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St. Petersburg Russia

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I too wish to be engaged with you love. Please forgive me, that has
not understood you concerning money a little. Simply I would like to
be more likely with you nearby. Please forgive. I love you dear Peter!

We will meet you? You have told have sent me money, but have not
written number of remittance MTCN? You speak nothing about it? I miss!
I miss! I miss! I love you dear xxx!
Your Tatiana.

Big to you thanks for your letter. It is very pleasant to me to read
about love and tenderness to me, that you so love me. I travel to you
as soon as possible to be with you nearby. I want you, my body wants
you, my heart wants you xxx. I wish to be engaged with you love to
capture you all and to kiss you everywhere. Big to you thanks for your
care and kindness, that you have sent me money. I will receive your
money 1200 euro, and then at once to runaway in travel agency to book
tickets for the nearest number in Brussels the airport. Please write
number of remittance MTCN then I will go to receive in bank your
money. I wish to arrive to you on Monday, Tuesday, environment as you
want Peter. I love you dear xxx. With impatience I will wait your
Your Tatiana.

Hi my dear xxx! I here with impatience waited for your letter.
Please write to me!? I love you dear xxx!
With tenderness and love your Tatiana.

Hi my dear and beloved xxx. I am very happy to hear from you. I
dream to be more likely with you nearby, as well as you dear Peter. I
would like to love you, as anybody another on light. We will be the
happiest people on light when we will love each other and spend time
together. Please understand, if at me will not be 1200 euro I cannot
travel to you. Me will not let out from the country if there will be
no cash for one month 1200 euro. I do not need to spend this money as
I should show only their presence at myself. I travel to you for one
month that is why every day residing at your country makes 40 euro for
30 days. I can give you your money directly at the airport on arrival.
I hope you will understand me and will help me because more I have
nobody to hope except you dear xxx. I had a dream last night that
you and I were together. In my dream we were In a cabin in the woods.
The fireplace was the only light in the room, and we were sitting on a
large fur rug on the floor in front of it. My heart has been totally
captured by you! We sat for a while just looking into each other's
eyes. We then leaned toward each other and shared a long, passionate
kiss. It seemed as if time were standing still for us. Our bodies came
together and we made love for the first time. Afterwards, we laid
there holding each other and professing our love. When I woke I was
very happy, you next to me and my heart in my dreams. I want to have
you near. Still, it was a wonderful dream that will someday come true,
I hope. LOVE YOU MY DEAR PETER! I with impatience will wait your
With love and hope Tatiana.

Hi mine lovely xxx! I always think of you and I dream to be together
! I know, that very soon we can carry out all our dreams. I can be
near to you and I can kiss you always, as soon as to me wants. And I
want to kiss you always. Sometimes at night I I wake up that I feel
your smell and I feel taste of your lips. I think, that I can not live
without you more. I love you. And we with you shall prove to
everything, that it is possible to love each other were far apart.
xxx I hope, that you succeed beloved. My heart Is filled so large
love for you xxx. I would like to be more likely with you nearby
that we could love each other and spend time together. Please
understand dear xxx, that I wish to travel as soon as possible to
you. I hope you can help me with money 1200 euro that I could leave
Russia. I only need to show this money available at me as I do not
need to spend. I can already give you at once your money on arrival at
the airport because your money 1200 euro at me will be with
themselves. I so in Love with you xxxx. To have life with you The
most remarkable feeling in the world. I most successful The man on
this ground and I have you to thank my love. Thank so it is a lot of
xxxx For being my expensive friend. Every time, when I have bad day,
I only think of you Peter And my day becomes better also by happier.
You have made Me so happy and I never loved that so much, how many You
beloved. You - everything, that I think rather and The feeling is so
perfect. I cannot live without contact from you xxx. You are all I
think about and I too thank the lord for having us find one another.
You are the greatest gift any man can have. You are full of joy
happiness and love and I have fallen madly in love with you. You give
me hope in life to end this dreadful lonliness. It will be a great
feeling for the both of us to have someone to come home too. I thank
you so much for being my best friend and I will show you all the love
that I can xxx. Tell me my love what is the best day for you to meet
one another and begin our lives? I very much love you. I with
impatience will wait your message.
With love your Tatiana.

Hi my dear xxx!
Today I have drawn the big calendar on a paper and have hung up this
calendar on a wall in my room. Now I will cross out cells with numbers
every day. I will look at this calendar and I will pleased that less and
less days remains up to our meeting.
I am very happy, that you want and are ready to meet me. Soon, in the
middle of August, the beginning of my holiday on work. I need to hurry
up to have time to make all necessary documents for travel. I should
pay 655 euro the next weeks as all documents will be ready only
through approximately in 2 weeks. Please write to me all your exact
data: a full name and the exact address of a residence. The is
necessary to me this the information to give in travel agency and to
receive your money. Elena has told, that you can do pass of money
through the Western Union. Elena has told, that it is the fastest, and
the most important thing a safe way of transfer of money. Today I have
gone to bank office of the Western Union to find out as you can do
pass of money. The agent of the Western Union has in detail explained
as you can make it.
I want to close eyes and to appear near to you, to feel and outlive
all, about than you and i dream. I want to feel heat and tenderness of
your hands and taste of your lips. I am ready to go with you though on
edge of the Earth. I am ready to spend with you all days and night even
in a tent, and for me it will be paradise.
My girlfriend has insisted that I have allowed her to write some
lines for you. She wants to make it without my help. Please do not judge
her strictly. Her English is far from perfect.

