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Unfortunatly the old letters I don't have anymore. But I think the ones I can provide are proof enough

One of the old letters

Hello dear xxx!

Thank you for your letter! I am so sorry I didn't attach any pictures of me, but today I will do that.

I am glad you want to come and meet me, an I would be glad to receive you here, but there are some problems, my dear xxx. You know, Ukraine is so poor and dirty that I will feel ashamed to show it to you. The foreigners are treated badly. If they know you are a foreigner they will make you pay double, deceive you, because you don't speak Russian and people here don't speak foreign languages at all. I know about it from the other girls who met with their pen friends and also i know some girls who work in a matrimony agency, their aim is to take as much money as possible from foreigners. I think, you will spend even more money than if I go to you. Hotels, taxies, services, it is all very expensive for foreigners. For example, a room in a hotel in Kiev costs 30 dollars a day minimum. The road from Kiev to Lugansk takes 20 hours, and believe me, the train is awful - my friend, who now is married with Italian man, told me than when her husband first came here to visit her, he was shocked and he couldn't believe his future wife lives in such a country with such an awful conditions - and I must tell you he bought the most expensive tickets to the luxe carriage, which costs 100 dollars. There is a lot of criminality, you can be robbed and even killed because of your clothes or mobile phone if it is expensive. I am not trying to scare you, it is just the reality here.

To protect you from all these awful things I will have to be with you and near you all the time, and I would be glad

to do that, but if so, I will have not to go to work, so I will lose my job. If I lose my job, I will never be able to get a visa to go somewhere abroad! That's it.

Beside all this problems, I am afraid it will be very boring for you staying all day long in my little apartment, it only has one room which I use as a bedroom and living room, there also is a small kitchen and a toilet. I don't have a computer at home, just an old TV-set, which only translates Ukrainian channels - I can't afford the satellite TV. I live in a not very good district of the city, the view from a window isn't very pleasant also, but that lets me pay not such a great amount of money as if I had a flat in a good district. So you see the situation.

And, to be honest, I would like to first meet the man, who someday may become my husband, in a more romantic place than this dirty little town I live in. My dream is Rome, but I would also love to see Prague, my colleague went there last month and when I saw the pictures I understood it is a very beautiful city. I would like to go somewhere abroad for such an important event, I think you understand me. I've never been anywhere except Kiev, that's all. If I could go anywhere abroad to meet you, that would be my dream coming true.

So that's it. I am sorry if I upset you with this thoughts. But I hope you will understand me.

The life is hard and there are a lot of obstacles. Of course, for people from reach countries, there are much less of them, but for us, in Ukraine, there are a lot of problems.

I hope you are not angry with me. I think that for now we have to settle the trust between us and try to continue our communication to put a base for a very serious and strong relationship. I want to know you better, and I think we should do that.

I send you many kisses, dear Georg, and a lot of hugs,



an another letter: (most recent)
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Presentation :

Hi, my name is Yuliya and I am 24 years old, I live in Ukraine.

You can see my complete profile here :

I am looking for :

I am looking for a real man, wise and intelligent, who
stands firm on the ground.Would be glad if he had soul. The
man who can give warmth and who needs it at the same time. I
am here because I believe that there is a man who feel as
bad without my love as I feel without his!


From 28 to 45

My email : [email protected]

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