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Novocheboksarsk Russia

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No demands made yet, but then this just started on the 29th of Jan this year. Reading other people's experiences, I guess, (s)he's gonna build it up...

I'm considering tell her to send me her naked pix & video when she starts demanding money... LOL

But seriously, I don't want to let this just slide. Here we have a chance of hitting back at these scamming sons-of-bitches. What would be a good reprisal?

Contacted me on I was a little surprised that she was a paid member when even I wasn't but that didn't raise any alarm bells. Emailed me photos right from the first email of 29th Jan, 2010. On her profile she's registered as 'Irenxx' from London, U. K. but in her first email itself, she herself owned up that she actually was from Russia, Novocheboksarsk. Even then I didn't suspect a scam. When I didn't reply to her on the 30th, I received an alarmed short email asking if everything was OK - maybe (s)he thought I was up to her 'game'. I continued corresponding. But (s)he appeared to be parting with too much personal info too soon and asking me to do the same - I just couldn't swallow that. Since I'd over-looked her mentioning where she lived in her 1st email, and was thinking with my 'little' head, I gave her my mobile number and told her I'd be happy to meet her when I was in London, where I'll likely be soon on business. Then she again clarified that she lived in Novocheboksarsk even providing me a URL. I checked the place on Google Maps. But in the many results thrown up on Google search, this Scammerslist site also showed up - I read it all - found 'her' pix with 4 different names. I still haven't been asked for any money yet. Reading all the different reports, I'm apprehensive that the dating site might also be in cahoots with this/these scamsters from Novocheboksarsk (I can't believe it's a girl doing this like most other naive gullible folks here - it's gotta be a scamster ring or something). So I've just inquired with them how do I report 'abuse' without naming this 'girl' yet. I've also replied to her last email saying I'm not comfortable sharing personal info yet. What I'd like to do is hit these motherfuckers hard on behalf of all you poor scammed white guys. Any suggestions how I could 'whip their collective asses'? Look for me on the above dating site if you have any. Let's kick some ass.