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Hello my dear friend xxx,

I got up today with feeling of joy in my heart. I felt that something

good should happen and when I got your letter – it only confirmed my

good feeling. Imagine I know almost nothing about you but I already

start to feel you. Maybe it’s Destiny? Though, why I put the question

mark? Of course this is Destiny. As my friend likes to tell: every new

meeting is given by Destiny for something good.

As far as you know, my name is Julia I live in Ukraine , in Lugansk I

am 21 years old. My birthday is on the 10th of November. I am Scorpio

by Zodiac sign. Being honest I am not believer in all these signs as I

consider that Love wins over all. And what about you? Do you believe

in such sings?I leave with my parents. I do not have children.

You know, I have to tell you that I do not have much experience to

write such letters, that is why I do not know what I have to tell you

about myself. I would love to tell you that I am very sociable person

and that I have many friends. I like nature, and also I like to go to

the nature with my friends, not only in warm weather , but even when

it is snowing. My favorite color is blue. It is suit's to the color of

my eyes:)

I have some questions for you that I would love to know about you, if

you will answer them it will help me to know you better, but if you

tell me something more about you, I will be very glad to read it and

to know who you are:)

1)What is your favorite season of the year?

2)Do you like to spend your free time at home ore in the friends’


3)Do you like nature?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours, Julia.

Letter 2

Hello my dear

How are you today? As for me I feel better when I get your letter :)

You know today is really good day for me first of all because of your

letter, at the second because of really good weather. To day the sun

is shining the sky is cloudless everything is in a good mood. When

I’ll finish my letter to you I’m going to walk through the park down

to my hose. I like such kind of weather. But I want to tell you that I

like every kind of weather. You know we have one song it says that the

nature do not have bad weather, every kind of weather is blessed. You

can really feel good if it snows ore if it rains if you have a person

you love and who loves you. What do you think about this? What kind of

weather do you like?

I would love to thank you one more time for your kind letter and for

telling me about yourself. I think that we always will have a topic

for conversation. Don't you think so? I think that it is very nice

that you are in sport. I like sport too:)

In your letter you asked my to send you the photo of mine where I am

in a high black boots. very interesting request, but I have such photo

and I am going to send you it:)

I have to go for now, but I would love to tell you that I will wait

for your next letter and I hope to get it soon;)


Letter 3

Hello my dearest xxx,

How have you been all this days? I would love to sorry for

not being able to write you. I do want to have a relationship

with you. The matter is that was ill. I had high temperature.

I hope that you will forgive me for that. I really glad to know

that did not forget about me. And it is great pleasure to know

that you worry about us, that means that you really serious with

your intentions of creating family. I do want to communicate

with you and to know you much better. And I hope to meet you in

the future. Maybe you could come to visit me? What do you think

about this?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours, Julia.

Letter 4

Hello my dear xxx,

How are you today? I would love to thank you for all your letters that

you have sent me. Your letters are the very air I breathe. I really do

understand what you are saying. My intentions are to someday fall in

true love, get married, and have a family with strong love values.

Maybe it will be you.

You know, I would love to tell you that I am using the service of

marriage agency. I need their help because I do not know English

language, well, I know some words, but it is too little for

communicating. I have a contract with them. It is official marriage

agency. They have their own dating site were you can see all the

information about them, and also you can find me there my profile, if

you want:)I am telling you about this because I do not want to hide

something from you. I think that we have to tell only the truth to

each other . this is the link on this site.

Also my dear you can look a lot of information about my country there.

But I think that it is enough to talk about this site. I think that we

have a lot of topics to speak about. I feel like I can tell you

everything in my mind. And I know that I will except everything you

will tell me:) Do you have something special in your mind to tell me


You know I am very romantic girl and I dream about the fairy tale in

my life. I do not mean that I want a prince on white horse ore golden

castle I just want to have real love. I want to be the one for my

future husband. I am one-man lover and I want my man to be one-woman

lover. Do you think you could love the only one till the and of time?

Yesterday we celebrated birthday of my colleague! It was a little

"corporative party". Women that had a birthday cooked allot of

different food. She gave me some receipts. It's a peaty that you can't

to taste it. I think that you would like it because(as I told you

later) I am good cooker. It was really good party. I wish you were

there with me.

I am very interesting what about you? Do you like to cook? Or do you

like to eat when someone cooks?

What kind of music do you like? Please write more about this because I

think that if you know what kind of music the person likes you will

know about this person almost everything. And I want to know about you


Now I am going to finish this letter and will wait for yours. My sweet

kiss for you!

