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Hello dear xxx Thank you very much for your response !! It means that you are interested in me. That's great, I added some points to myself ))))))You know I was really waiting for your answer, as I am very interested in you and,frankly speaking, from here I want to start out correspondence which will turn out tobe a great life adventure with pleasant and interesting circumstances.What do you think about it? I hope you don't mind+ You know, I really want to know you better andcloser and to meet in future if we want, of course!! So, that's why I am writing to you So, dear, now seriously. I am 33 year old, I live in Kharkov, it is situated in theEastern part of Ukraine. I work as a manager in the governmental employment agencyand I like my work very much and I like people who work with me, we are very friendly.Our company has a very big staff and I respect all people who work there. Sometimes mywork is very nervous and tiresome as I have to deal with people. As you know, people aredifferent and they use different ways of communication: not very friendly and abusing.But, I have to talk with them politely even if it is not possible, I need to be always kind andin a good mood!! I live with my mother. My father left us when I was only 1 year old girl. So, I don't know whatis father's care and love, I don't know how it is a full family where the father is the person who protects andsupports you. All my life I have to protect and support myself with my own power.Of course, my mother raised me and gave me all she had, all her love, energy and positive emotions,I am very grateful to her!!! But, now, I don't have a person, a close person whom I can relay on!!I feel myself very lonely and I want to love and to be loved. Only now I have understood that life isnot a life without your bellowed man and a family. So, that is why I am here. I want to find my man,my lost half, my shoulder and protector!!Dear xxx, I think that ladies are soft gentle and weak creatures by their nature.I like everything beautiful, I like sexy clothes, I like sexy underwear andI know how to make my man sultan and how to please him!! As every normal womanI like making love (I don't use word sex, because love and sex are two different meanings for me).I know that my man won't be disappointed in me and my sexual abilities and preferences!!I am not from those who tell about headaches in order not to make love!!No, I won't do in such a way!! I think that sex is a very important part of relationship and to attain a harmony in itboth partners should work on it to learn each other and to hear to one another wishes and desires!I like different ways of making love: a soft as well as wild and passionate, everything depends on our mood!What do you think about my opinion xxx?I know how to make my man the happiest on this world and I will never betray him or make hurt!!my darling, can you tell me about yourself in the way I introduced myself?It will be very interesting for me to know you better and to turn a new page in our lives.Honey, thank you very much for your attention. I think if destiny has given us a chanceto meet we can't miss this, right? I am very happy to communicate with you.Please, write to me if you are interested me and be honest!! Honesty and trust are very important to me!With the best wishes, your new friend from Ukraine Yours Natasha

Letter 2

Hello dear xxx!!!

How are you today? I am very well today!!!!!!! I wanted to say you thanks for your kind letter

and for the beautiful compliments about me!!!

I was glad to get your photo, you look really so good and I can see in your eyes that you are so kind man!

You are such an interesting person and I can't wait to know you better!! With each letter

I feel something special. I can't explain it, but I am very interested in you, dear Patrick!!!

I believe that you are a serious man and you are looking for the same as I am here.

I hope that your intentions are pure and you are not here for playing games of for pen friends,

because I am here to find my love, my man, with whom I will spend the rest of my life.

Frankly speaking, it is a new experience for me, as I have never tried the Internet dating before.

That's why it is very new and interesting for me.

I think that one day you will ask me why I have chosen Internet to find a man abroad,

if I can find a man in my country! So, I will explain you!! You see, there is a big problem with

gentlemen in Ukraine, and the amount of women are much more bigger than the amount of men!!

There are a lot beautiful women here and all of them are in search for their true love.

But the main problem is that men are rude and very vulgar and they are spoiled by women.

Of course, it is women's mistake, we have spoiled men!!

It is very bad. Ukrainian men got used that women can do everything: work, make food, buy everything and so

on, so much of men like to depend on women!! It is terrible I think. I don't need such a man even

for free!! I don't want such a life!! I had already had such relationship. Before I had a boyfriend,

and we were dating for 5 years. I thought that it was the one with whom I would live, have children and

family. I did everything for him, for his happiness, I was ready to do everything just to see a

twinkle into his eyes. But, when I needed his help, he refused and show his back, then he betrayed me and it was the

last drop. xxx, I am sorry, but, this topic is very difficult for me. Let's stop here, ok?

