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Hello, dear ххх

Thank you for your letter and for your attention to me. I have seen your profile and must say you're rather interesting person.

I know that there are a lot of profiles of people and i

think that it is some kind of a sign that we have chosen each other. I really appreciate your choice and from my side i promise you that i will

never disappoint you and of course will never deceive or betray you. You can believe me in this. I think

it is rather interesting to know new people and especially who lives in different countries,do you agree

with me? You know, It’s so strange to write somebody who is so far but breathtaking at the same time.

People speak different languages,live in different countries with different customs but who said that

it’s a barrier to meet each other?! You can find a special one! This is what I am looking for to be frankly. So,if we

are starting our correspondence,I allow to you to call me Nastyenka, Nastyusha or Nastya

like my friends call me always:). I love my friends so much! They are really my support in difficult times.

So, I think that we will become a great friends and may be in the future even more...Time will show us! Right?

So, as you already know from my profile on the site, My name is Anastasia and I am 22 years old.

I live with my parents and I really enjoy it, because my family is the best! My mom and dad have

been married for 20 years already and still look like they are on their honeymoon!

Unfortunately i am an one child in my family but i have many cousins and i am friends with them.

I’m absolutely sure, that family is the most important thing for each person, and I dream to have a

happy family too with a lot of love, care and understanding!

Well,I want to take clear about my intentions. You know I am a serious and honest woman and i want to

be honest with you also. I`m not among those women who like to play with men`s feelings and my dream is

to create a strong family based on fidelity and big love. The problem is I haven`t met my second half yet.

But may it is you.?! Who knows... :)

I'm looking for a good friend or even a husband here in the Internet, who will probably become someone

special for me in the future… Because,

you know it is always very important for woman to be with a kind, brave and a strong man near

her, who will not only love and take care of her, but also will support and understand her in

difficult situations. I think it is a dream of any woman of the world. And what about you, ххх?

What do you think about serious relations and what about your intentions? And why women of your country had disappointed you?

And now i want to tell you about the place where i live now. My native town is Yoshkar-Ola! It situated in

Mariy El republic in Russia. It is its economical, cultural and business center. As it is a provincial town,

it is very quiet here. I like Yoshkar-Ola at night when there are not so many people in the streets. I would

prefer to walk with you along these magic night streets. Our visitors say that it's very green and there are many beautiful girls

in our town!:-)

You know, ххх, my native town is very beautiful with a lot of parks, gardens and boulevards. In the last years it became bigger and more

wonderful, because a lot of new buildings and monuments appeared here. But i don't live here, i live near my native town in village,

which name is Russkiy Kukmor. It is not small but not big village. But i very like it. There are very beautiful sights

there, many lakes and rivers, forest near my village. But i go every day in Yoshkar-Ola for studying.

So, I can't find a man I want to live the rest of my life with. All relations were not successful. I think many men

just were not ready for serious relations. That is really very sad. I believe that all men and women on Earth have

their second halves and some day I will meet mine! I believe in destiny, I trust in God, and I fill that he

helps me whatever I do. Do you agree with me?

So, you know it is very difficult to tell, describe myself. But i will try, OK? As I have already said i like my friends

and relatives. And i really enjoy of spending time with them. I like meet new people, i like animals (especially cats)

and i love children so much!!!

So, So, I think it will be enough for the first time, because i am afraid that you will be tired of my letter...:-))))))))))),

but anyway, i hope that you will like it you and of course my photos.

I don't want to go, but i must...

I'm waiting for your reply.

Have a nice day, Patrice!

Sincerely, Anastasia.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear ххх

I am really glad to read your letter today! You know today when I

was walking to University, I noticed that the spring has already

come. I like spring in spite of the dirty roads and changeable

weather. But I prefer to see only the good sides of the moment.

Spring is a time when all lively things wake up, the air is more pure

and cleaner, the sun is brighter and days are getting longer and

warmer. Today is a very sunny day, and it seems that people are

happier because of that fact.

And of course i remembered you immediately. Because you are my joy and

happy...I hope that it will be so further also...what do you think of it?

You know, ххх, I liked your letter very much, because there are a lot of warmness,

your letter is full of your feelings and emotions. I enjoyed

reading it and learning some facts about you and your life because we begin to know

each other. It’s always

so interesting to learn about new people from other countries and

cultures! right?

I'm sure Belgium is a wonderful country.

I have seen a film that is called "In Bruges". There are so many beautiful scenes of a small city Bruges, that is located in Belgium, as you know I think.

I liked that film very much, not the film actually but the city. All this medieval towers and paved streets make me delighted. I think Brussels is the same beautiful as Bruges.

So, Let me tell you more about myself. I am a student at Mary State

University. I am going to be a teacher of elementary classes, because

i love children very much. I will teach them and i hope they will

like my lessons. I don't have any children because I don't have a

husband. But I hope it will

happen certainly somewhere in the future.

