Scammer Vasiliyeva Ekaterina

Saransk Russia

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Here are her first 7 letters:
Hello xxx
I wish to tell to you many thanks for your answer. To me it is pleasant, that you have written to me. Together with the letter I send you the photo. Also I ask you send to me also the photo. I would like will get acquainted with you more close. I search serious relations, I search for the happiness. Please would ask me all that you wish to learn about me. I will necessarily answer you. I live to Russia, the city of Saransk. Was born on March 16th, 1980. I work as the manager. I am lonely and never was married. I have no children. But I very much would like to have the family. I am adjusted only on serious realations. At once I wish to tell to tell you, that I do not wish to find easier friend for correspondence. My purpose - serious relations leaders to family creation. I hope have not frightened you the letter. :) Be not frightened, actually I very kind and cheerful girl. :) I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you and I hope you will not offend me that will not answer me ;) Ekaterina

Hello xxx
I am glad, that you have answered me - means you are interested in acquaintance to me. Also hasten you so to write the answer. How are you? I wish to tell to you about myself more. As you already know I live in the city of Saransk. I live one, I have no children and never was married. I would like to find the man with whom I could build relations leaders to family creation in the Internet. I work as the manager I to small firm in Saransk. I like to spend free time actively also. My hobby is playing sports, in particular - volleyball. Also I love animals, at my place there lives my small friend - my cat. And you love animals? I cheerful, sociable and very attractive. You probably have a question: And why I then cannot find the happiness here, in Russia and I search for it on the Internet, abroad. I had one guy with whom I was on friendly terms also we even wished to marry, but then we have left. He deceived me much, changed to me and even lifted a hand. We have left it and I am very glad to it. Since then there have passed some years and I all one. Understand in Russia all men are identical. They drink a lot of alcohol and do not respect women. And in the Internet I have decided to address because of that that one my acquaintance in the same way has found to itself the husband and now they live in Norway. They have got acquainted through the Internet, have then met, have soon got married. It has left to Norway about 5 years ago. Recently I have recollected it and have solved. And can also to me will carry and has decided to take advantage of its way to find happiness. And here now I and have made. Also I do not regret while. You have liked me also I would like to continue dialogue with you, will get acquainted with you and to learn about you more. I have driving license, but there is no car. Unfortunately I do not have phone now. I had a mobile phone but I have lost its couple of weeks back. And new to buy I can not yet :( Please ask me about that that you I interest also I will answer you necessarily. I ask you tell to me about a place where do you live, about your city, about your country. You know I never was abroad and it is very interesting to me. On it I will finish the letter to you and with impatience I will look forward to hearing from you. Yours Ekaterina or you can name me Katya
P.S Thanks for your photo, you nice ;)

The 3rd:

hello xxx
I am glad to receive the letter from you. To me it is very pleasant that you do not forget me and write to me. It very much pleases me. Now at me lunch break and I have hastened at once in Internet cafe. This morning I have woken up early and have smiled. I so have well slept today. You know I has started to recollect often you, you have very much interested me. I wish to learn about you more. I ask you tell to me more about your life in general. I wish to become closer to you, I wish to learn you well. And then... Then... I do not wish to think on the future, but all the same is possible we have not in vain got acquainted, probably it is our destiny. And I do not wish to miss chance to find the love. It can you. But we will not be about it now. Now I simply wish to learn better. As I wish to tell to you about myself. It would be possible to me easier if you set to me questions which you interest. I already said to you, that I live to Saransk. It is very beautiful city and it is possible, that I will show you it sometime and you are convinced of it. I think, that your city too is very beautiful. Isn`t that so? I work as the manager as the manager. At me interesting work. In general on a life I very cheerful girl, at me is a lot of friends and girlfriends. But recently I began to remain much one. Because all my girlfriends on to marry. Only I cannot find to myself the husband. Probably therefore I also have addressed in the Internet. Therefore me serious relations interest only. My parents are not so glad to my search, but all the same they will be happy, if I will be happy. They have told to me, that I already adult and am capable to make of the decision itself. And if in the future I go to live abroad, they will worry, of course, about me, but first of all they will be happy for me, are glad, that I will find the happiness. My parents live separately from me in village in 80 km from Saransk. But I often visit them, and they come to me sometimes. Unfortunately, and can fortunately at me there are no either brothers, or sisters. Though I always in the childhood wanted to myself the small little sister to learn to its all that I know to fasten to it a bow and so forth. To play with it. I in general love children. And you love children? You wish to have children? Now I live in apartment which I remove. It is one-room apartment, but it quite suffices me. One I do not need a lot of place. It is not so far from a place of my work and also from Internet cafe whence I write you letters. To me to have to go to Internet cafe because I do not have computer house. But I think, that I will live yet long in this apartment. I have seriously begun searches of the husband and I wish to find it soon. YOU the first, I consider whose nominee (a joke - I while only get acquainted with you, though...) You wish to be visited? The truth? It would be final remarkable, but let`s postpone conversation on it for the future. I wish to learn better at first you under letters, and then we will meet I think. You ask my growth, I 171 sm
Yours Ekaterina