Honey, you know, I am fed up of being alone!! I understand that in my age I should have a family and

a bellowed man by my side!! I am very lonely and I want to love and to be loved. I need a man to love him,

to take care of him, to share with him all that I have and know!!

I want to feel his touches, his kisses,

I want to spend the best nights and days with my man!! Who knows, maybe this man is you, my lovely!! What do

you think? I would be very happy if it was like this!!

Have you ever tasted a Ukrainian cuisine? I would prepare some dishes for you with pleasure!!

I like cooking very much and I will spoil my man with new dishes every day!! ))

So, I think that is all for today!! I just want you to be opened and fair with me!!

I want to know you closer as I am very interested in you!! Let's be honest and trust one another!!

That's all that I need from you, my darling!!

With love, yours Natasha

Letter 3

Hello my darling xxx,

Oh, I was so waiting for your letter and I was very happy to get it and also your beautiful photo!!

I was smiling, when I saw your message in my mail box!!

Do you see, what are you doing with me? I go crazy of you!! Ups, did I tell it?

xxxx, though we start our correspondence not long ago, but I have to honestly say

that you have won my attention and admiration!! I am thinking about you a lot.

Sometimes it happens very often and some people say that I am flying somewhere very

far away of the land - in the sky!! I don't know what it means, but I know the only thing -

I like you very much and I don't want you to stop doing such things with me, I adore it!! ))

So, xxxx, how is your mood today? What are your plans for the nearest days?

You know, because I am very interested in you, I want to know as much as possible about you.

Can I ask you some questions? I hope you don't mind ))

1. If you had a chance to change something in your life what it would be? Why?

2. What is your favorite cuisine? Do you drink coffee or tea in the mornings?

3. What is your favorite season and why?

Honey, do you have some plans for weekend? As for me I am going to visit my grandmother and grandfather.

They are my mother's parents. They live in the village in our region, though it is not too close to my city!

I love my grandparents very much, they are very kind and always take care of me!! I often visit them and

try to make as much as possible to make them happy!! I was raised with them, as my parents worked hard.

I spent with them all years of my childhood and I am very grateful to them as they gave me all love and

care and power!! Though my granny is a woman of last century she knows much about life and always is ready

to give a piece of advise. She always asks me about my man and always hear the same answer:

"I am still alone, granny". One day, she even invited one man to her house to acquaint him with me.

It was a very funny situation which I will never forget!! I adore my granny!!

As I had no father since I was a little girl, the grandfather was instead of father to me.

He is my defender and the example of a true man, husband and the example of how man should treat his woman!!

Some people say that with age love disappears, but I don't agree with it. My grandparents love one another

even being old people, when they walk they hold each other hands!! Isn't it great?

Oh, I am sorry, I am so talkative, I haven't noticed that my letter is already big!!

I hope it won't make you boring!! Just want to tell as much as possible about myself,

as I like you very much!!

xxx, as for your question about my picture in black short dress, oh i don't sure but I think I had

some of them, I will try to find at the weekends and try to download them to computer and send, ok??

Have a nice weekends darling!!!!!!!

Yours, Natasha.

Letter 4

Hello my precious xxx!!!!

You are in my thoughts since early morning till evening. I am

thinking about you, imagine you and I can't stop doing it. What is it?

I don't know. I like you so much that my heart bits faster and faster.

I am trying to find you in the crowds of people, to recognize your

face among thousands, but it is not possible? you are on the other

part of the earth - so far away from me!! This makes me feel sad. (((

How are you today? How is your mood? I hope that it is great and you

are waiting for my letter as I am waiting for your letter.

In my previous letter I asked you to answer my questions. So, if you

don't mind, I will also answer them, in order you have a full picture

about me.

1. If you had a chance to change something in your life what it

would be? Why?

