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Good evening xxx!
I am very grateful to you for your pictures, they have very much liked me. You very beautiful, lovely man.

xxx, relations will be not interesting to me which are very short and are not serious. I search for long and serious relations which will be full of feelings and mutual understanding.

In a life I appreciate sincerity and as in men I appreciate sincerity and understanding. I do not transfer lie and people which to me say lies, and I hope for that that you will be fair with me. As I consider that such qualities as honesty and understanding help people to create mutual understanding, and that only these qualities really allows me to learn you better and to you me.
xx why you search for the man through the Internet?

I very much like to communicate with people and I appreciate in people as sincerity and good sense of humour. Also I very much estimate, honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience. It seems to me these qualities are very important in people!
What most of all interests you in girls? What do you love? What qualities like you?

I trust in love, and I think it very valuable thing which should be serious and it is not pleasant to me when play with feelings of people.
What do you think of it? Also it would be important to me to know why you were not married?
I will look forward to hearing from you!
Yours faithfully Olga

Letter 2

Good afternoon xxx!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letters.
With each new day of our acquaintance, I understand, that you are very interesting to me.
I wait every day your letters and photos. I am very glad that you like mine of photos. I will send to you of photos with each my letter.

xxx likely it is interesting to you why I search for the man more is more senior me.
I search for the man for serious relations, for family creation...
Understand, I met the young man approximately 2 years, but it has appeared that he simply played with me, played with my feelings and love...
He deceived me always, humiliated before everything, he was not able to love. And I have drawn a conclusion for myself that with such person I cannot have serious relations.
And now I search for more serious man. And I hope that you with me will be serious!!!

xxx why you are dissolved? You had children?
I very much love children, and my work is connected with children. I will tell to you about my work...
I work in a kindergarten. It is called "Sun"
My trade the tutor. In a garden I work approximately 2 years, to this work I was invited by my girlfriend.
I am very happy with the work, here I spend time every day with small children. I very much love children, and with them to me it is always good. xxx you love children? For me children it is a part of my life and they do me happy. I very much would wish to have children from my beloved with whom I could build a good family and bring up our children. xxx and you it would be desirable children?
In a kindergarten I all day long look for children, I learn their messages a healthy way of life, I help them in all.
Every day we play different games. We walk on city parks, we visit theatres and the various Children's Entertaining Centers. It very much is pleasant to children also they feel happy and happy.
What do you think of my work? I very much like my work.
It will be interesting to me to hear about your work...

Yours faithfully Olga

Letter 3

Good afternoon xxx!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter, but I want that you wrote to me every day....
Thanks for compliments, to me are very pleasant... I very much liked your photo, you look very beautiful man!!!
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters, your work very good, you help people, and I appreciate it in you....
Really my work allows me to learn everything about children, my work prepares me for education of the future of own children. I very much love and I am proud of the work. And I am glad that is pleasant to you than I am engaged, after all it should be very important for you. I am right?

It is very a pity that today you have sent me not the big letter, xxx, we should learn about us more, give we will communicate more, we will learn each other.....
Today I would like to tell to you about my parents. I live together with mum and the daddy.
My mum is called Elena and to her by 42 years. She works family psychiatrist.
I am very glad that my mum has chosen this trade because she helps people, and I very much am proud of her.
I very strongly love mum, she always supports me difficult minutes, helps me, she can always listen and give me pieces of good advice.

My daddy call Andrey. To it of 47 years. It works at machine-building factory. It the mechanical engineer. At this factory make various details. My father I see not every day because this factory is on big distances from our house, approximately 200 kilometres. It comes home only on the days off. We always spend days off together. Basically we go in village to the grandmother, her name is Natasha. I very much love the grandmother, especially I love grandmother's pies. When I have grown she me have learnt to do such pies. At me it turns out to do not worse the grandmother. I hope as you can try them...

I do not have native brothers and sisters, in a family I was only one child. But I have cousins and the nephew. The nephew call Vladimir. To it only as early as 7 years. I very much love it, we with it spend all time together. But unfortunately here only we meet not frequently because he lives in other city (Saratov).