Hello my dear xxx I am very glad to receive from you the letter today. Means you seriously concern me and to our correspondence. I would like, that also to you it was pleasant to read my letters and with pleasure I send you the solar smile :) :) :) :) :) :) As your mood today? My mood is good today, I have well slept :) Now at me lunch break and me have somehow pulled in Internet cafe. I very much would like to learn you have written to me and that have written. It seems to me, that I start to get used to you and to your letters. And so it seems to you? I think, that with each letter we become all is more close to each other, we learn more and more. I like to learn about your life. I think, that our correspondence in the future will develop in something more serious. After all actually for this purpose we also correspond. You the first person with which I have acquaintance through the Internet and for me all it so it is unusual. I think, that I not the first acquaintance for you in the Internet, but I wish to be unique for you just as you are for me. I want will ask you about your purpose in a life. My purpose consists that I wish to find simple female happiness. I wish to have loving husband, a strong family and healthy children. And I cannot even find good work in Russia with worthy earnings in spite of the fact that I have the diploma about higher education. But I am not afraid for myself and the life. I worry for the future of my future children. I do not think, that Russia can give them the good future. I think, that you understand me. For this reason I have decided to address in the Internet for searches. I think, that I can understand other culture, your way of life. I would like with to ask you how your friends and relatives concern your search of the wife in Russia. My girlfriends support me, and parents understand. You ask where I was born, it is village Rezovatovo. There and now there live my parents. My surname - Vasiliyeva. I studied English language at school and university so I study it from 9 years. I do not smoke and never smoked, but my father smokes so I easy concern it. Well I, probably have bothered you with the letter. I will finish on it with impatience I will wait from you the answer. Yours Ekaterina

Hi my dear xxx
I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. It has very much lifted my mood. It is very pleasant to me to read your letters and together with this letter I send you the smile that you have smiled and you too had a good mood. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Now I gather I am going to buy a few products and to make a supper. I do not like to eat one, but my way of life now forces me to do it. I am going to do a roast chicken. I very much would like to divide this supper with you :) Evening today I am going to spend behind book reading. I now read very good book Deil Karnegi <>. This book very much is pleasant to me. I do not know, you read it or not. But I advise to read it to you. It very good and known author. Tell to me, you love a supper at candles? I saw it only in films, but very much I wish to try it :) I consider, that the most romantic moments: it is a supper for two at candles or easier to lay together on a beach at a small reservoir and to look at a decline. When I imagine it at once I start to think of you. But we will not be about sad. I wish to tell to you, that I become very joyful when I receive from you the letter :) and sad when the letter from you is not present :( I think you undertand me as. I think, that while the person lives only for itself, he lives only half. The god so has created the person, that it requires second half. And then the high-grade life begins. Than you are engaged today? I think, that you recollect me. :) I am right? Well I should finish the letter to you, I will check mail tomorrow and I hope to find out on the mail box from you the letter.
Yours Ekaterina

P.S My address
Vasiliyeva Ekaterina
Street Tereshkovoj 70-12

The 6th:

Hi my dear xxx
I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. I am simply happy to read your letter, to me it is pleasant that somewhere away me recollect. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) This smile for you that also you have smiled. I want that your mood was good when you read my letter. I condole about your aunt. How are you? You know I thought much. A life - very difficult. In our world it is very difficult to live to the lonely. For this purpose the god gives us second half. If still more recently to me have told, that I will search for the man through the Internet I would not believe. But now my sights at the world vary. To me it is very pleasant, that I have found the person from other country with which it is interesting to communicate. Now I believe, that is not important, in what country we live, in what language we talk, that our cultures very different. We different only outwardly. And our souls identical. I am very glad, that I have found you. With you I can speak as about daily affairs, and ennobled (about feelings, experiences and thoughts). Certainly to me gives to pleasure our dialogue. You instal confidence in my heart, and my hope fortunately grows every day. Well, I will finish on it the letter. Tell to me if my reflexions do not like you. With impatience I will look forward to hearing from you. Tomorrow the Internet cafe is closed, so I will write to you on Monday. Yours Ekaterina

The 7th:

Hi my dear xxx
Today Monday and I again in Internet cafe. How you has passed weekend? I am very glad to receive from you the letter today. And now with pleasure to you I answer it. It is very pleasant to me to read your letters. And first of all I wish to tell to you many thanks for your letter. Each your letter fills my heart with pleasure. Your words give me hope, that in the future be possible we can together. At me very good mood today. Though happens nothing. Simply there are such days when there is a good mood and as though it would be desirable to fly. :) Today such day for me. I would like to tell to you that I feel, but I am afraid, that I cannot transfer it because emotions cannot be transferred in the letter in the letter. Only personally and I think that sometime we will meet also to us that will tell to you, and I hope, that this moment will be in the near future. Than you are occupied today? Now I plan to start to visit constantly sports hall. Your letters help me to get rid of feeling of loneliness. But it is very a pity to me, that I can spend some minutes in day to use the Internet. But even these give some minutes me a charge of energy and feeling of pleasure till next day. Today I have received the letter from the man who also wishes to get acquainted with me. But I have already made the choice. And I will not answer it, because my choice is you. And despite result of our correpondence, I all the same will never begin new search on the Internet. Well I will finish on it the letter and I will wait for your fast reply. Yours Ekaterina