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Kazan Russia

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Hello ххх :)

How are you doing? what weather at you? My name is Nastya. To me of 29
years. My birthday on September , 17th, when at you?. I live in Russia
in city Kazan. I search relations and as you understand not
friendly-). Tell about the country? I inquisitive :) you the first
person who have noticed me and have written to me. In my life I have
some hobbies. It to cook food. I like to spend hours time for kitchen.
I am able to prepare many dishes. And you are able? What meal is
pleasant to you? What you usually eat in the afternoon? At you is what
be the family recipe? The following my hobby is sports fitness. I go
to an exercise club 3 times a week. I like my body and I watch it. You
are engaged what be sports? I still take a great interest in bowling,
some times I beat out size successively-)) I have a small record. And
you play bowling?

ххх :) Why you get acquainted with the girl on the Internet? What you
involves in the girl? Together with the letter I send you my photo. It
I at home. I am am photographed by my girlfriend. How to you a photo
on beautiful illumination? What at you favourite colour? We have
wonderfully spent time at home. We has considerably passed time. Send
to me the photo :)

Your new friend from Russia Nastya

Hello my love хххх!! My love know I too I wish to be
only with you. You are very necessary to me also I do not wish you to
lose. I love you. My love as soon as I will arrive to you we with you
we will spend not forgotten time. The darling this weeks we will
communicate on msn. I promise it to you and we will speak by phone.
You know the darling to us it is already necessary to think of
tickets. The darling after all on tickets it is necessary for me 953
euro. As I have concluded with them the contract on which I is obliged
to make out tickets through my agency. The darling you can help me
with this sum on tickets? I know that it big but after all I will
arrive to you and we will be in a place. Lovely it is company flight.
Which planes do not break and on fall. That the price for tickets such
expensive that is why can seem. The darling by the end of this week to
number on August, 22nd I should have a visa and consequently this
weeks we with you need to buy tickets. The darling after all on it
weeks I can already be at you and admire you. I want you my prince. On
it I finish the letter and I will wait from you for a fast reply yours
Anastasiya Kuzminyh