My sisters call Masha and Katya. Masha 25 years and Katya 27 years. They too live in Saratov. I very much love the native....
xxxx, tell to me more about the native!!!
I will wait for your letter
Yours faithfully Olga

Letter 4

Good afternoon xxxx!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I thank you for yours of photos.

I am very glad to read about your relatives, but it is a pity to me that your father has died very much early...
I told about you to my parents, and they are very glad for me. I showed them yours of photos and you have very much liked my parents!

In the beginning of the letter I will fairly answer your questions.
I love children very strongly, I told to you that my work is connected with children. Children for me very many mean, I spend every day time with them. With children I feel very well, and it is very pleasant to me to spend with them time.... I very much wish to have children from the favourite person.
We communicate only on the Internet, and not so long time. And it is very pleasant to me to have with you dialogue, and I very much like yours of photos. You very beautiful, lovely man. I am very glad that has got acquainted with you. With each letter I learn you more, and I am very glad to it. I already spoke to you that I search for serious relations, and I do not wish to spend time here simply so, and under your letters I have understood that you are very serious, opened, sincerely!

It is very interesting to me to know as you spend your free time? Here I for example, very cheerful person, I think out different entertainments for myself and for my friends. But I very much like to think out games for children on work. I like to do the life and a life of my friends it is more interesting, romantic. Entertainments can be: dances, cinema, walk on the nature, sometimes we simply sit in what or cafe and simply we talk.
All it depends on our mood and that that we would like to do. But if to speak sincerely that recently all these entertainments deliver ever less fun. My thoughts in my head about other things.
I often dream concerning such things as romantic evening with the person favourite for me, or simply romantic walk on a city. It can be everything, for example, it can be a supper at candles when we with my person will be only together and when we can
To talk about us, about our future children. But the main thing for this purpose to be near to the favourite person.
I think that it very romantically. I in general very romantic person, and I like different things. I like verses, and romantic poems, flowers, and many other things things.
But more I like children.
xxx and you reflected on such things? You the person of romanticism, or it is far for you. I would like to learn your opinion on it and that you think. I for example consider that the Romanticist, it is very beautiful also it
Helps enamoured to learn partners better and helps them of efforts of their feeling. I consider that romanticism shows that as strongly you love.

I hope to see in the following letter more than your photos.
Yours faithfully OLga!

Letter 5

Good afternoon dear xxxx!
Yesterday when I answered you the letter I have attached mine of photos, but they could not go, it from for problems with the Internet is possible... Today I will necessarily send you mine of photos.
Thanks for your photo and who on her is represented? Your friends?

xxxx why you have not answered my letter? I asked you as you spend a free time, but you have answered nothing to me... You read my letter?
I spoke to you in the letter beginning that I search for serious relations, and I want that you concerned my letters seriously.
xxx, you write very beautiful letters, and I know that you the serious, fair, open man, but that that you have not answered my letter, it is very bad.... We have agreed that we will write each other fairly and always. But now I in am surprised...
Read my last letter once again attentively, and I will look forward to hearing from you to it.
Now I will send you mine of photos...

Letter 6

Good afternoon dear xxxx!
Thanks for fine photos. I am very glad to receive always your letters, is simple yesterday you have not answered my questions and I thought that it from for problems with the Internet, and I do not take offence at you. I too do not wish you to lose because your letters very much to me like also to me pleasantly you to learn. You very beautiful, lovely man and me like yours of photos.
Now I think to us it is necessary to forget problems and to continue our pleasant dialogue :)