I have some hobbies: first of all my favourite

hobby is cooking. I like doing it very much!!!My friends

and my family like visiting me, because I always have something delicious to treat them. Most

of all I like to cook salads and meat dishes. I like healthy food and always watch what I

eat. I think it’s very important to eat healthy.

I like sports. It’s an important part of my life, just like healthy

food because I take care of my body. So every week I go to the

swimming pool. It’s a great way to relax, to move with pleasure,

sometime I go to the pool with my friends. I also like voleyball! I

play in University and when it's possible i play with my friend. It’s a perfect place to spend our time together and

just to chat! And what about you, @@@? Do you do any sports? Tell me more about it!

I have one more hobby to tell you about. It’s flowers! I’m just crazy

about flowers, i like its' smell! I like to watch how they grow up

and bloom! I

think i am not a bad gardener. I wish i have many flowers but i

dream about big garden full of flowers!!! And my future house will be

full of flowers too!:))))

Okay, let me finish my letter now, because my letter is not so small

and I'm afraid that you

will tired of it...:-))))))!

Hope to get your reply soon. Tell me more about yourself, I’m looking forward to your next letter!

Have a nice day!!!

Warm wishes, Anastasia.

Letter 3

Hello, dear ххх

I am really glad to receive your letter! You know every time i get your

letter, I always become happier with every

new line...Patrick, I was reading about you and your life and I really felt

that we had a lot in common. I'm really glad that I found you and you found

me! It’s so exciting to read a letter from somebody

who is so far from me, but I believe that the distance is not a barrier for meeting somebody special.

I can’t wait to learn more things about you! I want to know

everything if you don't mind! You are like a book I’m looking forward to read! It's

so uneasy to communicate with a person from another country, because our

communication is just through letters. But I’m ready to write hundreds letters

everyday just to know that somewhere you read them and smile!

You know, ххх, I have never been abroad and I have never correspond with people

who live abroad. So, it's very interesting for me to correspond with you, and

I'm very glad that you agree to write letters to me and receive mine.

I hope the language will not be a difficalty in our correspondence.

Studying a language is not so hard

especially if we have a strong desire to communicate with each other.

Have you ever corresponded with people from other countries? Do you like to correspond

with people who live in different countries? I think you're a very

good man, I think you're very sincere. I know there are a lot of bad people in the Internet who look for only money or their

personal profit. I hate such people because they prevent respectable people to find

their own halves and to be happy with them. But you know I begun to trust you everything and now i can say that

i want to correspond with you more and more and more and one day meet

with you in real life. I think you will want to come to my native town to meet with

me in real life. Right?

You're very interesting person as I have already said. You like movies so do i. But what kind of movies do you prefer? What is your favourite movie?

What is the weather in your city? Today is a little bit snowy day. But there is something specific

in the air that remind you that the Earth is in power of spring. It smells with freshness and something sweety.

I'm in a good mood writing my lines. I

think that you also have a wonderful mood when write a letter to me...:-))))

SO, i must prepare my homework. It is not so easy to study at

University , but i like it and believe that in future i will get a good job, which i like.

Let me kiss you and say good bye to you, my dear Patrick! Waiting for your answer!

Have a wonderful day to you!

Sincerely yours, Anastasia

Letter 4

Hello, my хххх

Thank you for you warm letter, it makes me feel that I am not alone.

I have you though till now only in my mind and heart but why not to dream

about our meeting. I think it’s not so impossible as it may look like.I was reading it with a smile on my face, the smile of joy

and happiness, because I have met you and you have met me! And that

is very good!

Today the sun is shining, just like my heart every time I get a letter

from you! people seem so nice and kind. May

be it’s just me, because I’m always in a good mood now… And you know

why, my dear ххх :))

During our correspondence you became really very close man for me! I can't imagine myself without you, without your letters, Dear!!!

You know, there are many honest people in the world. And as for me, I also very honest with people and especially

with you, because i don't want to hide something from you. I think it’s

time for me to tell you something my dear. I couldn’t say that earlier,

because I was afraid of your reaction and your words about it, but

now i trust you everything and i want to be honest with you till the

end.... ххх, you know I use an agency to correspond with you, my

dear. But don't worry, it is a very good and legal agency and that's why i decided to become

a member of it. The problem is that I don’t have a computer at home…

Besides, my English is not so good. So I write all my letters in

Russian at home and then bring them to the agency where the interpreters

translate them and of course send to you.

The agency helped me a lot! The interpreters are really nice,

understanding and always ready to help! You can even visit their web site

and find me there. My number in the agency is 1717! And of course if

you have some questions, please, contact the manager of the

agency [email protected] and she will help you with every


So, now I feel much better, because I told you about this thing… Please

don’t be mad at me. I don't want to loose you, my dear!!!!!

It would be really hard for me

to get used to live without you again. I’m so glad that we found each other, ххх

So, I will wait for your reply and of course your opinion

about the agency

Have a nice day, my dear ххх!!!

Send you my tender kisses!

Always your, Anastasia!