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Hello. She has really nicely written over many weeks. I then sent to a PC and a cellphone. At the same time his grandfather died. A visit in December 2009 has suddenly canceled you.

Elena Licenko ( 01.04.1981) peroulok krasnoarmeyskiy 1/1 , 98510 Alushta , Crimea ,

phone-number (I called them three times this number) : 0038 0684756850

Thank you for your letter, ххх. Yes, we have different in age; I hope you will care me good. Yes, ххх, I would like to communicate with you and know you better.. I have the strong feeling to find my future partner and soul mate in the very next future. That's my target since quit a while. And this became most important should to me. I enough old, but all my life I was busy with got education and did not spend time for fun, probably I was too serious, all my school friends already in marriage, I have never been marriage, hope to find my soul mate soon. I am ready to make my man happy! I am ready to be happy with My Man! So what kind of man do I want – difficult to say. But he must be lovely honest careful and most of all – should be warm and have a big warm heart. Is that you? Well, now I want to tell about myself. I lived in Russia with Grandfather but now I live in Alushta Crimea Ukraine. I live with friends of my Mother. My Mother died 2 years ago and I feel lonely. I have cat Shurik. When I have a free time I like swimming, go to beach, look at sea… I am easy-going person, I like nature. We have a lot of beautiful place in Crimea. There are beautiful mountains. Did you visit Ukraine? Would you like to see Crimea? Oh, there is so much more to say – I even don't know if you like my letter – so I will wait if you reply and I want to know more about you. Lena


Dear ххх!

I am glad to hear from you. Yes, it is our start for communications, We met each other in time when need to feel warm heart and soul close.

In this letter I’m going to tell you about my likes and dislikes. I wonder to hear about yours. It will help us to know each other better.


- I like nature, music, the sun, flowers, water, animals.

- To travel, to look at the sky with stars.

- I like to make surprises and give presents.

- I like to be given with gifts and surprises.

- I like to organize family holidays.

-I like to cook delicious dishes.

- I like to be treated like little girl.

- I like to go shopping.

- I like to try on new dresses in front of the mirror.

- I like to take a bath long.

- I like sweets.

- I like to go by car, I can not biking very well, but I will try with you.

- I like to love.


-If one doesn't keep promise.

-If people tell lie to me.

-To be shouted at.

-To wait for.

-Drunk men.

-Lazy people.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Lena


Hello ххх!

So glad to receive the letter from you. Ok, I understood about some girls not honest from your letter. Yes, xxx, I think it is problem between people in Internet. Some men lonely and not do right at site also. Some of them made me feel bad to invite show them in camera in bad positions, I feel really upset and do not want to visit site. For me is much better to communicate with you by private boxes. I do not know that life will prepare for us, But we live not far from each other and when will be right time for us I think you will come to me with visit here. I feel very glad to have found you (on the Internet of all places!), and that you chose me; I am very interested in getting to know you, with the purpose of eventually sharing life together - and I hope you have the same desire.

I trust that we would eventually be very happy together, because we are both committed and we share many of the most important values that help build a successful, long lasting relationship.I think I can feel you, I know it is painful to lost relations with wife. Sorry, Dear xxx, but we can start life again with you. I am lonely here, but I am ready for relations in real life. I believe that when there is good compatibility between two people, love comes, and is the result of a determined choice to trust, care, understand and actively support one another. But since we both have made that choice, I will tell you in greater detail about who I am, what things I believe in, what I enjoy doing in life and such...I do not like to have free time, I want to make myself busy. I lead an active, easy going and simple lifestyle; usually when I get up in the morning I turn on the music and that inevitably wakes me up and puts me in a great mood to start the day... and I often do the same again in the evening: I enjoy listening to the music. I need to walk about 2 km to my work, but it is nice go close from beach and look waves, I like to run every morning also.. I work with notary as assistant, it is work with documents. After work I usually go home and prepare dinner; I enjoy cooking and I make very tasty dishes! On the Weekends I like to relax reading a book or Women Magazines, go swimming in the summer, and spend a few hours hiking and relaxing in one of the beautiful parks nearby. Here in Crimea are so nice parks. I hope to show you parks one day! And here every autumn people have competitions by bikes around mounties close form my place.I truly love to be in nature, to listen to birds singing, to look at the sunset. Socially, I am always happy to spend time with the people I like, and to meet other quality people around; I am very open and expansive with my close friends, and very communicative with people in general. I am also a pacifist and I do not associate with violence of any kind; I practice this by trying to be sensitive to all forms of life and never hurting anybody or anything: people, animals, trees, plants, nature and natural resources; Well, that's enough about me for today - and I need a break! so it's your turn...Sincerely, Lena


xxx, Dear! I read your letter and understood more about you. Yes, Dear! It is not right that did you wife spend money for nothing. Probably she have never live life with very small money. I know this simple life when happy that have some food. From my payment I can buy food and only something for myself.. I have 1 jeans, 1 wear for sleeping, I am very happy when go with my friends to big second cloths shop. It is Ok for me. And here I live with friends of My Mother, I do not pay for place to stay much. xxx! People do not need more then can use for self. you are right with everything. you did correct. but it is always painful to destroy marriage. Dear, you asked me where I use computer. It is public Internet cafe not far from my job. At work we have computer at boss room, but it is not possible to use Internet there, because computer has very important information about all system with documents with out this system my boss can not work for clients. And it is reason why not possible use computer for Internet from job. But when I need to go to pay for some documents from work to other office I can visit for short time Internet place to read your letter and write you. You proposed give me computer, will be nice at future when we will meet in real life, you may bring with you, but before I can not except because we did not meet in real life.I can not accept nothing by my rules before. But any way thank you very much. You are caring person. It is important for me. xxx, we have much same goals with you we want to love and be loved! I know you will go to Tropical Iceland because want to feel romantic and joyful. I think you will have nice feelings there! Maybe our life will prepare for us meeting in real life, maybe we will create our family relations and one day will go same place. Will be wonderful! I am optimistic about life! I am happy about that I have. I like run at morning and see how sun up from mounties under Black sea. I miss only Beloved Man in my life! Dear xxx one of my friend will come next month with visit to Crimea, she has laptop. I can ask her about use Internet and we can see each other by cameras. It is miracle that possible to see each other same time! for now wish you good day! Wish you nice sunny mood! I hope you will have smile to see my picture with Mother at very young age, Lena

then came many letters. I sent a laptop and paid 300 € for an apartment. I should visit her. But suddenly, the grandpa died .....


Yes, My dear xxx, it is very bad time for me, I feel same like after mother death. I am not ready for meeting this month, maybe at spring only. I am sad and cry all the time. I came here to take my documents from work, I want to go to live in Russia. I have your phone N and will call you, not now. Maybe next month. I am not ready for meeting soon. I feel sad by my heart, very sad. I am not ready for fun, this time make me feel bad. Here in Ukraine flue, I feel not good also every day. I was thinking much about us I first time in my life will have my own small house that I will receive after Grandfather if I will live there in vilavillageknow for you not will be possible live there at very poor place, I do not want to go to live to your country. Now I want to be separated from all world. I have garden and do not need much. I was in big problem to make funeral and now want to be only myself. xxx, you are wonderful person. Everybody may be proud to have you as husband at life is very difficult, only sometimes good. I know i break your heart now, but I afraid to meet you in real life, love you very strong and after loose because I do not want to make my mind to have my own private house and live there in village. Sorry, Dear xxx! Best time in my life was with you. Lena