Yours, Julia.

Letter 5

Hello my dear xxx!:-)

Thank you very much for your warm letter and that you visited site of the agency where i am:-) Thank you once again my darling! Now i can to see that you are also serious in your search to find a woman for serious relations and you are serious about me! I like this so so much!This is really important for me to know this! So..let's continue our correspondence and we will see what will happen then:-)Let's build our life fill of love and nice emotions!:-)

Oh, i have such a nice mood right now (you should to know that i have great mood each time when i read your letter and write to you back!). So i hope you will feel how much i am happy now! It is so easy..i miss you so each time when i get news from you my heart started to smile!:-)

You wrote to me that I should to proof your love to you, well I will do it with a big pleasure!:-) Of course I can send to you some more pictures of myself so you will be to know me much more better! And also please send me some pictures of yourself too! Thank you for pictures which you sent at this time and I would be really glad to get some more and new:-) if you can of course!

My darling, I have feelings to you and they are like true love but..true love can to be possible when we will meet each other in person!I want continue our relations, I want to meet you in real life, I will be happy to talk to you by phone (of course via agency), so..for this I am really ready and I believe that after this we will have much more stronger feelings, are you agree with this my dear?:-) I remember my darling that you ca to go from your country for a lot of days but..maybe just for weekend? Oh, I miss you like yes I love you but I want you more and more day after day..i need you,i want to feel your warm...:)

I am always honest so I want to let you to know that right now I am in contact just with you, cause as I told you few times I am serious and real woman and I am looking only for serious and real relations! Before I had letter from some man and..they just played with me :-( They are also asked me to send pictures with their name..i did it and then..i had just games from their side. You know it is not easy to trust when 2 person never had meeting in real life.. I am sincere with you, and you I hope you are as well. I don't want to be a toy...i want to be loved and I want to love. I want from relations not too much..just love, understanding, honest and respect. So if you want to be much more sure that I am serious about us then ask this marriage agency about chat by phone or by cam. Maybe I shouldn't to tell you this but if we are going to have future together then I don't need to be shy and we should to talk open, right my love?:-) Yes for this service (I mean chat) you have to pay something (I am not sure so check it).If you are afraid of dishonest from my side or from this agency then let's pay 50% on 50%!:-) I want to do my best for our relations cause I don't want to loose you! So you don't need any pictures from me with your name:-) you will see me on cam and you will be sure about me on 1 000 000 %! Honey, what do you think about this idea?:-) Let's use our chance to be together!!!! We are so good for each other and we should to do our best for our relations! Maybe we can to have chat even on this week! :-) I think 30 mins will be enough for us for first chat! :-) Please let me to know what do you think about it?:-) As for me I like this idea so so much! We both need it cause we both want to be sure about us!:-) After I will end my letter to you I will ask manager of this agency how and when we can to talk by cam! As for me I would love to talk to you right today :-) and this is pity that this is impossible but..on this week we will do it if we wish it! Together we have such a lot of power!:-)

Okey, so please think about it very very good, I believe we need this chat and then we will see each other face to face!:-)

You are looking like a perfect man for me:-) Yes, don't smile:-) I want to be with you more and more day after day:-) Oh, it was so nice to read that I am the woman you want to marry, raise a family and having children..So nice to know this!:-) I feel the same and I feel that we are on a right way!:-) We can't to loose each other now! Honey, cause I ask you some very serious questions for me...are you in contact just with me? I don't want to share you with somebody! I want you to be mine ad only mine!!!!:-) An i will be only yours as well!:-)

Tell me my Love how did you spend your weekend? What is new in your life? Tell me how much you miss me?:-))

I wish you a nice week and great mood! Remember that I am with you!:-) Just think of me! :-)

Now I end my letter and I will looking so so much forward for your soonest reply to me! I will wait for your reply as for our chat! I will try to back to the agency this evening and I hope to find your letter here!:-) If you wish to see me on chat please tell me when you want to do it and we will fix time!