It is very pleasant to me to know, that someone who lives while far, wishes to know about me and about my life.
I mean, that the Internet does improbable things as we never would force chance even to start to speak if there was no Internet. Time we have started talking about friends that I to you I will tell about my friends.
I have now when it is a lot of friends in other cities of Russia or abroad. I have one friend,
Which married the foreign person and has gone to live to other country then I have some friends,
Which now live in Moscow and S - Petersburg, but the majority of my friends lives here in Cheboksary.
At you it is a lot of friends?
Tell all of them live near to you or live far from you?
I like to spend time with my friends, they do my life brighter and easier. It is a pity to me,
That I cannot spend more time with my friends, but it is not possible, because there is a work and other duties which I have.
When I have a free time we go to a cinema, theatre, cafe.
I only like to look cinema at a cinema. I love the various films beginning with romantic comedies, dramas.
Look cinema at a cinema it can not to be compared to supervision of this house: the screen, a sound, atmosphere - all is so excellent!
The majority of my friends has the same opinion, thus we usually go to a cinema with the big company.
As to me I like to go to actions of a drama better than in an opera and to ballet.
Ballet dance easy to feel as ballerinas express their feelings movements, instead of words so their movements are more emotional and are expressive then those opera singers.
Least I prefer a drama, but I do not go to theatre it often.
Other alternative that with friends to leave excellent cafe.
What do you do usually in the days off?

Letter 7

Good afternoon dear xxx!
Thanks for your photo and me are very pleasant that you like mine of photos.
You too very much like me.

I very attentively read your letter and I agree, I wish to have with you serious relations. I spoke to you that I search for only serious relations.
I have a girlfriend which now lives in Germany. She has got acquainted 1 one year ago with the man from the Internet. His name is Sven. He lives in Germany.
They communicated on the Internet long time, then saw on webcamere. It is all has helped them to learn about the friend the friend and after a while she has left to it. Gains with it some months she has understood that he the man which wishes to have a family and children. And now they have a child, they are very happy together. Sometimes I have conversation on the chamber with her.
My girlfriend has advised to me to make also, to find second half in the Internet. My girlfriend has told to me all about it.

xxx, what than you will be engaged in these days off???
Here I in these days off wish to meet my best girlfriends together.
We very seldom see because they live in different cities. I now will tell to you about them.
I have 4 very good friends.
It - Olesya, Irina, Vlada, Inna.
Olesya and Irina live in Cheboksary.Vlada lives in Moscow with her husband. Inna lives in Nizhni Novgorod.
I can tell, that we are on friendly terms since the childhood. We have met, when we have started to go to an elementary school and we friends since then.
I think, that we successful to be still friends. Some people speak, there is no friendship between women, but I know that there is a friendship it is my own experience.
Certainly we sometimes argue, but then we always find a way from any difficult a situation. Olesya and Vlada are married, both they have children and they are very happy with the husbands.
As to us I mean Irina, Inna and I all of us still search for our men, for people who we will be very enamoured. We never were jealous to our married friends.
We only were happy, that they have found their happiness. And now we search for our happiness:)
So, when I have told to my friends, that I, apparently, have found the person whom I love more than only the friend and who, apparently, a kind that I look for, my friends were extremely happy for me.
And here they should arrive to me home, and we will have a supper and to communicate about us.
Now I will prepare for their arrival...

Letter 8

Good afternoon dear xxx!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Thanks for a photo with your friend, you very lovely look on photos.
Yesterday I have spent very good evening with my friends. We sat all the evening long and talked about a life. I told it about you, and I even have shown to them of photos, and you have very much liked them... :)) I certainly have not shown the Letter to them because it is confidential between us.
I also talked yesterday to my girlfriend from germany, we very long communicated with her on various themes, but basically we had conversation on ours with you relations, and in the end of our dialogue my girlfriend has told to me that you very good man. Also that from us very good pair can turn out. I very much was delighted to it :)) We with each letter we understand each other very well, and we concern our dialogue very seriously and it is very important.
We have very well sat with girlfriends, and today I spent them at station and they have left on the houses... Following time we can meet them only in the summer :(((

Dear xxx, tell to me please about your friend Jack... And what you spoke to it about me? :)) You are on friendly terms with it for a long time??
You can transfer it from me greetings. I am very glad that you have such good friend who will help you a difficult minute...

Now xxxx I at home will be cleaned, I need to help mum on the house, today we will clean all apartment because we very much love cleanliness. It is very important. You with me agree??