You know, xxx, I don't want to change anything. I think that those

events that happen are very important and they bring you some

advantages and teach you something. That's why I don't want to change

anything. What is your opinion concerning my answer?

2. What is your favorite cuisine? Do you drink coffee or tea in


My favorite cuisine is European and Ukrainian. I like different

salads and of course, I adore borsh (it is a Ukrainian soup) and

potato with meat and mushrooms!! Also, I like sea products and once I

tries Japanese food , so called sushi - it was rather delicious. Do

you like sushi?

3. What is your favorite season and why?

You know xxx, I like spring very much. It is not hot and not

cold. Flowers, birds are singing and sun is lighten your days. I like

to spend my free time in a fresh air, to dine alfresco. I can't help

admiring autumn though I don't like it. Everything is dying. So are my

feelings. I like sitting in a little cafe and watching how it is

raining outside, people are hurrying under umbrellas with gloomy and

worried faces. When autumn comes I always wait for spring with its

bloom and joy of a new life. I always hope that something pleasant and

mysterious will definitely happen in my life. But nothing usually

happens and I stay with my disappointment and great expectations

alone. But next spring comes and new hopes spring off in my soul?

So, I hope that you will like my answers.

Darling xxx, you can ask me everything you want and like, I

will try to answer, ok?

So, now I have to go. The work is waiting for me, and for you a wish a

wonderful new week and great mood.

Kisses, yours Natasha ))))

Letter 5

Hello darling xxx!

Thank you very much for your letter!! As always it made me happy and

brought me much positive emotions!! Thank you so much for this!!

How are your days? How is your mood? What have you been doing


As for me, I have met my classmate. Her name is Svetlana and we were

friends at school!! I was very happy to meet her. We hugged and

decided to drink coffee in the nearest cafe. We ordered latte with

chocolate cakes. Dear xxx, do you like chocolate cakes? Oh, I adore

sweets!! I can't live without it!! ))))

So, we were laughing during the conversation. We remembered how

little and funny we were!! Svetlana remembers when I was a little girl

with two big bows in my head, in a school uniform and with white

stockings!!! It is so funny!!! I remember how I was going to my first

lesson with three big air balloons into my hand and with flowers. I

remember my first teacher and her long pointer!! I remember how we

missed lessons and instead of it we went to the nearest shop, bought

different food, went to the park, made picnics there!!! I remember my

first love in school. He was a very handsome boy and all girls liked

him!! I even fought for him with one girl!! Now, it seems so funny,

but at those years it was so serious for me!! It was such a golden

years!! I will never forget about it!!

xxx do you have friends??? Do you believe in friendship?

Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

xxx, My darling I am sorry for not a long letter, but I have to return to

my work!! It was a lunch time!! Just wanted to share with you my


Miss you, yours Natasha.

Letter 6

Hello my darling xxxx!!

Thank you so much for your letter!! You are the best man in the whole world!

I am thankful for your compliments and I like the way you talking to me!

I am well today thanks and yesterday i really drunk 50 gram of cognac

and chocolate, and after it I was really good!!! So, time to time we need

to listen to Mum( smile)

How are you? How is your mood?

My Love, you have this power over me, this indescribable

undeniable, unmistakable power. You consume my mind. You invade me

thoughts. You are the ruler of my dream world. You bring a smile to

my face, a sparkle to my eyes, and a tear to my cheek

You make me feel weightless, as though I could float up, and touch

the heavens above. You make me look at life through new eyes, eye

that have never seen the light of day, until now. I feel as though

am using all my senses, for the first time, and suddenly everything

I once knew, is now unfamiliar to me. You fill every cell in my

being, with joy, love and happiness. You make me want to stand up

and scream at the top of my lungs, "I love you, more than word

could say." You make my heart soar, like a bird in flight. But most

of all... you are you, and I love that

It is this intense power you have over me, which gives me strength

hope, and new meaning. You are my sun, my moon, my evening star, my

light, my life, my love. You are my destiny. You are "The One", the

only one, the man I love. As I write this poem for you, I find the

words come naturally to me. It's as if this pen is an extension of

my heart, and my heart is guiding it across the paper. Every letter

every word, every stroke, is meant to be ... as we are.