With all my love to you,

yours Ulia!:-)

Sweet kisses:-)

Letter 6

Hello my Love once again!:-)

Honey, I am so happy that all is going so nice between us and we understand each other so so good! Now I have a wonderful feeling about us and I believe that we can to be very happy together! So let's not loose this chance!:-) You are mine, do you hear this my darling?:-) You are mine and I am already yours!:-)

I came to the agency again cause I waited for your reply so so much! It is so great that we will see each other on cam on this Friday!:-) Yes, we will talk and Friday this is a nice day for me! So what do you think about 14.00 my time? I will come to the agency on Friday at 14.00 my time special for to talk to you and to see you face by face!:-) Oh, I am looking so so much forward for this day!:-)

I know it is not easy to trust each other on 100% cause never met each other in real life but I believe that we will see each other in person soon! I would love this will be on this summer!:-) What do you think about it, my dear Patrick?:-) It will be so so great! Can you imagine we are in first together..i will look into your eyes..i will feel your warm..dear, I can't wait till this moment!:-)

But okey, now we should to organize all for this cam chat! So as I told you I will use service of my agency for to talk to you by cam. I asked manager about how much it will be cost for us and they told me that all price on their site. So 30 mins will be cost 45 dollars. As I promised I will pay some part for to make you more sure about how much I am serious about us. If you can't to pay all 45 dollars then I will pay 25 for myself and you just 20 dollars. Maybe it is not good when woman pay for service but in this situation I want to pay some part for myself just to make you sure I love you and want to be your wife one day!:-) I want we will become more and more closer day after day and I believe that chat will help us a lot!:-) I will ask manager to send to you letter with information about how you can to pay some part of our chat (if you want you can to pay all..but if not then I will do my best and will pay 25 ). I need you my darling and I want you to feel it, cause this is true!:-) So please let me to know today if you are agree to chat with me on this Friday and then I will be free on this Friday at 14.00 my time. If you wish to talk to me not at 14.00 but in other time just let me to know as soon as you can!:-)

I am looking so so much forward for this Friday! I am nervous already:-) Why? Cause it will be the first time when we will see ad talk to each other face to face! Of course I will use help of interpreter but..anyway you will see me and you will hear my voice! Me the same!:-)

It is so nice to hear that you like how I am looking so..if you want I can to wear high boots when we will have chat:-) Would you like this my darling?:-)I want you will be proud of me and I want you to love me from all your heart!:-)

Honey, I should to go now. But I will try to back again to the agency as soon as I can today just for to check if you wrote to me new letter!:-)

With all my tender love to you,

yours woman Julia!:-)

Letter 7

Good day dear Sir xxx!

You are communicate with our client Julia, profile#16. She would like to have a life-chat with you. Dialogue by means of Live-chat is a fine possibility for two loving hearts, separated by distance, to become much closer, you can speak and see each other at the same time. Your Lady Julia ask us to make payment 50% o 50%. And we are agree with this if it will help yours relations.

The price or our service life-chat is: chat during 30 mins – 45 dollars.

You can make payment just 50% and you will order life chat and you will have a wonderful opportunity not only to hear but also to see your lady!

If you interested in life-chat you have to make a transfer on our general manager bank account and send us back the copy receipt in order to speed up your order. The transfer will be on our back account during next 5 days. If you wish to have chat with your Lady Julia right on this Friday then you can choose an easier and faster way and make payment via Western Union on our general manager.

Please let us to know how it will be best for you to make payment and write the exact time when you would like to have a chat with your Lady.

We would like to pay your attention that the service includes the help of the interpreter!

Sincerely Yours International Marriage Agency” Aphrodita”

Ukraine, Lugansk city

Sovetskaja street, 60, office 407

+38099 288-84-83

Our office works from:

Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Saturday from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.

Letter 8

Good day to you my dearest Patrick! Hello my Love! Hello my nice!:-)

Oh, I have such a nice mood right now and I want you so so much in my life! Thank you my dear xxx for such a nice letter and your present:-) It was surprise for me to hear that you are going to pay all for our chat! Honey, thank you very very much!:-) I can't to believe on this! You are the best one for me and I want to be your woman cause I know you will love me, understand me and you will be with me always in any period of life! Be sure I will be with you also!:-) Oh, I love you my dear and I know we will be so so happy together!:-)

My love, I know you like when I am in high boots and you asked me about pictures..okey:-) I will send some pictures of me..some of them with be on black boots (I made this pictures before this day) and other on white (new one!):-) I hope you will like!:-) I made some new pictures on a white boots and I am really hope you will like!:-) But please honey, I want that only you will look at this pictures, okey?:-) They are only for you! You will be my husband (I hope) so you can to see on them, but please nobody else can't to look at me, is it okey my dear? And I am really sorry that I answered to you not in the morning..i had a reason for this..i made new pictures special for you:-) And I am very much hope you will like me on this pictures!:-)I asked my agency to help me with it i have some pictures for you!:-) I want we will be happy together and I will do my best for this!:-) Of course I am agree that there are a lot of unserious persons on Internet, both man and woman, and it is not easy to trust but..we are both good and real and we want just to be happy..we have the same wishes and we understand each other so good so..we are on a right way to our happy future together!:-) On this Friday will be beginning of something very serious between us! Yes, we are already together but to see each other face to face this is really so so great!:-) I want this day will come sooner!:-) I will be so so beautiful for you cause I want you to be proud of me and I want you to be mine and only mine!

