Scammer Gartung Olga

Moscow Russia

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Comment #2149
A typical kind of standard letter, once a day, with answers to my questions in a P.S.
I had to use a lot of trics to find out her name(?) and adress(?).
Not done in a smart way.

Here is her/he’s typical last letter:

Hello my dear xxx!!!! I am very happy to receive today your letter.
And now with pleasure I write you the answer. How are you doing? I'm
fine. Now I gather to the parents for the weekend. My working day has
passed remarkably and now at me days off begin. As I already wrote to
you earlier unfortunately for the weekend I cannot write you the
letter as there my parents do not have Internet. But I will think of
you and to tell about you to the parents. Weather at us good comes
spring. Temperature a mine of 2-3 degrees. It is not so cold. But I
nevertheless put on more warmly. It is very a pity to me that we far
apart. Sometimes I imagine as it would be good to spend days off
together, but the distance disturbs to us in it. My dear xxx I am
very happy that you invite me to yourselves. And I with pleasure will
try to visit you. But I cannot promise to you on 100 % as travel to
your country very much costs much. I will try to arrive to you in May
on yours put a birth. And I will be very happy to congratulate you
personally. If I can arrive to you that I will necessarily make for
you a celebratory supper in honour of your birthday. My dear Alain I
as wish to tell to you that official registration of papers for travel
very costs much as many documents (the international passport, the
medical insurance, the visa) and as time for their preparation is
necessary for this purpose are necessary. And if I travel to your
country to me it necessary to prepare all necessary documents in my
firm and as to reserve tickets too in my firm. Therefore I cannot take
advantage of your ticket which you wish to send to me. It is very a
pity to me but at me the contract with my firm is concluded and I
cannot break it. My address: Russia, the city of Moscow, street Lenina
12-21, an index 111000. My full name Olga Gartung. On it I finish my
letter. I wish you pleasant days off and good day. Yours Olga.