I hope you will like my words as they are from the bottom of my heart)

Love always..

Yours Natasha.

Letter 7

Honey xxxx, thank you very much for your letter! I worry much about

you!! That is because of you are sick!! Honey, maybe it will be better

to stay at home tomorrow and not going at work!! You need some rest,

warm and care!! If I were with you I would take care of you. I will

make chicken soup for you and a hot tea with lemon!! With me you

would recover very soon!! Do you know why?? because I have a magic

kiss))) I would kiss you and all illnesses would leave you )))) I am

a witch!! ))) Did you know that? ))))))

Ok, my sweety, please recover soon and back to me healthy! I love you!


Letter 8

Hello my dearest, beloved xxx.

My sweetheart you can't imagine how I am sad because i need to inform

you that Internet cafe will closed till Tuesday because of women's

holiday here and it is official days off. For me it is so sad news

because how is it possible to live without your letters????

My weekends is started because today I don't need to go to job,and I

finally could get some rest.

So, I just glad that today I can write you and tell how much I love

you and that you mean whole world for me.

I hope you had a nice evening yesterday with a thoughts about me????

You can't belive but I had a lot of them about you!

It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want

you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking.

It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I

honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back,

no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you and only you ... and that love

will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that

take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise

life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding

never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll

never let you go.

I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long.

Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength,

and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all,

it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes

all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger

with each assault upon its existence.

xxx, our love has been assaulted many times, and I am convinced

that it is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my

yearning to be with you one day I cherish any thought of you, prize any

memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the

day when our physical separation will no longer be.

Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love,

my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss.

My sweetheart I am sad but I must leave you and just hope that you

will have a nice weekends as for me, I will go to congratulate

Granny, she is my dearest woman together with mum of course, and

she deserve a lot attention!!! Wish we went there together with you!

Love you and can't live without you any more.

Love always, Natasha

Letter 9

Hello my dearest xxx

I am so thankful for you for your letter and I am so happy to back home and I

must be frank, I am a little tired after holidays and also I am so tired to eat

a lot. You go to guests and at each house they offer you to eat and drink some

alcohol for Women's day.

My sweetheart can you imagine my stomach??? I feeling a discomfort in my stomach

and think i need some days diet. So, today i don't eat anything but tomorrow I

eat only salad with cabbage (smile)

How are you my dearest??? How is your mood???? How was your weekends??? I hope

you had a nice time and missed me a little??? As for me, I were at granny's village

and we were thinking to go to forest for BBQ but our plans were broken because

in the night 7 on 8 March we had a really great amount of snow, so it wasn't holiday

of spring, but it was winter women's holiday. By the way i liked the time which

we spent together but I am sad that i am without you yet and also that my dearest

didn't give me a flowers and and didn't woke me up with a sweet kiss. My lovely,

next women's day you are my love slave, I will torture you and ask to make my any

wish true. You will bring me a coffee to the bed, you will treat me with dinner and

also you will wash dishes and also make me a massage all over my body. As for me,

i will only lay in bed, on the sofa, washing TV and waiting for my beloved who will

come to me time to time and give me a kisses and make love to me and then return to

kitchen( smile)

Hope you don't mind about my plans for future Women's day, my sweetheart xxxx????????

Today it was so difficult to start to work, you can't imagine!!!!!! We woke up so

early in the morning and needed to be in time to the first bus, this way I am in time

at job. So, I came to job in time but it takes a lot of my forces to cope with my eyes.

I am so sleepy today and just waiting when I finally back home and could go sleep

early today!! I would like to have one day off else, yesterday holiday and today time

for renovation. I have only one wish now, put my head to my dearest pillow and close

my eyes. By the way, i have some minutes for coffee and that is why i will close with

my letter and go back for coffee.

I will write you tomorrow and tonight I am going to watch a wonderful dreams about

us together and living in this sweet dreams that we are finally together!!!!

