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Hello, xxx!I was really happy when I got your message and it was pleasant for me that you have paid your attention to me.Now we have great opportunity to write to each other. I hope that we'll know each other better and you will not looseyour interest to me. I'm a very romantic person and I believe that I'll meet my destiny, the man with whom I'll beall my life, whom I'll love with all my heart. Some of my friends say to me that I'm too romantic and that nowadaysthe princes don't exist. But I believe that my dream will become reality. I dream of harmonious relationship, of the family,that is based on love and understanding. To my mind, the family is the main thing in the life of every person. I hope thatyou also think so.So, let's begin to learn more about each other! I think it will be interesting for you, xxx, to learn some more information about me, becausereading the profile you can't get much information about a person.Well, as you know, xxx, my name is Elena and I'm from Russia. But my friends and close people call me just Lena orLenochka.You can call me Lena too. I'm 25 and I live with my mother.I love her very much and she is important for me, we spend much time together. Some years ago I graduated from the Technical University and got the profession of engineer, but now I work as a manager.I have many hobbies. I'm fond of music very much. I listen to different kinds of music and I also play the piano. Sometimes, when I'm sadI just sit before my piano and play...... I also like nature. You know, the city where I live is surrounded by green woodsand lakes. On the week-end I like to go for a walk there, breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. I think that thenature can teach us. We must only watch and listen to it. Don't you think so, xxx? I try to lead the healthy life-style: to spendmuch time near the nature, to go in for sport.And what about you, xxx? What do you do for a living? Do you like your job? Was this day lucky for you? What about the weatherin your city? Today the weather here is very warm. I like this month. Everything seems good, except the fact that I feel verylonely, because there is no a reliable, understanding man next to me. But I hope that God will help me to find mydestiny, my prince from the fairy-tail. Well I think that it's enough for today. I hope that now you know better what kind of person I am.And of course i will wait for your prompt reply with your photos. Elena

Letter 2

Hello dear xxx,You can't imagine how I am happy to get your letter today and it is very pleasant for me toread it. I think you are a very interesting, intelligent, reliable person and I hopethat we'll know more and more about each other.You know, I was dreaming for a long time that somebody special would appeared in my life and now i correspond with you. I know, I know that it is only the second letter, but I feel that our correspondence will be durable and will lead us to something big and kind like friendship first and then love, right? Do you agree with me, dear xxx? What kind of relations do you wantto have? It is very important and interesting for me at the same time and that's why I'm asking you about it. As you know I'm from Russia, from the wonderful, but not so big city. It's not verybig (the population is only about 250.000 people), but it is very beautiful and green.When I have free time I like to go for a walk to the park or just along the streets andenjoy sunny day. Today the weather here is wonderful. It's warm and very sunny. After thecold and long Russian winter every sunny day is wonderful.Now is the Much and it is the beginning of the spring.But there is still snowy on the streets.And what about the weather inyour country? How was your day, xxx? I hope that it was lucky for you.For me it was just as an usual day. I worked the whole day, but it is not difficult for me,because I like my job. I work as a manager in the edition of the magazine for women. Thoughmy profession is engineer and I graduated from the Technical University, I have to work notby my real profession, because it is difficult enough to find the profession of engineer because of the crisis. I know that it is world crisis...what about it in your country? I have many hobbies. I like to read very much and I read different kinds of literature, butthe most favorite is philosophic literature. Unfortunately, I don't read it often, becauseserious literature takes much time.The matter is, that while reading a serious book, you are not only to read, but also to realize it.I'm a very active person. In my free time I like to go to the skating-ring or to go somewhereout-of -town by bike. I like nature very much. In my flat I have pets: a cat and one littlekitten. And what about you, xxx? Do you like nature? In what city do you live? Tell me about the placeyou live in, about your country. For me it will be very interesting. And of course, send me more pictures of you, ok? Well, xxx, I hope that I will end my letter for today and that now you know me better. I will wait for your reply.Nice day to you.Elena PS You know, xxx, I begun to think of you more with every new day

Letter 3

Hello dear xxx,I was waiting for your answer so much and when I finally got it I was very happy. How are you today, dear xxx? How was your day? I hope that you are ok.I must confess that even though we know each other not for a long time, you became very important for me and if everything is good with you, my dear xxx,than I'm happy and every your letter bring me much happiness. Today I work as usual and after work I'll go home where my family is waiting for me.You know that I live not alone , but with my mother and I love her very much. She is avery kind woman and I can confide all my problems and troubles only to her. She is areal friend for me. I think that family is very important in life of every person. Onlyin the family you can find so much love and understanding. Because only in the family you will be able to find a lot of understanding, love, tenderness and care. Do you agree with me, dear xxx? What about your family? Is it big and friendly? What kind of familydo you want to have? I think it will be interesting for you to know, that I like to cook very much. And I canconfess that I'm a perfect cook! I'm sure that every woman must cook perfect and createcosy and warm atmosphere in the house. I prefer Russian cuisine. Have you ever tasted anyRussian dishes? If no, than I advise you to taste something and when you will come here, to my native town, i think that I will cook something delicious and unusual especially for you, because I know that the way to man's heart is going through his stomach....right? )))) I also like to travel and I travel much, but only in Russia. Unfortunately I have neverbeen abroad, because it costs much money. But Russia is also beautiful. There are a lot ofplaces that are worth seeing. Have you ever been to Russia, xxx? Do you also like to travel? I'm a very sociable person and I have many friends. I like to spend my free time with them.They are very nice and well-educated people, but still sometimes I feel very lonely, becauseI don't have any person to whom I can tell everything, to whom I can open my heart, soul and my feelings. I have a lot of feelings and I can't give them to anybody. I want to give them to a very special for me man. You know, I tired to be alone and I dream to meet my destiny, my real love , the love for the whole life, with whom I can create good and caring family. I dream to have a house, that isfull of children. I think that family without children can't be happy. And what about you?How do you see your future family, xxx? Well ,my dear Patrice, I think that I will close my letter for today and I will go home to helpmy mother with home work, hope to get your prompt reply.Write me about everything: about your life, hobbies, work.... Your letters are very importantfor me.Have a nice day!You are always in my mind and my dreams, dear xxx!Sincerely Elena

