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Hello, I am Dasha. I like you very much. I will be very happy to
communicate with you more. I think using our personal e-mail addresses
we can tell more about each other and exchange photos. What do you
think? I hope you are serious person and you are looking for serious
relations as I am. Waiting for you letter: [email protected]

Letter 2

Hello xxx!!
nice to receive your reply.
Thank you for sending me amazing photo, I like it very much. The
photos can complete the whole picture of your character and I really
happy you send me them.
What do you mean about high heels black boots? I don't have such photo.
I would like to let you know that I am serious in my search. perhaps
you will think that if I young I am not serious and I don't know what
I want but I am very certain and I am looking for the man for the
serious relations.
Yes, I had the relations and he betrayed me. I don't know why and what
has happened, it was in the past and I want to leave this in the past.
I live with my present and future and I am looking for the man who
want to create the family, to have the good and loving wife, children.
I don't look for the ideal person as all people have defects.
I would like to tell you a little about me.
My name is Dasha but full of is Dariya. I am form Ukraine. I live in a
small town Alchevsk.
I work and I study at the same time.
I am 25 and I was born on October,10. I am Libra.
I live with my mother, I don't have any father or siblings. I love
animals and I have a little dog.
I am very open minded person and I have a lot of likes. I can share a
lot of with you if you are interested in continuing our communication
in this way.
That is a short letter about me, and who I am. I will write you more
about myself if you really want to know more. I am waiting for your
reply back. I hope you will write me more about yourself.
With the best wishes, Dasha.

Letter 3

hello dear xxx,
thank you for your reply. I want you to know that I am here to find
the serious man and to create the loving and serious relations. I am
very sad to learn about your ex wife and I had the same betray from
my ex boyfriend. It hurt and now he doesn't exist for me.
- You have a romantic ? I am very romantic.
- You become easily love ? Yes.
- You have a sense of humor ? Yes.
- You sense the conversation ? Yes, I am very open person
and I can find common language with almost all people.
- You love children ? Very much.
- You make up your eyes, your lips, your fingernails ? Yes.
- You love to be dressed in a short dress to be beautiful ?
Yes, very much.
- You should leave your country to join the man you love ?
I thought about relocating for a long time. I live in my country, with
my family, friends and work. Yes, I love all these and I love my
relatives. My friends help me in everything. But I came to the
Internet because I don't have the right man close to me. I came here
to find him, that special man. Not just simple one, but special. And I
knew that I would need to go to live at his country. Now, I am writing
to you, I start like you very much. I think that I will be able to
live in your country, town. Because I will be with my man, who is
loving, caring, understanding. Do you know how it is difficult to wake
up each morning and realize that you are alone? It is very cold and
uncomfortable to be alone. I come home and I know that there is empty
there. There is no you there. But I want to wait you from the job, to
prepare dinner for you, to spend evenings with you watching TV. Do you
understand me?Kisses, Dasha.

Letter 4

Hello my dear xxx!
thank you for your reply, for the rose and your photo.
I am happy you liked my answers and you want to continue our
communication, I also want this and I want to learn more and
more about you.
No, I don't have such photo you are talking about sorry. But I have
another photos, will you like them?
I wrote you some details about me, my life, my family. I believe that
you know for sure that I am serious and I don't want any games.
I wrote you about my interests. I am very communicative person. I am
open and easy going. that is why I have a lot of friends. It is easy
for me to find the common language with the new people.
What is your favourite season? I love all seasons but I adore summer.
Because I can have vacations during summer. I can go to the sea/ To be
honest I was there only once in my life. It was this summer, yes, I
went there with my mother. I had the dream all my life and this summer
it came true. I was dreaming to swim with the dolphin. I will attach
the photo for you.
Do you know what I understood this summer. I understood that all
dreams could come true. It is so easy to do this. You must believe in
this and have that dream in your heart in your mind. Then it will come
true. I believe that we have now one common dream, we want to find
that person without whom the life is so difficult. I believe that we
can do this, because we are trying to do this, we help to God to make
this dream come true. I so much miss to spend the romantic evening
with my beloved person. I so much want to go for a walks holding
hands, kissing, looking into each other's eyes. I so much want to feel
that kiss when all your body is trembling after it, I am dreaming
about passionate nights and sunny mornings when you have that person
close to you to say Good morning my dear!
I believe that you want to have all this and that is why you are
here. I am so excited to know what your thoughts are about my letter
and about my dreams.
With the best wishes, Dasha.