I love you with all my heart and soul and thinking of you all time!!!

Yours forever Natasha.


Hello my sweetheart xxx!!

Your letter made me glad and brought a joy into my heat!!

Firstly, I want to say you Thank for your invite to France

I would like to meet you in your beautiful country, but honey

I want to explain you, for this trip I will need an international

passport which is done not at the travel agency, only at the

Police office (Passport Department).In our country we have a

national passport for identification and for trip only in inside the

country, and if we want to go abroad we must get an International

passport and pay some sum for it. Of course I don' know how much

it cost, but I think it depend from term, how long time I will be

wait it. Of course, I want come to you as soon as it will be

possible, and I promise you tomorrow at the my lunch I will

go to the Police office to know what must I will do for it,

may be I must to write an application, or another documents??

Only one thing must you to know, when I meet you, I liked your photo

very much and something warm was born in my soul, my darling, but

now I know that you are the best man of the whole world, i told for

all my family about you and want to be with you only!!

All time I am missing you, I am thinking of you!!

And of course I want to meet you in real life!!!!!!!!))))

O'k I must close now, but tomorrow I will write you

all news!!

Send you my hot hug and take care!!!

Yours Natasha


hello my sweetheart xxx!!

Thank you million times for your letter and I am so happy to hear

from you!!! I also want you to know that here is no rain today and

weather is good!!! My mood is normal too!!! I just missing you like

crazy and thinking of you all time!!!!

xxx, I was at the local police office concerning passport and I

knew the price of a passport. To make it in short period of time

will cost 385$ The price of passport is so, because it is a passport

which is made in 10-14 days. Of course, to make a passport for 2 month

or three will be cheaper. I talked with a lady from the police office

and she explained me why the prices have risen. Now, the system of

passport’s preparation became more strict. Now, they have provided a

new system of photo scanning, not like earlier, you made a photo and

they glue it to your document (passport). Nowadays, they take all

your documents to passport and special photo of you and take all

these to Kiev by a special car. There, in Kiev, they make everything

necessary and return a passport to you, to the place where you live.

Now, I think that you understand why the price is so high! To make

it for 10 days one can put much affords!! Don’t you think so, darling?

Darling, what will you say?

So, today my mood was spoiled and i don't know what will we do

because i can't afford it myself!!! I want to come to you and I need to

fell you near, want to walk with you hand by hand, I am so dreaming you

show me France and Paris, my sweetheart, what will you tell me!!!!

Maybe you could support me a little??? How do you think, is it possible????

xxxx, my dear, I need you badly and waiting for your letter with

great impatience because whet will you say me it is so important for

me and mean a lot!!!!

With all my love and tender kisses, your Natasha!!!!


xxx, my dearest hello!!!

My sweetheart you can't belive how I was feeling bed after everything, after

passport department I were so destroyed and I just thought about us and our

love! How is it possible to find each other, develop and grow our love and then

finally haven't opportunity to meet because of i haven't possibility to pay myself.

I was crying and also talked to Mum, she understood me and also promised to support

a little after salary, and we just cried together because in this country we

really haven't possibility to live with normal life but we are working!!! Oh, it

was a great stress for me and I am so sorry for my asking for your help and support.

My sweetheart you gave me a reason to smile today, I am so thankful for you for

your understanding and for your wish to support me, you show me your care, you

show me really your honest intentions and you are the best thing which has happened

to me in my short life! I just happy that you are my man,I just happy that the best

man of the whole world is mine and I am so proud and honored to be yours, I am so

proud to be called your woman, your wife, your soul mate and second half!!

Thank you my dearest for your being in my life and for sharing my problems with

me!!!! You can't imagine how you have touched my heart! No one never cared

about me as you do!! Thank you, my beloved, you the the man from the capital letter M!!!

xxx my dearest, my sweetheart, you asking me how to help??

