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Hello my dear Friend xxx!!

Nice to see your answer in my box! I'm sorry if you couldn't find my letter immediately - I wrote you from my work's computer and sometimes can't find time to write. It's very hard to work and to study at the same time. Hope that you understand me:)

But any way it's so exiting to find your letter and to read about your life and thoughts!! you know I'm very happy that our correspondence began and continuing - who knows what's waiting for us in the future?!! So, what do you want to know? I like to read books, cook (I like meat and sea foods most of all), I am sincere and open-minded person. I'm not high - 160, my weight - 58. I like sport and I go to step aerobic 2 times a week.

As you know I work in the shop - it's not easy cause women sometimes can be capricious, but I like my work and we are very friendly:) We like go to the cafe together for a lunch or sometimes go for a disco. I work 6 days a week and have one holiday on Sunday. I like to spent my holiday with parents or visit my cousin and grandfather in the neighbor town. My work day begins at 9 o'clock and ends at 18 o'clock. So, I have to go and wish you wonderful day!!

Wait for your answer

Sincerely your Inna

Letter 2

Hello my dear ччч! You know I miss your letter. Thank you for it, thank you that you found time to write me few words about your life:) Today we have not much clients in the shop, so, I found time to write you. I am drinking coffee and thinking of what to write you. From one side it's very easy to tell you about me from other it's very hard I think that you understand what i mean. I want not only to tell you about my life but about my dreams too. As you know I want to have a family. Other thing, it's my dream about travelling. I like to read articles in the magazines about different countries and watch programs about travels on the TV. It's very interesting. Of course I can imagine different countries but I think people can't feel atmosphere there without visiting this country. If I could I would go visit Europe with its old town and wonderful architecture, Asia with its unusual traditions and other mentality, Africa(but not all and a little:), both America ... I think it's great to see new people and feel other atmosphere. I can't imagine how see palm trees on the street, to live in summer whole year, we have +25+30 in summer and -15-30 in winter... and what about you, tell me, please it's really very interesting!! And send me photos if you can!!!! You know I not only dreamed about it but also made the international passport to make first step to my dream:) It's a pity but it's empty... May be one day, I'll begin to complete it by different visas. ]

and what about you? Where have you been and what country do you like most of all? Tell me please.

So, I hope that you have found out something new about me and had a pleasure from reading my letter:)

I wish you wonderful day and will wait for your letter!!!

Always your Inna

Letter 3

Hello my sweet ччч!!! So, next our meeting happened:) you knew my father said that I cook meat very well, so I'm able to make food for you:)) You know each morning I think about you and I wound run to my work to check my box! My friends from shop (I sent you photo with my girls) said that I am like the sun, smile all the time:) and are you happy that we meet each other? I think yes, I feel it in your always warm and loving letters:)) Thanks that you make me feel happy through showing your life!

Yesterday I was on the birthday party of my friend Sasha. We are working together in the shop and we celebrated it in cafe. Her boyfriend gave her a big bouquet from 21 roses. It was very nice and touching:) they sit all evening together and I think don't need anybody. But we have very nice evening with dance, god food and pleasure:) And what about you? what do you do on the parties??

As concerns my days they are similar only tomorrow I'll go to pass few exams and I'll back soon- don't miss me a lot! I begin to think about you more and more often, may be I'll fell in love?

I'm sorry I have to go to work.

I wish you good day and send you my sweet kiss!!!

Always yours Inna

Letter 4

Hello my darling ччч!!! I hope that you miss me thank you for your letter, you know each time when I open my box - your letter is a surprise for me!

you know I can't chat with you cause the computer on my work is very simple and of course the owner of the shop will not let to use it for fun. I don't want to lose my job in such hard period. But I think that we can speak by phone may be? I want to hear your voice and I save funds to buy the phone but every time something happened - or my friends decide to marry, or have birthday and I pent my funds for it. I don't like to ask my parent to help me - hope that you understand me:) But you can call on my friend's phone! Her name is Marina and her number is +380957536325. We are working together and please call Monday - Friday 10-16 o'clock, ok? I can't wait to hear your voice:) Dear and you know it could be nice if you can help me the phone, very simple it's not very much and I have a little savings, tell me how much you can helpme and i'll buy and you will make me happy when you will call me!!!!I'm happy that such kind and intelligent man like me. so, my dear, as you know I study and work and I pass my exam during a year - it's very comfortable for me. Last time I pass exam in economics - excellent!! I'm so happy:) I will end my study in few months. After exam I with my college mates were in cafe and spoke about study and what they plan for the future. Many of them are married and they show the photos of their wife or husband, some with children, some will have in the nearest future... I think that it's nice when you have person near you who love and understand you. With whom you plan your own future, wake up, for whom you prepare meals...

You know in childhood, when my parents didn't have flat they life with my granny (Father's mom) and my mother told me how my granny taught her how to be good wife. She told that in home always have to be meal, you have always to feed man after work, listen to him, understand and support. They are strong - told my granny - but they need our care, they sometimes like a child, so you have to be able to listen and support your husband all the time. I think that my granny is very wise woman and I will do as she told:) I am sure that you understand me:) hope that soon I find such person - may be it's you..?:)

So, my break is over - I have to work now, send you my hug and kiss

Always your Inna

Letter 5

Hello чччч!! thank you for your letter - very pleasant to get it from you:))you know I think about you a lot. you know if you want I can buy phone and I saw very nice on sell - there are different from 120-260, I saw one it's 165 euro and if you can- I would like to have this. I know that my uncle use Western Union when he work in Poland- have you such service? It could be nice to speak with you any time you want:)!!!!!!! i'm really happy and what doyou need, it's my name Koverina Inna

Bilogirja town 30200,

Ternopilska region,

Kozatska street 521 - it's adress, my passport copy, you can see number in up of the passport. you can tell me that we know each other a little and so on. But I think that we get to know each other a little and I feel like you can be my man. what do you think? Do you feel something special when you open my letter or not?? For me it's the most exiting moment of whole day!! when I open I feel like my heart begin to run:)

We spoke about different thing, about usual live and how do you imagine family life with me? Do you want to have breakfast together, wake up and watch TV, go for a walk? I do. and I think that it's time to speak about sex, I think it's very important thing in relation. I don't have big experience in sex but I like touches and you, i think I'm very tender person and passion. I dream not only to care of you but also to love you in whole moment of our lifes. I want to that my man feel my love not only through my care, food or words but also by touches and kisses.. I can't write you open about it cause as you know i'm at work.. But I think that we have to discuss it a little.the love and care., understanding and trust are important but it's not enough. Cause I think if people don't feel passion to each other their love can be die - are you agree? Tel me what do you think about it? I am seriously think about everything and I like you not only for your letters and your words, your views but for all, for what you are. whole. and what your opinion?

I wait for your letter and kiss you:))

Kiss you again, your Inna

P.S. I send you my pic what were make on the birthday with Sasha and other in summer.