Dear xxxx, I very much miss to you and too it is very a pity to me that you are not present near to me....
With love yours Olga

Letter 9

Good afternoon my love xxx!
Thanks for sincere the letter. You of photos very much like me. You very lovely, beautiful, strong man. And I am very glad that like you of photos where I am dressed in a skirt, simply I thought before to you to send, that such photos to you will not like... I will give to you still photos.
To me I am very pleasant to know that to you road, you even have hung up my photos on your apartment. It is very romantic. If I to you arrive that I can see mine of photos on your wall? :)))?

I am very glad that Jack is glad for us, as well as my friends want that we were very happy with you.
I talked to my girlfriend from germany, we with her had conversation on us with you... And she has told to me that I have listened to my heart and did as it prompts to me.
In the evening I talked to my mum, she knows about ours with you relations. You have very much liked my parents. My mum very much worried when I have told to her that I wish to leave to you. Because I never went in other country and I do not know as documents become. Tomorrow with mum we descend in travel agency and we learn that is necessary for a trip to you.... My girlfriend spoke that the main thing needs to be made visa because she it is very difficult to make. But I will be with mum and she will help me.
My parents have approved my consent to fly to you. And I am very glad to it. You are glad to it? :))?
My heart overflows love to you my dear xxx!
My mum only is afraid for that that you me do not deceive, and will not leave me one in another's country.....
But I know that you not such person, I trust you xxx!!!!!
With love Olga


Good afternoon my love xxx!
I am very happy to receive from you the letter my prince!!!
This morning I with my mum went to travel agency. We were explained by very good tourist agent. He has explained to all of us very in detail. At first I have learnt what to me documents are necessary, it appears it is necessary to collect many documents for visa: it is the passport, the medical insurance, the reference... And all it will cost approximately 280 euro. Will do visa about one week. The most important thing needs to be made this visa. It is necessary for me to do tourist visa and she is given for 90 days. I mean I can there are at you 90 days.
Then to us have explained that it is necessary to get tickets. The ticket from Moscow to Belgium costs 325 euro.
The ticket will need to be reserved in advance.
In agency have told that it is necessary to start to do the main thing visa.
When we have come back home after agency, we long talked to mum. My mum was upset very much with the prices for all documents. Because it is very expensive.
I have only a small part of money. And my parents do not have such quantity of money. I to you told about my girlfriend from germany, and so her husband which lives in germany has helped to arrive to the girlfriend from russia to it. It has sent a part of money to her through remittance which is called western union.
It is a safe way to send money, I was spoken by my girlfriend.
My dear xxx, it is very a pity to me that I do not have such quantity of money, I spoke that I receive from my work a little... But I very much wish to arrive to you to Belgium. I very much wish to be together with you xxx Because I love you!!! I all time, on work and houses think of you, I dream of our meeting. I do not know what to do now to me...
xxx, write me please the answer, to me your support is very important.
With love yours Olga.


Good afternoon my love xxx!
I am very happy to read your letter. After I have seen that you can help me, I very much was delighted. At me at once it was cheered up and I have informed mum on that that you can help me.
My love when we can begin official registration of papers?? I very strongly wish to be near to you!!!
I again went today to agency and have learnt as it is possible to send money and to me have told, that you can send money through the western union. For this purpose you need to know my data: name Olga, surname Elmekeeva.
Russia city Kazan, street Chavaina 23-182.
Also your information will be necessary to me.
I very strongly miss on you, and I to a pier of the god that our meeting have taken place every night as soon as possible... Because I love you more lives my love...
xxxx, I sent to you of photos in a skirt but I do not have black skirt... When I will near to you we together we can choose for me a skirt and you can always see me in her:)) You have not taken offence at it??
But I have made for you a surprise! :)! I will send to you with this letter.
xxx. my love, I very much love you and I wish to be only with you... I very tired am one here, to me it is very heavy when my second half is far from me...
I will wait your answer all the day long. And my mum very much thanks you, and transfers you greetings!!!
With love yours Olga