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Hello, sorry for my frankness, but I know that Internet isn't the mostsecure place, so I want to ask you if you are serious enough to startrelations? As for me, I am serious and I must be sure in you and in yourintentions. Hope you have already understood what I am looking for and whatfeatures I will value most at this stage of our relations. These arehonesty and seriousness. Everything the rest will depend on us only and ifwe begin from those two features, we will be successful for sure. Please,make me sure in your seriousness with your next message and I will tell youmy story in return. Tatyana.

Letter 2

Nice to see you, ххх! Thank you for your reply and photo. I would like to think, that you are aman I'm looking for - with big burn heart and clear mind. I know, thattoday it's so hard to find such one:( But may be this time I've alreadyfound my hero and now I'm writing a letter to him?:) Thank you very much for telling me a bit about yourself. Now I'll tell youa bit about myself. As you already know, I'm Tatyana, and if it's easier orbetter for you, you could call me Tanya, it's the same. I was born03.10.1985 in Lugansk. I have a younger brother, he is a student now. Andan older sister. She is married and have a daughter. So, I have little niceniece who is 2.5 years. You can see us together on the photo. A few yearsago I got diploma of engineer of hydraulic system. But it turned out, thatall the plants and factories are closed now and there is no need in me. So,now I'm working as a office-manager. I'm blond sunny girl, not so high (172 cm), not so fat (52 kg) and notstupid, like a lot of people think. One man told me: "You are blond, youare smart and you don't need a brain, just smile and all will be ok foryou". I said him nothing except "Berk". To be a Barbie in the dirty handsof rich men is not for me. So I couldn't find my second half yet and decided to search him in net. Whoknows, may be he is you?:) I have to say, that I'm Russian speaking girland don't know English. We didn't teach it at University, and from theschool I remember only: "This is a table":-) But I've found a solution: Iuse translator service, and it's good, because I can write to you,communicate with you and understand you very well:). And if you are not interested in future serious relations and just want toplay games with girl, whose photo you liked, don't write me any more. Ok?I'm looking here for a real love and don't want to dawdle over emptyconversations. Agreed? May be I'm talking to much, sorry:) But I need you know all these thingsabout me. I liked you, really:), and will be waiting for your reply withimpatience, my Knight:) Next time I'll send you a photo with high heels. Bye, kiss, Tanya.

Letter 3

Hello my sweet ххх! Thanks for writing me again. I enjoy reading your letters and even if youwrite me the history of ancient Greece, it won't be less interesting forme:-) because I really appreciate whatever you write me and this makes mefeel good. You know, dear, that I wish to write you every day but I can't.Because I'm not a millionaire, and if I'm out of money we'll loose eachother. I don't want this! I have very strong desire to continue ourcorrespondence. How was your past days? Did you think of me? As for me, I was thinking ofyou and wondering how could we meet each other in this big world? I don'tknow the answer to this question, but I am glad that we did this. You see,when I woke up today I realized how strongly I wish you were here.... It isvery difficult to put into words, but the more I think of you the more Ifeel you being close to me and I almost feel you physically.... Is this thesame with you? I feel you when I wake up, when I drink my morning tea....Please, tell me that I am not crazy and you also feel the same. I will waitfor your reply with impatience, I am dreaming of you as I always dolately:-))) With realized promise,Tanya.

Letter 4

I'm here again, my lovely ххх! As always I am glad you wrote me. I understood what did you mean aboutphoto. I'll correct this time:-) Also nice picture;-) Thanks for sendinganother nice photo of you. I really like the way you look! Yesterday Iopened all your letters and read them one more time. I don't know, maybeI'm not so ideal match for you, or maybe perfect, but I really like theman, who wrote all these letters:-). He is so frank and kind with me... NowI know for sure that I want to be closer to you. Not only in letters, butalso in real life. Dear Patrick, tell me, would you like to meet me and how do you imagine ourmeeting? Maybe this summer? Tell me about your plans and you vision on ourappointment. What do you think? Are you as serious about our future as Iam? I would like to make an appointment in a quiet cozy place, where no onecan interrupt us. Maybe in a little cafe or somewhere else. What are youpreferences? Thank you very much for offering your help. But I don't want to ask youabout financial help, I only want you to help me to feel warm in my soul.But help me to pay for our correspondence is really appreciated. Because ifI'm out of money we'll loose each other:-( I don't want this! I have verystrong desire to continue our correspondence. I do want to develop ourrelations with you and hope that we both (you and me) will do everythingpossible to be happy. I am sure that each person is a creator of his lifeand happiness himself. Of course, life can amend something, but in generalmuch depends on us. As for me, I am ready to do my best to overcome all thepossible problems and be happy in future. But I am not able to do thisalone. Are you ready to do the same and to join me?;-) Answer me as soon aspossible. I'm waiting for your reply with great impatience. Kiss, Yours Tanya P.S. I'm not good in such questions, but I was told that I need to send youmy info. name: Tatyanapatronymic name: Nakolaevnasurname: Moskalenkoaddress: Titova street, 7town: Luganskcountry: Ukrainezip code: 91055

Letter 5

Hi, my dear ххх! Thank you very much for your letter. Sorry for the delay, but right now I'mshort of money. You see I work in the firm that organizes holidays likewedding. And I get my salary after each past holiday. That is to say, notbig portion. And of course no holiday - no salary. So, we need to waituntil this situation is changed. Or if you value our correspondence you canhelp me to pay for it. So, if you want - you have my information. Kiss, Tanya.

Letter 6

Hello, my dear ххх! Thank you very much for you letter. You won't believe!!! I had anight-dream this night about us. And it was.... I'm even a bit shying:-) Wewas making love and it was.... just fantastic! But I can't tell youeverything cause I'm lack of money. And how much I was surprised when I'veread you letter! You also dreamed about such things... Well, let's discuss it later. Thank you for your propose. I even can'tbelieve that I will have an opportunity to continue write to you, that wewon't loose each other!!! But I can't tell you how much money you have tosend. I just tell you the prices and you'll decide yourself. So, I paid forevery 100 words. It costs $2. But there are monthly unlimited rates. Theyare more profitable, but I couldn't pay such sum. So, they are: fullservice (unlimited letters and photos, 2 phone calls translation) - $160and $110 with some limitation (I only can write you three times a week).And there are one more tariff, but I think it's at a high price. Itincludes: unlimited letters and photos + 2 phone calls translation + 2video-chat. So, it's you who will decide! So, I'll be waiting for your letter.I'll include a photo in my next letter.A hot kiss (from my night-dream) to you.Your Tanya.