>Hi! My name is the Elena. I am write to you by my hand and by my
>brain. If I am write badly that you can laugh. I am know your language
>bad. But Tatiana is know your language well. I am is want to tell to you the
>thank you. Because I am never to saw the Tatiana with so big the smile. She is
>laugh in the all day long. She is do not to want to work. Tatiana is was never
>so is happy. If the boss see the Tatiana in this condition he inflates his
>and he becomes to be red from rage, like the tomato. (inflate cheeks - it is to
>has prompted the Tatiana. I am did not to know how it is to write.) You is the
good man.
>I hope you do tears at Tatiana never. I wish the you and the Tatiana have time
>well. Good-bye. Elena.

It's me again, Tatiana.
I want to finish my letter by words:
I do not know what will farther. But now you have made me happy lady.
I for the first time have felt desired and necessary.
With love your Tatiana.

My information for Western Union:
My name: Tatiana Fedorova
Country: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Index: 190000
Street: 2, Glinki

Hi my dear xxx!
I write to you the letter and I smile. I am so glad. All time I think
of you and I can not concentrate my attention to something else.
Concerning your questions I wish to tell to you dear xxxat to a
smog to leave the girlfriend. I understand we are on friendly terms
with each other, but both of us need to put private life. Friends can
always hold contact and communicate, as now it at all a problem even
at a great distance. I understand you speak about problems of Russian
girls to foreigners, but I am perfect about it I do not know. Please
understand I do not wish to deceive you but only for me your sincere
love is important.
I already see us together and I sink in dreams. I want to construct
with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean. I want to meet
with you a dawn and to see off a sundown. We will float on our ship and
our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars, we will
be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love
will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love
will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion
and nothing can separate us. We will name our ship - Dream. It will be the
small ship, but very strong. Because we will make our ship from belief,
hope and love. I want to rise with you in a balloon and to fly in the
sky. The balloon - it an embodiment of freedom and dream. It is the invaluable
gift sent to us to see the Earth from height. We will fly by a Air ball,
I do not know where, I do not know what for. Under us will swim the seas
and the countries. And we will fly at will of a wind at boundless ocean.
I want to find with you beautiful lake, small and unknown to anybody.
Water will be crystal-clear and transparent. Nobody will be there. Only
you and I. We will take off clothes and will go in water. Water will
gently pour us by cool wave. We will swim and keep our hands. We will
plunge into water and will kiss. We will find a small waterfall and we
will stand under stream of water. We will enjoy. And above us angels of
love will soar.
It is impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the
sky. It is necessary to go to the dream. It is necessary to clear and
build the road itself. If in heart there is a belief and dream, if in
heart there is a love and hope, it is necessary to achieve the dream by
all means. I always go to the dream. I do not sit on a place. In my life
there were very few light moments. On this I try to make everything that
my dreams have come true. I understand that now it's only dreams. But
these dreams brighten my life. I hope that yours also.
With tenderness Tatiana.

Hi my most dear person xxx on light!
For that that he has sent me of such person as you, such gentle, quick-witted,
And the most important loving me. Yes, I shall not cease
To speak you, that I very much love you. I think, that the equation of love very
As 1 + 1, but at the same time very complex because together with pleasure the
love may
To bring and tears and sufferings. And these my sufferings from that that we not
together, my love,
That we may not touch each other look each other in eyes still more many many
desires which I and you may not execute the friend for the friend. I understand
my honey, that for our meeting it is required
It is a lot of time, but I sometimes at night reflect, that we can not be
Together and I all life shall suffer from love to you. But I do not want to
About it because it not and all of us equally shall meet you. Honey, we shall be
Together also we shall be happy together. I so want it, my love!
Mine baby, you for me became the most desired person. You are necessary for me
as heart.
I can not live without you. My lips want passionate kisses with you. Yes, my
I can not hide the dreams from you because they concern only you.
My sweet xxx, I want to be your second half in life. I believe In it, my honey
and very much I hope.
My love xxx, I shall be very patient and I shall wait very much for our
meeting even if it is necessary to me
To wait for it all my life. My heart now on always belongs to you and only you
of him
The master. In your authority and I know all my body and all my bodies, that you
will be cautious.
Honey, I shall wait for our first meeting as the schoolgirl expecting for the
first appointment in life.
My dear xxx, I completely trust you because I believe you.
Honey, I yet do not want to write a detail about the body, because I very
constraining, but I of you
I assure, that all bodies of my body normal and all of them belong only to you.
Lovely xxx, I need in you as the lock in a key. I want you as the ground water
at a drought.
I am very strong you I adore and very much I grieve on you. Please xxx, trust
me, my desires and feelings
Are fair also are pure as a drop of tears on my eyes at melancholy on you. But
you do not think, that these tears from
Burning, these tears of happiness. I am too strong you I like.
My love xxx, I very much want to be with you together faster. I very much need
in you.
My prince xxx, I send you one million hot kisses.
I shall wait from you for the letter today and very to miss on you xxx.
Your Tatiana.