Letter 4

Hello my dear xxxx,You can't imagine how much happiness your every letter bring to me, how much joy and hopeyou bring into my lonely life. I think about you all day long. You became very close forme and I hope that today the day was lucky for you. Your feelings, your thoughts,everything that concerns you is very important for me, you know.Sometimes it seems to me that I have been knownyou for a long time and that the distance that shares us doesn't exist, that you are nextto me. May be you feel the same, dear xxx?My life flows as usual, but it means nothing without you in my life. Today I work every dayand after my work as usual I'll go home, wheremy mother is waiting for me. May be in the evening I'll go for a walk.You know, xxx,the night city is so beautiful and romantic and when I walk along the night streets I dreamto walk some day with a man who loves me and whom I love. It is soromantic, isn't it?I think we have something common between us, I think we understandeach other and it's themost important thing. My dear xxx, you brought so much light in my life I want to be honestwith you. The truth is that unfortunately I don't speak English well and I am a member of themarriage agency. But please don't worry, it's a very reliable agency.It's legal and exist for a long time in our city.There are many girls who found their happiness abroad thanks to thisagency. You know I must work much, because we live with my mother andI must support her.That's why I have no time for my private life, moreover Russian men disappointed me and I just want tofind my destiny, the man who is reliable, to whom I can confide all my troubles,who can support me and to whom I can devote all my life. Moreover it is more safe to correspond with the help ofthe agency, because it's not a secret that in Internet there are many bad people , whose aim isonly money. I don't want to be cheated by such people, so it's the next reason why I addressedto this agency. Well, this agency helps me to communicate with you. The interpreter translate myletter to you from Russian into English and vice versa your letter tome. I hope that you saw thenote of the agency and visited its site. If no, than you can followit and find my page there.My number is 1687.Well my dear xxx, it was surprise for you? I hope that you didn't disappoint, because of this news.But please, believe me. I'm real Russian girl who just want to find her destiny, the man with whomI can create good and happy family.I hope that you'll understand me. Well, my dear xxx, I think it's enough for this letter.I hope to get your reply as soon as possible. I'm thinking of you allthe time... Yours,Elena

Letter 5

Hello, dear xxx,I was so happy when I got your letter today when I have come to theagency. Every your letter is a great event in my lonelylife and I'm waiting for your letters every day, every minute, every second....... May be itcan seem strange to you , but it's my true feelings. You became very important for me, you becamethe part of my life, though I have never seen you in real life. But I hope thatsome day we'll see each other, and that I finally see your eyes.You know some people say that eyes are the mirror of the soul.I quite agree with this statement and I'm sure that you have beautiful,honest eyes, my dear xxx. How are you today? I hope that everything is ok with you.You know the weather in Russiais not good now. It changed so much. Now it's raining, gloomy and cold. In the evening Iwrap myself in a warm blanket, watch how the drops of the rain fall and dream thatsome day I'll have a reliable person by myself, who embrace me with his strong arms and inwhose arms I forget all my problems and troubles. May be it's real happiness? To love andto be loved and to live for each other? What do you think of it, my xxx? What is happinessfor you?You know, my dear, in my last letter I have written to you that ihave got acquainted with you with the help of the marriage agency andof course thank you so much for your words that you are not againstof it. I was afraid of your reaction, because I thought that youwould be able to thing that this agency is not real or something likethat, because I know how many bad people in the Internet who issearching only money and play different games with feelings and emotions ofalive people. It is really very bad and I am sure that God will seeeverything and will punish them for such bad things.So,dear xxx, I am happy that everything is fine with us, and I feel myselfon the seventh heaven from my happy. But, you know, xxx, all servicesat the agency are chargeable and I am paying both for my and yourletters. Because interpreter translates my letters to you and yourletters to me and of course her work must be paid. So, I wanted toask you to help me with the correspondence fee for a month and thenwe will be able to write as much letters to each other as we wish. Ithink it will be great, right, xxx?So, please contact the manager of the [email protected] and she will help you with all questionyou have.Please do it for me, because if you will do it, I will be themost happiest woman in the whole world and I will know that you arereally serious about me and your words about your feelings to me andour future from your last letters were not false.I really hope that you will support meI think of you every minute of my lonely lifeAlways your beloved Elena