Letter 5

Hello my dear xxx!
Thank you for your reply, for the photo. I am happy you wait for my
letter with impatience as it is the same for me too. You know it is
spring right now in Ukraine but it is snowing and it is very cold. I
can't wait when the real spring will arrive!
I am very serious in my search and I hope you are too.
When I have the relations with the man I am totally open and honest
with him, I believe as you know it is the most important for me in
relations. You know, I trusted to that person, I was open and I
believed in him. But one day I understood that he lied me all the
time. He dated to other girl at the same time as he dated me. I know
that I am good looking woman, but I believe that appearance is
completely nothing in relations and especially in marriage. The humans
are not internal we are getting old with every day and we are going to
live with the person for a long life, it means that we won't live with
a beautiful and young person for a long time, we will live with a
young and wonderful person who is that person inside herself or
himself. We must ;love the person not only for his or her appearance
but for his and her inner world, his or her character. That is what
very important in relations. He loves me because I am young and good
looking person, he wasn't interested in my world, my problems, my
hobbies, my interests, he wanted to be only with a doll who don't
demand anything from him: his love, care, time. I felt that but I
thought he could change , but the time went and he was the same. One
day I have learnt that he betrayed me with another girl. I can't
forgive betrayal. I couldn't do that at that time. I don't want to
repeat my mother's mistakes. I believe that I will find that man who
can love me because I am such person as I am. I believe that it will
be the most real love. Don't you agree?
I hope I didn't bore you with my long story. But I feel that I can
share this with you, I also feel that you will understand me and my
past. Thank you for this.
I send you a lot of kisses, I am waiting for your reply, Dasha.

Letter 6

Hello my darling xxx!
Thank you so much for this letter. Thank you for the photo and
flowers. xxx it is really nice to read your words, yes, I am thinking
about you and I imagine our life together, is it too early? Please let
me know as it is new for me and I am a little uncomfortable, I don't
know why but I am dreaming to meet you, to feel your first touch to
my hand, I want to feel those wonderful goose bumps.
How was your day today? What did you do there?
I miss you badly, kisses,Dasha.

Letter 7

hello my darling xxx!
thank you for your reply. How are you there? Thank you for the photo.
You have sent me it already!
I am happy that I can make you feel so great, it is really great!
How was your day? What plans do you have for the weekend? I am not
sure what I will do during my weekend. I will work tomorrow half a
day. It will be the difficult day I think. I is always very difficult
to work on Saturdays as you know it should be the weekend.
I am going to stay at home, to watch TV, perhaps I will do some
washing up or take the bath. I am not sure about this.
I all the time try to imagine how my weekend will look like with my
beloved person. I believe that it will be the amazing days off. You see,
I do everything myself now, it will be better if I do all this with my
dearest man, I believe that it will give you more pleasure. I can
describe every step of our weekend. How we wake up and kiss each
other. I believe that the morning kiss will you give the best mood for
the rest of this day. We can take shower together. Then we prepare the
breakfast. I wonder, what we will have for the breakfast? I believe
that we will have the different breakfast all the time. We can go for
a walk, I think that some weekend we must have the complete rest. It
is very important. We can just walk, holding hands and talking about
our dreams. I think that it will give us a lot of pleasure. I believe
that the huge problems of nowadays people don't communicate. They
spend the time together but they don't know anything about each other.
They watch TV all the time, they don't talk. We become dumb and then
we wonder what has happened? I lived for a long time with this person
and it appeared I don't know her or him. I think it happens because we
won't communicate, we don't talk. I want to discuss everything with
you. I want to spend more time together, I will try to steal every
minute from your schedule and we will spend it happily.
I believe that we can spend more time on the nature, we can enjoy this
time together with our little family. I think that after the whole day
out we will receive the great pleasure from watching the good film in
the evening.
We will take the shower or hot bath with bubbles together. When we go
out we will cover each other with passionate kiss. I want to give and
receive this wonderful kisses from you all the time. We will cuddle
all evening, we will explore our bodies all night, we will asleep in
each other's arms fully exhausted but happy. I will sleep on your
shoulder and I will see the wonderful dreams of our future life
That is my dream, that is how I want to spend the time when we are
together. I think that it is possible and we can do this easily:)))
I close my letter and I send you a lot of kisses.
I will read your letter on Monday. I will wait for this day
impatiently Dasha.