But I also don't know, and I just asked a manager here in the Internet cafe, where

I write you from and woman explained me that they also working with a lot of clients

and they use money transfer systems, Western Union and Money Gram, but for me it

is also new, I only saw that we have it here in the banks, when paid bills for

flat but I can't imagine how is it working. Maybe you know more about it and you

have it there in France??? I don't know. But I will go to bank and ask them

directly!!My sweetheart i will give you my full information because I think you will need it:

My first name Natasha

my last name: Kylibaba

Country : Ukraine

post code: 61499

City: Kharkov

My address: Kosmicheskaya str 19a/16

But if you need something else i will tell you everything you need!!!

Honey, you really so kind to me and I just don't know what have I done to deserve

you and your love!!! I am flying and thankful for you for your understanding!!!

I want to make you happy and i want to be with you the rest of my life!!!

My dearest I will close for now and waiting to hear from you tomorrow!!

Love you with all my heart and you mean a whole world for me!!

Yours loving Natasha!

xxx, my dearest hello again!!!!

I am on my way from job and decided to write you because I was missing you whole

day and after I sent you my letter i stopped at the bank and now i know all

details how to send transfers. Woman in the bank told me that the best way is

Western Union or Money Gram, it is world money transfers systems and any bank

of the world at any country must have it! You really needed to know my information,

so i weren't mistake when sent it for you! Then she also told that you need to go

to bank and they must explain you how to do that and also give you MTSN control

number which you then inform me and with this number and passport i go to any bank

which have this systems and get transfer. But she told if you have Money Gram in

your bank it is better because it is cheaper to send and you pay some less for

bank service then you pay for Western Union. She also told that in the European

countries Western Union or Money Gram could be also in the posts but here we have

it only in the banks. So, my dearest Patrice now you must only find a bank or post

with this systems and they tell you how to do that. I really was amazed that it is

possible to do everything so fast and easy and also safe, earlier when i were

child, i remember that my Mum always used only post and it was needed to wait week

till you get. Now computers everywhere and also this way we can write our letters

to each other and don't wait weeks or months till we get them. Great.

xxx, my dearest, how was your day today????? How is the mood of my beloved???????

I finally stopped to work today and just happy that tomorrow we will have a short

day at job and most waited weekend Sunday!!!! So, I hope to relax and clean flat,

today we have a lot of snow again and i am going to clean carpets with snow and

also wash floor.

I will write you tomorrow and hope you could also find some more information and

then i finally start with passport and come to you, i am dying want to see you

and give you my kisses.

My beloved as I can't kiss you right now myself, I send you million of them though

the letter and when I come I will kiss you every second!!!

Love you. Natasha!


Hello my dearest xxx!!!

My sweetheart, my beloved I am so thankful for you for your letter, I just

missing you every day and yesterday I wrote my second letter because i was so

dreaming about our meeting and when I told for my Mum yesterday that i am

happy!! She was smiling to me and just said you hello and also hope that after

France we could return together and i introduce you to her!!! It was most

waited words which I wanted to hear!!! You see , my darling, i didn't wait but

life is changing and I am so happy that I have you!! I have a lot of dreams

about us but I will keep them in secret and then we will make them come true

together!!! I am so thankful for you for your compliments about me and you find

a way to me with your tender words. I heard that men in France are so tender

and treat their women like a princess, so I am thankful for you for this and

promise you to return everything back with my love and care!!!!

My sweetheart as for my weekends, I planned nothing, but think that Granny would

be so happy to see me and as always prepare my favorite dumplings with potato

and mushrooms, and also cake with apples!!! You can't imagine how is it testy

and when we come here together, I am sure that Granny will spoil you with her

firm pies and also chicken which she make like nobody in the world.

Yumi-Yumi!!! xxx, my dearest I am so thankful and appreciate your care and

support me with passport and i will rush immediately to the passport Department

and ask them to make it fast! Your Natasha in black Jacket is dying without you!! ( smile)

Finally, finally I can hear compliments from man, from man who I love and man

with who I want to be!!! Thank you!!!!

My dearest I will close for now with my letter and want to wish you a nice

weekends and also I will missing you like crazy till Monday!!!

Love you, Natasha, your loving wife!!