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Hello my friend xx!!!!!!!! :-):-):-) I am very pleased to read
your letter again !!!!!!!!! and I very much want to answer it! I
express to you all my thoughts and feelings ... :-)
So, I want to start by saying that I think we have enough close
friends. so I think I can already tell you my secrets on xxxx.
I am so happy that I started this one! And I hope that our friendship
will grow stronger with every letter of every word and then grow into
a big sincere feeling!
I had a relationship before, but had a sad experience :(I am very
worried :( To digress from the offense, I had a lot of work and it
helps a lot to me. I now have a long time, I have no man, but I have a
goal to find a decent man with whom I could happily live my whole
I want to be honest with you. And I hope for your honesty, too.
I'm afraid once again mistaken. I am afraid of this pain. After all
the pain in my heart is much stronger and worse than physical pain.
But I hope and believe that you will not cause me any pain ...
I do not know why, but I feel that you truly feel about me. And I'll
be very glad if it's true.
You ask me whether I love fashion? yes! I love fashion. I think I have
good taste, and I like when people get pleasure from my work. In the
holidays I can not write to you :( So I'm going to write on 4 January
when the territory of my studio will be open, so do not worry.:) I
have not forgotten about you. :) I'll write you my number so that you
can write me sms when we have celebrations. OK?
At Christmas, I plan spend with his family. Then my sister and I
are planning to go on a visit to our friends. They are very happy that
I went back to her parents. I will be very happy when I holidays I
will meet with them. I plan to cook tomorrow, a lot of delicious
dishes:) I am, my mom and sister. Papa said that he would not
interfere with us:) because we are great cooks:) ha ha ha.
It's wonderful that you also love to cook! What are your favorite
dishes to cook? My mom likes to cook pancakes multilayer, I never
tasted more delicious than does my mother. And it is the favorite dish
of our entire family and all our friends are also delighted. She also
taught us this dish, and now my sister and I also know how to do it.
Now, just a little bit about my family: My mother is also retired,
before she had to work with children in kindergarten. Therefore, we
have a good education:) Your mother worked as a nurse? is wonderful! I
also have medical education. This is very important and responsible
profession! Your mother worked in a hospital? I ask this because many
other medical facilities have a nurse. Your father has taught at the
university? What kind of science he is a professor? I think it's great
to have such a big family!
What are your plans for January 1? you'll have a job? We have no one
has a job these days, except for stores with products :):):) Today we
have fallen snow, big flakes. I think it would be fine if the holiday
itself, we will have the same wonderful weather. You rarely snow?
I send you my photo again. This is new. I did this recently. I hope
you'll love it!
I will be waiting for your answer xxxx and I hope that there
will be positive words. Look your Nataliya!