Scammer Medvedeva Anastasiya

St. Petersburg Russia

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This was her first full letter after invitation to contact her.
Hello ххх
Thanks you that you have not ignored my message and with interest have answered it.
If fairly to admit, I was not sure that you will answer me.
I thought, that you accept my letter for spam,
but now I have checked up my mail and having seen your answer,
on my person have appeared a joyful smile.
You have answered me that is I am interesting to you? I am right?
I hope, that it is valid so.
ххх about your electronic address.
I know, what you now still ask to yourselves a question where I have taken yours email the address?
In my message I have written was to you, that I saw your address on a site of acquaintances.
I know, that it is practically impossible, as email in a structure is not shown,
But that day when I looked at your structure I really saw yours email in your structure.
I do not know, how it has turned out, but I to not lie to you.
I hope, that you will believe me, especially I would not like to begin our first acquaintance with lie.
хххх if fairly to admit to you, I now at all do not know, what exactly to write to you about me, I so want to tell much.
I live in Russia, the city of Saint Petersburg.
My name Anastasiya, (girlfriends of me name Nastya) was born on May 15, 1981, me of 28 years.
I rather quiet and friendly, young beautiful, am full of energy, I need in love, respect, understanding.
I am proud my appearance, but very little, there are more important things, than to look in a mirror.
Free time from work, I like to go to a bar in restaurants, cinema,
theatre and very to take pleasure in a glass or two fault.
I love the sun, and I love a life.
What still it is interesting to you to learn about me?
My hobby, my work, my search? With what to start?
So, if you will have questions to me to not hesitate and ask your questions.
I with pleasure to answer them.
If to tell to you about my search I to search for the man for long and serious attitudes.
I search fair, understanding for the man who can respect and love me.
I done not interested with games in feelings and if you are going to play only feelings I think,
that it is better to us to not continue at all our correspondence.
So I hope now, that you as will seriously consider our acquaintance.
I to search for the man not from Russia and at me on it it is a lot of reasons.
I now would not like to write to you about these reasons,
but can to admit then when I was more to learn about you I to you, ok.
By the way, I heard about people from other countries much.
My girlfriend in the last summer travelled much and she still had good impressions.
She spoke me, that people polite, close, careful, elegant....
- In general people which always with understanding concern to all and never will turn away to you a back.
I think, that you as good the man and the family man and I am glad to our acquaintance.
ххх forgive me for my sincerity, but I hope, that it is pleasant for you to read such gentle words to address of you.
ххх now I would like to ask you about something.
I ask you to not take offence only at me, but I think, that so will be correct.
I would not want, that you now asked me number of my phone and as about conversation through a chat.
I admit to you fairly. Through a chat I cannot stir with you because I have no any program in my working computer.
Lady I have no computer and I shall write to you only through my working computer.
Phone number I do not want to give now to you because I at all do not know you.
I think, that will be more correct, if I to learn you all over again and only then I to write to you my phone number.
I ask you to understand only me now and to not take offence at me, ok.
It is good, if at you will be what or questions to not hesitate and set to me.
I shall try to answer them.
Now I to finish the letter and with the big impatience
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely Anastasiya.

This is the last one where she asks for money
Hello my dear ххх.

How you today there without me? How your mood, health? I hope all well with you?

My God, at last there has left this check from Moscow.

I did not write to you was about it, but to us for work there came check from Moscow and consequently this week worked much.

Now they have left, but I to feel like very much tired.

I to require rest, but it is no time to me have a rest, in fact at us with you still so have much put. I have in a kind now our meeting.

But today I have not so good news to us and I should inform you about these news.

ххх my lovely, all over again I would like to tell to you, that I did not lie to you in the last letter.

You really became expensive for me and I to fall in love with you more and more every day.

I do not know, that to me occurs, but I was more and more and is more often I think of you and about our meeting.

In soul I was madly glad to that I to meet you soon, but today I met the agent from travel agency and now I do not know to be carried out our meeting whether or not.

Is not present ххх, please do not think, that there are any problems with registration of my documents.

With it everything is all right and the travel agency has all documents from me which were necessary for reception of the visa.

But not looking at it there is a problem which can prevent to meet to us, but I want to arrive and be to you together on March, 12.

Today in the morning I had long conversation in travel agency.

First they have told to me, to me that registration of my documents goes well and on Thursday tomorrow they will send my documents in your embassy.

