Scammer Egorova ZInaida

Novgorod Russia

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Hello my love ххх.

I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. I must say that you're my only one. I want to carry with you a very long time. It is a pity that I do not have such an opportunity.

I hope that very soon I could be in your arms. I want to share everything with you. Crying on your hands and laugh with joy. Just know that you're near, that your love will save me at the right time. I know that we can be together. I can feel it. From the moment I met you, I realized that you are the man with whom I am ready to spend years of his life. I do not want to jump ahead, I just do not want to think about what will happen tomorrow. I want to be with you here and now.

If I could be the wind, I would go for your voice. If I could be a sea, I would look at you from the deepest places. If I was the air, I would give you the most pure oxygen on this planet. I want to love you and live your feelings. Just wake up one fine morning and realize that I have a man who loves me, who was waiting for me and wants to be with me. I saw you in the sunlight. It seems impossible to convey my feelings to you.

I am weary of separation.

You can not imagine how hard for me without you. I wish that we were together.

If you want to know, I am ready for anything.

You can speak at length about us. Not just about you or me. About. When two people find each other, they feel that the supplement itself as a man and a woman.

Each person defines himself by what he wants to be happy. It is very simple. If you want to be happy - you're going to them.

I want to be with you for what I have actually. Everything else can be solved with the help of a headache. Everything else seems easy. Because I'm with you. And only your support will help me achieve everything I want. I want to make you the happiest man on earth.

I want to be with you always. If we have to sink to the bottom of the ocean or fly to the edge of the galaxy, I am ready to do it.

It is nice to know that you have reciprocity with me. I hope that we are on the right path. Tell me if I am wrong.

Gently kiss you.

My heart is in your hands. Do not give him a break.

I love you. Your Zina