My dear xxx, I am looking so so much forward for our chat on this Friday!:-) And of course I will be on a high black boots so you will be happy when you will look at me!:-) I will make you the happiest man in the whole world and I am sure you will make me happy as well!:-) Am I right?:-)

Honey, I am already have a lot of planes and dreams about us and I want we will talk about everything when we will have chat! Face to face! You will see all my emotions and my mood, you will see and feel all my feelings which I have! And of course I will be so so happy to see you my dearest xxxx I am even would like to talk to you right now:-) But I know we should to be patient a little bit and to wait till Friday. I know this day will come soon but..i miss you so so much!

It is the second day when I am in such a great mood! And all this because of you!I want to give you all my love, tender and warm. I hope you will feel me from this my mail to you!:-)

Honey, tell me how is your day going? What are you thinking about?:-) Do you miss me;-) I want to know all about you, I want to feel you, I want to share with you emotions, feelings and other side of life! And we will!:-)

My darling, now I should to go and I will back to the agency only tomorrow in the morning I think cause now I should to back to my work. I am at agency around 3 hour:-) I read your mail, made pictures, and then I a write a letter to you! is time to back to my work but..i will be honest to you now I am not care about my work too much cause..i am so in love and I need you best of all! You make my life full of nice emotions and love and I believe this so so so important!:-)

I wish you a good day and I will looking so so much forward for you letter to me! And please send me some more pictures of yourself too cause I miss you and your pictures help me a lot..when I look at you on your pictures I feel you much more closer to me!:-)

I give to you my tender kiss and..don't forget that you are in my mind!:-)

Yours woman Julia!:-)

Letter 9

Good day dear Sir xxxx,

thank you for your answer and we will inform your Lady Julia that you confirm your desire to conduct life chat on this Friday. Your Lady will come to the our office later today and we tell her that you wish to get some more pictures from Julia on a high blact boots. We sure she we will send them with a great pleasure cause she wants to continue relations with you. And this is very nice from your side that you are decided to orginaze for yourself all questions for to have life chat with Julia,you are gentelman for sure.
Dear Sir, let me clarifythe details of the life chat. So you wish to have life chat on this Friday at 26 of March at 14.00 ukrainian time, is it correct?
Here is the information for to make payment via Western Union.
You have to make transfer to the our general manager:
our manager is Irina Fedorutsa
Ukraine, Lugabsk city, Tuhachevskogo street, 1/57

After you make payment please inform us about the details and MTCN number. As we know you wish to make transfer tomorrow in the afternoon and it will be okey, we will have enought time before Friday.

In any questions please cvontact us!

With the best regards,
International Marriage Agency "Aphrodita"


Hello dear xxx,

well, now i am a bit sad and don't know what to say...I am sad cause you break my feelings..I told you before that some man had games with me and i thought we have something serious between us. As for me i am not play with your feelings, and i did my best. I have just 2 kind of boots and it is not mean that i buy this boots each month..I didn't tell that i haven't money,,i have some cause i have my work and i told you that i can to pay some part of our chat but you been so kind and you wished to pay for yourself..I been so happy cause i thought finnaly i found a serious man and i waited for our chat so so much..Let me to know if we will have this caht..i am still hope so. But maybe you met some other woman then..i have no chance then..I am really sad..I been so happy yesterday and today but now..well, it is not easy to write to you now..i am just sad. I never told you that you should to pay for all and i need something from you..I need you and i wanted this chat cause i hoped to see you face to face. I thought you will like my pictures but i think i was wrong..I asked agency to make this pictures, they have professional camera and i liked this pictures and i thought this pictures will make you a little bit more happy. Where i been wrong? I can't to believe you had ga,es with me..I am still hope you want me in your life and i will wait so much forward for your answer..i believed you and still believe..We understood each other so good so..what happened? Please let me to know, okey? I should to know if we will have chat cause i took already few times from my work just for to talk to you by cam.

I came to the agency again in the evening cause i been so worry if you get my pictures and letter..and insted of nice words i found such an unhappy mail from you...

I am still want we will be together and you?

Please, my dear xxx, let me to know what do you feel about me? Do you want me in your life?

I wish you a good evening and very good night!

Kiss you,

yours Julia