So if all will be good, in March, 10 I can receive the visa on hands.

I was very glad to this news, but then she has told to me not pleasant news and this news has upset me.

My agent has told to me, that tomorrow before they will send my documents in your embassy, I should pay to them of money for official registration of papers and as for the visa.

It for all 323 euro.

She has told to me, that this money are necessary for them tomorrow because from this money they will pay for the visa and as for consular gathering.

I have told to it, that I cannot pay till Thursday as my wages will be only on following weeks and asked them to wait up to my wages.

But my agent has told to me, that they will not wait with money, as it not in their rules.

She has let to me know, that I should pay to them till Thursday, differently they will stop my travel to you according to the contract which I have concluded with them and I shall receive the fine.

Probably now it is my fault as I did not learn about payment and now I do not know, that to me to make.

If up to tomorrow I to not pay to them these 323 euro my travel to you for March, 12 will stop also I I can not arrive to you.

I do not want it, but I do not know where to me to find this money.

I tried to borrow this money from my girlfriends and familiar, but anybody from them has not wished the help me and everyone speak only that they now do not have money.

To me any more to whom to address and for this reason I was typed boldness and now I write to you this letter on the request the help to me with these 323 euro.

ххх lovely mine, very strongly it is not convenient for me before you and I now to hate myself because of this request, but to me any more to whom to address for the help.

Please ххх not be malicious on me because of my request and if you can the help to me with 323 euro I ask you help me.

I promise you, that your money will not be lost and that I to return to you this money as soon as I to receive my wages.

It turns out, that I ask you this money on loan.

ххх you can lend to me this money for week?

I know, what you now do not trust me, but I promised you to call by phone in the middle of week necessarily, well?, you can answer my bell?

I very much hope, that our telephone conversation will add to you of trust to me.

ххх I now sit at the working computer and at me now to drip tears from eyes.

There can be it because of songs which I to listen now, but most likely I suffer, because I very much want to arrive to you to the holiday as it is a unique opportunity for me to travel once in one year.

My lovely ххх, you do not imagine, as I am now grateful to you for your monetary help now.

If you would be now near to me I probably have kissed and strong strong to embrace you.

But you it is far from me, but it does not mean, that I shall forget the gratitude.

I shall hold in myself my gratitude and at our first meeting I to present you this kiss.

I to promise you it and you will see, that I to constrain the word.

I as now asked on work as to you better to me to send money that it was fast and safe.

But to a regret I have no bank account and the more so I never in a life had it.

There can be for you it seem strange, but in Russia only rich people have the bank account.

I not the rich woman, me nothing to store in bank and consequently I never registered the bank account.

Now for me a unique variant to receive your money instant translation is.

It is popular in us in Russia and almost everyone to use it.

You have in your city of system Western Union or MoneyGram?

These are reliable systems and you will require only my full name and the address to send your money.

I already wrote to you my address, but I once again to write to you it now:

My full name: Anastasiya; a surname: Medvedeva

Russia, city Saint Petersburg, Nevsky area, street Narodnaya,

The house 58, apartment 43. The post code 193315.

ххх today an environment and tomorrow on Thursday I should pay money in travel agency.

I ask you the help to me because on Thursday, that is tomorrow my documents should send already your embassy and it is last day for payment.

If I to not pay this money tomorrow travel agency will stop my travel to you.

My agent has given me to understand it and I think, that they will not wait more.

So I ask you to try to send me your money as it is possible soon, ok.

хххх now I need to hope only for you and to trust that you as strongly wish to meet me.

Now to me remains only with alarm on heart to look forward to hearing from you.

I need to ask only the god that you to be angry with me and have understood my situation.

I am sure, that today I will have very bad night as I shall constantly think of it, but I hope to receive from you the good answer and my mood will rise.

Please, only do not keep me waiting and answer me at once, ok.

With impatience I shall look forward to hearing.

I LOVE YOU and it not a joke!!!!!!!!!

Yours and only yours Anastasiya.
By the way, I to listen to a song now. It is very beautiful song and at me heart even is broken off, when I to hear this song. I do not know how still to explain to you in love, but this song can will help. It is my of the most favourite songs and always to listen to it when to me it is sad. There can be you can feel the same grief about me? It would be good. I think, that so in could understand all that I to hold now inside itself. I already miss on you very much.