Letter 8

Hello my dearest xxx!
How are you there? I am so happy to be close to you. I am happy.
Thank you for the photo, I like it.
My dearest xxx, I didn't have anything special on weekend. You know I
worked half a day on Saturday, then I went to the market with my
mother. We bought some products. We spent a lot of money but when we
came home it appeared that we didn't buy anything. The prices are so
high here. And I heard that the prices will be raised again very
soon. But it is the paradox, the prices are raised but the salaries
are the same. The situation is critical here.
So, I have the rest in the evening. On Sunday I cooked, washed and
cleaned all rooms. I was so tired at the end of all these. I took the
shower and decided to go for a walk alone. But I met my old friends.
They are married and they have the little boy. They invited me for the
tea. I bought a little cake and we went to them. I spent the great
time with them. We talked a lot. I didn't see them for a long time
and I was so happy to meet them. They asked me about my private life.
They saw that I am happy. I told them that I met the good person in
the Internet. I explained them how it worked. They told me about the
happy stories they heard. I was so excited as I so much want us to be
one of that happy story. I wonder if it works? I think we must
believe. I also want to have such wonderful family as they have, I
want to walk in the evening before night or just to be at home
together. It will be really great I think.
I went home and I took the bath to relax and to think about us. It
was really great. I went to bed with the positive thoughts. I hope
that you are ok there. I missed our communication very much.

Letter 09

Hello my dearest xxx!
thank you for your reply, for the photo, I like it very much.
It will be so great to feel your kiss, it is my big dream too, how
long can it last? I think it can last for ages!!!!!!!!
Wow, you have a really big salary, I can dream about such
money only. Yes, perhaps your life is very expensive there but I
don't know. I am happy that you have such salary and you have
the good job.
I want to visit you very much. I have never been abroad. I have never
seen the world. It is so excited for me. I will be very happy to have
the trip to you. I don't know anything about trip. But I know for sure
that I need the international passport. I won't be able to leave my
country without it. So at first we should make this passport!
The price for the passport depends on the period during which the
passport will be ready.
I can do it in one day, the passport costs $450, in two weeks - $350,
in one month - $250, in two month - $195.
This passport will be valid for ten years!
I won't be able to make it by myself. I have very low salary and it
won't be enough to make even for two month. I am so sad, your Dasha.


Hello my dearest xxx!
thank you for your reply, how are you today? I am so happy to receive
your letter. I was thinking about you this night and this morning all
the time.
yes, I want to live with you and become your wife, I think we can
create the wonderful family together and we can be so happy.
yes, I agree with you, we can wake up every morning and enjoy us
together, we can give the morning kiss and take the morning shower
together, xxx, I believe it is the most amazing dream which is coming
true for me. I am so happy with this.
I tried to learn how we could organize the transference of money. I was
advised to go to the bank. I just have came from the bank. I was
advised to use the services of Western Union or Money Gram. The
manager told me it is the quickest and safest way to transfer the
money. Please let me know if it is ok for you?
I was told that you need the following information from me to send the
money through Western Union or Money Gram:
Full name: Dasha Issaeva
Country: Ukraine
Town: Alchevsk
I want to prepare our first dinner together. It would have to be very
special, because I know for us to meet will require a lot of effort on
both our parts. So, first I would go to the grocery store and get
fresh vegetables, two nice steaks and probably I would go with a
cheesy pasta to compliment the steak. Next I would go buy a bottle of
champagne or wine, I think I would plan it as an outdoor meal for the
early evening, so you could watch me finish cooking for you, which is
always impressive, and we could watch the sunset together. After the
sunset I would serve you a fresh salad, past and a steak grilled to
your exact preference, and I would bring out a chilled bottle of
After we have eaten you would lay out a blanket for us to watch the
stars and talk for the rest of the evening, maybe if it got cold you
would prepare a fire for me and hold me close and keep me warm. That
is what I would like our first night together to be like, simple,
romantic and just two of us under the stars. Kisses, your Dasha.