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Hello John)))

I want to apologize for my so long answer, it is simple at me there were problems with my business)
In the first I wish to tell that I am very glad to that that you to answer me so quickly and to this most to show to me
The desire to learn for itself new,can be interesting,can be the unusual person as))
I hope that you liked my photos which you now open,and to examine all my advantages
And probably some lacks which are in my appearance,I think that each person is not ideal and on light
Does not exist,the ideal people,let even some of us have ideal appearance,but for it ideal
Appearance at some of us internal lacks disappear,I not to have in view of myself,I simply argue
Logically also I try to tell or inform that as though the person was not beautiful,in it there are what - negative things!
Simply for itself I to judge the person, not on its beauty, and on its private world that is hidden inside... Here so)))
I hope that you not to think of me as about any little fool who searches for itself for any ideal,for me ideal
The person,well that is the man,should be very careful,attentive, charming,and let this person will not be
The most beautiful person, the main thing that this person was beautiful inside,was very gentle and tender!!!
I think that you to ask yourself a question that I to search on the Internet,and here that I wish to tell to you on it,
I to search for the Beloved! And I very much hope that I at last to find it,and I can be happy, I can be not such lonely,you can tell
Or to ask me "why such girl as I still one?" And I can tell to you on it only one,is visible to me
Simply does not carry,and in my life there were only one moral ugly creatures who wanted from me only sex,used me,
Causing such mental anguish that I in despair have decided to try happiness on in  the Internet,and I have a huge confidence
In what I can find the favourite person in the Internet who will respect me and to do me happy)))
I very strongly to trust in it and I hope once that the person favourite by me will tell to me such words"Give we Will get married"
In this small letter I wish to inform for you one essence,the purpose of my acquaintance it "Serious Relations"
And can be and something another,not only serious relations,but also joint holiday or easier meeting in a good company))
But nevertheless I very much want,as well as probably any other girl,I wish to love and be favourite only one man!
That who becomes for me the most best person on light... My unique and beloved,that who always
Will be a line and will not betray me in a difficult situation,there is that person in which I will be confident tomorrow!
In this letter I simply wish to inform to you an essence of my acquaintance, in the following letter I will tell much more
It is more about itself so do not take offence if not to speak you now all it... I hope that you will love my photos))
With the big impatience I will wait for your answer, and I hope that you will soon answer me.... I smile now))
And once again I wish to tell that I am very glad that you to write to me back so soon... I look forward your answer!