to you yesterday, that I will arrive, and that all our dreams
become a reality. I very much want it. I wish to be with you, and I
wish to embody all our dreams in a reality.
It is necessary nothing for me, only you and your love. I wish to be
only with you for ever.
I do not have words. On my eyes of tear. I feel very badly because
promised to you and I can not make it. I went to Travel agency and
have learnt trip cost. At me hardly heart has not stopped, when I have
learnt cost.
xxx a trip very expensive. I do not know how to make it and as me
to arrive to you. I promised, that I will arrive, but it turns out, so
I cannot make it.
xxx it is very a shame to me before you. I thought, that a trip
not such expensive. But when I have learnt that it is necessary to
make, was in a shock. I have learnt, that it is necessary to do, what
documents to make out and have learnt approximate cost of all of it.
These are very big money.
Forgive me xxx, I ask you to forgive me..............
I am far from you and I not can to arrive, I can not make you happy, I
can not present to you the caress and love. I have no so much money,
and I do not represent where I can to find them.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
xxx I wish to be with you, and even that between us also the
distance does not frighten me. I ask you only about one. Do not leave
me. Do not leave me one. I wish to be with you, I do not know how to
fulfil the promise, but I ask you not to leave me.
I have met you, I have understood, that you that man with whom I wish
to be for ever. And I do not wish to lose you, the man of the dream.

Forgive me, forgive, but I cannot be with you now.
I ask you, understand me.
Forgive xxx,
Sincerely and yours faithfully and love,
Yours and only yours for ever Masha


Hello My Lovely Man "and" My Sun xxx!!!!!!
xxx I am very glad to your letter. xxx On the face of my tears
joy and happiness that you wrote to me that you
Do not leave me alone. I would have died if it had not received your letter.
I would be very bad.
xxx I have wronged you, forgive me, I believed in what I
be with you. I promised you to come, but by itself can not do it.
I would not promise, if I knew that it was so expensive that we have been the happiest in this world !!!!!
xxx I hope you will forgive me that I do not
fulfilled promise. I really want to do it. But what I
can come to you have to pay 1600 - 1650 euro. In
This price includes:
Get Passport
Payment of taxes and fees
Trip to Moscow
Accommodation in Moscow.
A medical examination that I was not sick. Tickets
Therefore, it would be necessary to do many things that I can be with you. For me
said that all the documents, together with travel
In Moscow and the cost of medical care and a survey of about 633 euro and tickets
975 or more.
xxx, I think that where to get the money, but I can not find something else
way. I do not know what to do, that to find such large sums.
I love you xxx!!!!!!
You are my prince. xxx You are my dream, and I want to live in
this world with you!
How can I live without you.
Your and only your loving and gentle Masha!

Lettre 17

Hello, my dear!
I wrote this letter to you all the information you
requested for the trip. I found a Western Union office and they told
me that they can help us, and this is not a problem for them. What you
could send the money we need, what would you send money to my full
name, Maria Shipitsyna, and told me the following information:
1. Your full name that you specified when you send money.
2. Address Western Union, with which you sent the money.
3. control number.
4. The exact amount of translation.
xxx I will wait your letter tomorrow. If you
send money, then after two or three weeks we will be together. And be
happy all my life. And what we thought and dreamed about since the
first day of our meeting will become a reality. All that we were
looking for and wanted to find reality. I am very glad that my heart
wants to jump out of his chest with happiness. I LOVE YOU xxx!!!!!
Your and only your loving and gentle Masha!