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Hi my lovely stranger!!!Hello sweet little bear:) I saw your profile no the dating site, i like you and that is why idecided to make a first step of knowing each other. So, if you don'tmind, let's know each other better:) I'm here to find my happy, findmy soul mate and find my men, my husband, my love...You probablythink, why such a beautiful girl like me is searching for a guy??? Theanswer is simple, I'm here looking for you...only you had awake in mea thunder of passion and gentle! You are like a fresh breath for me,like a new day, full of sun and happy... I'm here to love and to beloved, i want to find a men which makes me happy and make me feelsafe...and who knows maybe it is you:)maybe you are the one for me,maybe you will win and you will deserve a key from my heart, maybe youwill be my dream men.....Just to prove you that I deserve yourattention and time I would like to tell you something about myself.I'm a young Ukrainian lady who is single at the moment, but whodoesn't want to remain single anymore. I'm joyful, optimistic,sensitive, even delicate lady with much passion for that one and onlywho will win my heart. I guess you have many questions for me and Iwill be happy to answer them all in our coming letters. I'm ready toopen my heart for you, to let you be a part of my life. If you agree to continue our acquaintance then I will be happy to hearfrom you. You know my address and you can send me your letters to myaddress [email protected] I will be waiting for you there:) Always waiting for your answer impatiently:)

Letter 2

Hello my lovely XXX:) Thank you very much for your wonderful letter, i like toread it more and more, all your words are so precious for meand when i read your words my heart began to beat faster andslower with each of your words. It shows me that you arevery interesting in me and in our correspondence:) I lovekids and i always wan to have them, i want to have my ownfamily and i think we have all opportunities to have awonderful relations, do you agree with me dear? tell meabout your life and your hobbies, do you have any brothersor sisters? Let me tell you my little love story...I've gota bad childhood. I was born in the south east of Europe incountry of Ukraine. I was born in one of the mostundeveloped cities of Lugansk region called Rubeznoe. I wasborn in 20th of May 1983 and I'm Taurus as you notice:) Ihave one older brother. He now works in military police. Myparents are already workless and they are in retire. Theyboth work on coal mine, and they are very hard workingpeople. I love them very much. I have ended a school inRubeznoe and I finished school with honors. But when i endedschool a big problems has began. My dad started to drink alot and start to make us hurt, he started to bit me and mymom and me, so we had to move to Lugansk. Friends of my momhelped us to find a small apartment and we finely move intoit. My mom had find a job, small but we still have somemoney for living. I've had entered to College of Technologyand Design to the seamstress faculty. When i was ended i goto work as a designer of clothes. i like my job and this ismy hobby at the same time:) I like swimming too, likenature, like to walk on the beach, holding a hand of mybeloved men. I'm kind, romantic girl which searching for herhappy and love. i want to spend whole my life with him andgive him all i have, my love, soul, mind, dreams and body, iwant to give him key from my heart I hope that you are notbored with my letter and still have desire to know me moreand better!?!! If you want to try to learn my heart, I willopen it for you! So, are you ready? i will be waiting foryour romantic letter impatiently:) I'm sending you some of my photos and i hope they will likeyou:) and I'm sending you my sweetest kisses.... I will be waiting for your next letter, Yours Nataly...

Letter 3

Hello my wonderful angel!!!Hello my XXX!!!! Thank you for your respond it means that you are interestingin me:) you can't even imagine how happy was i when ireceived your letter:) you are making me feel so special andso needed:) I don't think that I'm princess or some othergirl, I'm just a simple girl which is waiting for her princecharming and which want only to be happy:) You have a reallybig family its so wonderful that your mother is not getbored with her grandsons:) but i really so sorry about yourfather:((( I'm sorry but i don't have a black mini skirt:(I'm more then ready to have relationships with such ahandsome men like you are:) so lets roll:) As you know I'm26 years old and I'm live with my mom. i also had some badrelation experience behind my back. Once i have a date withone guy, he seems like a normal one and he had a goodparents, then he started to drink and started to bitme...and again i was trapped on the same trap twice. Wholemy life the men which was on my life are make me hurtphysically and morally. So our relations was doomed...and iswore to myself that i will never had a relations at all:(So i have a very big disappointing of our men and that iswhy i have decided to looking for a men abroad. I think youare make my life better and you will make my life more happyExcuse me for this bad mood letter but now i feel that youhave entered to my life and you will make it better andcolorful:) You seems like a prince for me, and you have agorgeous looks, you are so kind and so wonderful men:) Ilike nature, like mountains, rivers, lakes, like to walk onforest, like to lay on the sand, holding a hand of mybeloved men, like to walk, like to laugh and i like tojoke:) I already told my mom about you and i can tell youthat she is so happy for me:) She saying that I'm full ofoptimism and i full of happiness because you are with me:)Maybe i will disappoint you but i don't know English and ican't use a computer, my family was not so rich to offer tobuy a computer, its very expensive in our country, so pleasedon't be mad on me, i will learn it i promise if you willtell me this. I'm very easy learning girl and i will do mybest to learn it as soon as i can:)I'm honest with you andI'm interest in you and i feel that we could make greatrelations:)I think that relations must be build by twopersons and if you don't mind i wish that you will be thatsecond person:)Have a wonderful day to you my love, i hope ican hear your respond soon:) sending you huge kiss:)yours Nataly...

Letter 4

Hello my supermen!!!Hi my precious XXX! I was so surprised when i see your letter it was like athunder in the middle of clear blue sky for me, it was sowonderful pleasure to receive your letter it means that youare still very interested in me:) I'm sorry but i don't havea short dress and any high boots:( Yes its great that my momtold me that she gives me your bless for our relations:) andshe think that you are very interesting men and she want tomeet you personally:) i can tell you that i will do my bestto make our future relations the most wonderful and thatthey will be a good example for other people:) Tell me deardo you belive in love from the first sigh??? I do belive butit is not love, its in loving. I think that for love a manpeople need some time, to know him, to feel him, to know hisall dreams and feelings...I feel that we can build a greatrelations and i want to build them with you my love, i feelthat i can be happy with you and you can make me the mosthappiest women in the world - your woman for whole life. Ithink I'm ready to give you a key from my heart and i feelthat you have deserve this:) You know for this few days youhave become for me the most special and the most preciousman for whole my life, i never met such wonderful men likeyou, such caring and kind for me, no one in my life has takecare of me like you are, you make my life colorful andbright, only you make my heart beat faster and slower at thesame time, I'm always honestly with you...Honey i want tohave a family with you and born many happy kids to you ifyou want:) So I'm like an open book before you and you canread me or write your own story on me if you want....but itwill be the most wonderful story that will never ends...solets make our own story together my love...i will be waitingfor your answer with great trembling of my heart.... i love you and i always be yours....I'm sending you my most passion kisses....yours Nataly.....

Letter 5

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