Scammer Marco Brenna

Austin, TX United States of America

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I met this girl on singlesnet, or ID is sweetescape23 on there. She emailed me, and gave me her phone number. She said she was stressed about her bills. Then she said she has cancer. She didn't say what kind. She said she worked at a hospital and that her phone was going to be cut off the next day. I said I'd be glad to help, and offered to pay for it. Then she tells me it hasn't been paid in 2 months! I said fine. She seemed sincere, and I wanted
to believe she was. So I called ATT, and paid her bill, which I of
course can prove. I have the last 6 digits of her social security
number, which she gave me to pay the bill(3600).

THEN she asks me if I can pay for her car insurance, AND says her RENT is due. She texted me this from her work. She said that she talked to her landlord, on the SATURDAY she was working, and that her landlord said that her rent was due that day, and that she wanted it sent western union!
SENDING MONEY WESTERN UNION IS what all online scammers want. I said I'd think about doing that, if I could meet her that afternoon for dinner or something, but that I couldn't send her anymore money electronically. She declined. She had no interest in meeting me, even though I offered to pay these supposed bills she had. RED FLAG.

She somehow over the next few days must have paid for her rent and
insurance that she so desperately needed to. She said she still wanted to meet me on friday, because that was her next day off. I said that'd be fine. Honestly, at that point, I just wanted to see if she was real. However! I was beyond suspicious then, after she requested me to send money western union. So, I started looking harder.

I have access to some public records which we use to screen potential
employees THERE IS NO BRENNA MARCO that has a texas
driver's license.

I started to think about it, and remember what she'd told me, and what not. She said she had no family,(another reason she needed help with money). But her profile says,"Love spending time with friends and family". I didn't question her on this, because it seemed accusatory. I still hoped there was just some confusion.

And the more I looked at the pictures she sent, the more I thought
they looked fake. They're TOO perfect. They're all resized and
photoshopped. And after I wouldn't pay for anything else, our
conversation dropped off. She wouldn't talk. I'd ask questions on the
phone, I'd bring up subjects, and she never discussed anything. Once
we sat on the phone for 10 solid minutes without a word! Our
conversations were torturous. But I still hoped that everything that
she had said was true, and that she was dealing with cancer, and
working too hard so I gave her all the slack I could.

But then I thought,"well she can confirm who she is with a picture she
takes with her phone". I asked her, the following,"since paid for your
phone bill, can you take a picture of yourself and text it to me?".
She said she hadn't paid for that. But when I paid her bill, I also
clicked for it to tell me what I was paying for. It said she does have
picture and text messaging on her plan. So she lied. But the real confirmation came, when I met another person from the site who brought her brother to our first meeting! And who was he getting a phone call from but BRENNA MARCO. We got it worked out, and she was telling a different, but similar scam to him to get money. Please, find her and stop her!