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Greetings from Ukraine!! hello Pat. Nice that you paid attention to my profile! So I think that rest is in my hands.

I want to tell you some facts about me just to make impression about me. I am single girl Elena from western part of Ukraine. I live in Ternopol since my childhood. I have never been married and have no kids. I live together with my sister and mom. Cause after the divorce of our parents we live apart.

I am Taurus, was born in May, 15. So this year I am 23 y.o.

I graduated college and got the degree in financial field. But the situation in Ukraine is not the best, so I could not find a job. So work as as nurse in a local school. As for hobbies, I like dancing, reading, and cooking a lot. and also travelling, but have never been abroad before.

I had no any serious relations with men before. Yes there are a lot of young men here, but I see them just like friends, cause never met a man ready to have a family. That's why I decided to look the One for me in internet, maybe I will find a Man who is older then me and more matured in life. I believe that Marriage should be Once. Yes none is perfect and people have quarrels all the time, but only people who trust and respect each other can find the best solution of any problem.

So in relations for me the most important is trust, honesty and respect. I am sure this is the basis.

I am optimistic person, i think it is easy to live when you can hope and believe in only positive. I am family-oriented, and sure that none is perfect. So I am looking for ah honest, serious man who is ready to create a loving family.

So if you still want to talk with such a girl I will wait for your reply If not, just please let me know, ok?

wait to hear from you soon. Elena

Letter 2

hi xxx, thanks for your reply!! How are you doing today? Hope good, cause you made me smile with your letter.

It is a bit strange for me to write to a person I have never seen, moreover after I see that you replied me! hope later you find out that I am worth of it!:)

Thank you a lot for you told me more about yourself, so now I also have first impression about you, but it cannot be the basis of any relations, I am sure. I am sorry to hear about your wife. yes, I cannot understand how a woman can cheat...

It is nice that you sent me picture, i like it very much, you are very attractive man, do you know about it? So if one day I walk with such a man I would consider myself lucky, but at the other side I am sure that the real beauty is what we have inside, but not what we see.

I noticed that most people here in Ukraine are looking for pretty girls just to be envied, and they do not value the character a lot. That's wrong I suppose. Cause everything is a great personality and should be judged by this.

I like to feel myself happy, and try to smile all the time even when I am sad, only truthful and dear people sees this in the eyes. I realize that I am happy! but I am lonely. I need a Man to make the happiest, but where he is?

I am ready to be a truthful friend, passionate lover, fantastic companion, good listener, caring and loving woman, and of course loving mother.

I hope I have made a good impression. I do not know how to describe myself to well so if there is something that you would like to know Please tell me and I will answer it.

So wait for your news,

tender kissing you my far away prince, Elena

Letter 3

Hello my xxx!

Guess what? I thought of you all the time I was working yesterday. How are you?

Yesterday I was not so busy at the hospital, and that's why had much time to think about you. I feel that you are not a man like other's here, but maybe cause you are not here with me in Ukraine, I just try to guess is there any possibility for us to meet in future if we decide? hope yes!

Answering your question, yes, if we decide that we suit to each other I would be glad to join you in your country!

Have I ever told you before that I love yoga a lot? It helps me to keep fit myself. I know that most people think that yoga is when people stand on head and walk over broken glass, but not, that's wrong. I usually feel so relax and calm after it....

My days without you are as always lonely. I have no one to talk with about my things and no one to listen.

I have no one to touch, caress, hug and kiss! So my thought is only, I wonder maybe once I would be able to catch the plane and to come to you? I am only waiting for you!

How are you then there without me?

I wish you all well my far away man, your Elena

Letter 4

Hello my dear xxx, how are you doing today? Are you at home relaxing? You know that I work 6 days a week, so I am still at work. But tomorrow is my day off and I think I will go to visit me aunt's.

I want you to know that I was pleased to get your letter today, so you like when woman has a navel piercing?:)

I am sorry that I could not reply you before, but you know I do not have internet at home, so I use it at work when I have time, and it is not so easy for me to reply you very often, but I am sure it will not influence on our correspondence:)

Darling Patrice, I don't want you to think that I am a princess cause I am real:) you may touch me if you want:)

I will be very happy to come and visit you very soon as I feel I want to meet you my dear. but I am afraid I won't be able to pay for my trip there as I need to pay for my papers and the ticket. and I can't afford this.

I am very sad and disappointed because of this as I really want to come and meet you there.

Talking about the photo in leather pants, I do not have, but I hope you like what I sent.

and wonder maybe we can talk over the phone? I will wait for your call.

my telephone number is +380 66 5551944.

Letter 5

Hello my dear xxx!

I am so happy to greet you today my far away Man! How are you doing today? How was your day? I spent the last evening thinking of you Did you feel my presence in my life? Have you told anyone about me?

I did, you know what, xxx? I have told my family about you, yes yesterday during the supper I have told about my new far away Man who made me very interested in him. My mother at first could not tell a word, cause she wanted to know more about you, your life, your job. I think as every mom does:) she kept silent and was listening attentively. Talking about my sister, she could not stop asking me, what we are talking about, have we ever talked over the phone with you, have I sent you my photos... everything. So, we had a rather nice talk yesterday. I am old enough to make my own decisions, but at the same time it is so nice to feel my family's support.

So, today at work I think of you constantly, I hope that you the same as I am have serious intentions here in internet and not looking for a pen-pal.

Well, I send you some more pictures of me, on one of them you may see my sister and my cousin. I know that are alike with my cousin, don't we?

xxxx you asked me have I ever dreamt about our meeting??

Very often I imagine the moment of our meeting...I see myself being in a plain that brings me to your tender and warm arms. Though the speed of a plain is very high, but however I feel that my heart is beating even faster from anticipation and great wish to be close to you sooner.

There are thousands thoughts on my mind..I'm thinking what I'll say to you when I see you first time in my life... At last the undercarriages touch the land, I look into the window of a plain and see the airport..I think few minutes more nothing and nobody we'll be between us, honey.

At last the process of checking documents and baggage is over and i come into big hall. I feel a bit confused, a bit lost, but however I'm happy. I feel that you're very close, though my eyes haven't found yours yet, but my heart feels the beating of your heart very

close. At last I see're coming toward smile and bring my little bunch of wild flowers...I don't know from where you knew that it's my favorite flowers and I like them so much, but you made me feel very pleasant. I start to run toward you. You take me

in your hugs and rise above land..our faces, our eyes are very near.

I try to find right words, but can' feelings, emotions and thoughts, all them are mixed from excitement, rapture and great happiness that I feel this moment. I can say nothing and instead of it I just start to kiss you and we forget that there are people

around us, we forget that we're in the middle of a hall of an airport. We don't care about it any more, because we're close and we're together, we belong to each other. I'm dreaming about it sweetheart, will you dream about the same??

Thanks a lot for you suggested to pay for the trip to you. This shows me that you have serious intentions. So to come to you I need to have international passport, and it cost about 200 euros, then I need to make medical tests to prove that I have no any serious diseases and get medical insurance, it cost for about 80 euros and then also visa. It cost 60 euros. So, as you see I need about 350 euros to arrange the papers for the trip.and the also tickets. As soon as I see this amount I will be able to start the process.

my dear, you asked how can you send me funds?

I was in the bank and they told me the best way is to use Western union, can we use it my dear?? I was told this the best and the quickest way to send the funds abroad.

here it is my information:

My full name is Palkovskaya Elena

My address is Ukraine, Ternopol, Sosyuri str, 15-24

I wish you to have a nice day, and wait for your news.

Kisses, Elena