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Hello John B,

How  are  you today? So, my first letter to you and I feel so exiting.
Thank  you  for  our  conversation and your address, I thought that it
will  be  more easy to communicate in this way. I have so much to tell
you  and maybe to share some fond dreams with you. I hope that we have
much in common. I just want to share some thoughts with you.

To  be alone is not good even I have a lot of friends it is not enough
because I miss something special in my life. I feel myself like a tree
in  a  big wood, and there are so many beautiful trees, but some trees
are  beautiful  outside  and  bad inside, so for me the most important
thing  is  inner beauty, hope for you too. And in this big wood I feel
myself  so  lonely, want to feel tender leafs. So, life give us chance
to meet good people, and I don't want to lose it.

What  do  you  think  about the distance between us? I have opinion on
this situation, the distance that we are apart is only a number and as
we  get  to know each other better the distance will become closer and
closer  and  our  feelings  will get stronger and stronger. That is my
dream  maybe.  I  like that we can use Internet because some of points
very difficult to say face to face and it is necessary some time. With
Internet we can tell about personal things and don't be afraid.

I'm glad that we can start our conversation and I believe that it will
be  interesting  and  exiting.  I will be waiting for your reply on my
e-mail  address  .  Ok  dear you got a little of me
above and waiting for your soon reply.

Have a nice day!