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Comment #293
From: "katya.pairushina" <[email protected]>

Hello! I am very glad that you have responded to my letter. How are
you? I'm fine. Excuse that I have not responded to your letter at
once. It was simple at me a lot of job. And I at all did not have
time. Very much it is not convenient me before you. But I think that
you can understand me. I think that you too work also it a lot of time
borrows. I very much would like to learn much about you. To me very
much the nobility the core, what is your name? In what country and in
what city you live? Now I can write to you every day and I will try to
write on not how much time. My friend say to me and what you search on
the Internet to acquaintance? What do you want from the life? I will
wait for your fast reply. Tatyana.
Comment #294
Hello!!!! As to me it is pleasant, that you have answered me. For me
it is unexpected. I think, that you know a little about me. I have
filled the questionnaire on a site. The interesting history has
occurred, before I have found you. But I will tell about it later. Now
I think, that I need to tell a little about myself. You understand,
that I live very far. I live in Russia. It is the big country, but I
and have not found in this huge country for myself the friend. But it
is all my life. You read now this letter, what thoughts arise at you?
I often think that occurs in my life. I work the waiter in cafe. It is
heavy, but very interesting work. Benny, I so have distracted that
to me is pleasant, to see your answer. My girlfriend says to me, that
time is necessary to wait the answer. I have waited, what now will
bring my acquaintance to you, you ready to start to correspond with
me? I think, that you want it. I simply do not know from what to me to
begin the story about me. I understand, that on a site it only the
questionnaire. I searched for you on a profile. But it not all. I wish
to learn you little bit more close. Tell to me, what you has resulted
on this site? This site to me was advised by the girlfriend, she
simply to me has told that corresponds with the man from other
country. I have simply asked, how it is possible? And she to me has
simply advised to go with her. So I have got acquainted with the
Internet. I was registered, and here I write to you Benny I think,
what my first letter for you unexpected but why you have answered it?
I the simple girl, such in Russia am a lot of. I lonely, I do not hide
it. I will simply tell to you about myself. I will send you a photo, I
think, that you understand now, that I write not for the sake of
games. I write to find the close man for me in which I will find a few
understanding and friendship. And that will be then, this simply
Comment #295
Hello! How you? How your celebratory mood? I'm fine. I wish to
congratulate you On the Valentine's day! With the Valentine day! I
wish you huge, strong love. Happiness That you would find that unique.
Which will heat you, to give caress the love. And all most the best in
private life. Tell why you have ceased to write to me? At you all is
good? I very much worry about you. You and have not answered me my
letters. I understand if at you work and there is no time. But I think
that it is possible to find minute to write to me the letter. Or I
than that have afflicted you? Excuse me if I you than that has
offended. I as wish to continue further with you correspondence. We
can be with you good friends or that that more. How you think? Once
again you With the Valentine's day. I hope that I will receive from
you news. I will wait for your fast reply. Ekaterina.