Scammer Muhametova Ekaterina

Volzhsky Russia

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Comment #2075
Hello my light xxx!
How you do? How - all? Well here, thinking of you as usually. You mean
much for me, and you know, that you dear for my heart. I regret for
your work. Though we have also cases when someone cannot leave workers
for works, and someone should replace this worker. It happens at us
I slept in today because weather does me sleepy and forces me to
remain in a bed longer than usually. You know, I like to remain in a
warm bed when I know, that it is cold, and it forces the house to be
even more convenient place than usually. You receive the same feeling?
My xxx, I am very happy that at all of us goes actually successful
for us. I am glad, that you can really accept me, and you are ready to
serious changes in your life. I think, that we really already could
communicate about much with you, and I think, that this moment that we
could meet now has really come.
You know, xxx, I actually went to bank today since morning. I should
tell to you as you can help for me as you can carry out a remittance.
You know, ree. I asked the sum from you. It is not necessary to send
more or less. 450 euros Are necessary particularly. And it actually
will be sufficient for my flight. You know, xxx, in bank for me have
told, what exactly exists system of remittances Western Union, I think
that you know about it. It uses the big popularity and reliability.
For remittance realisation it is necessary to know completely my
co-ordinates particularly and when you will carry out a remittance you
should specify the information particularly without errors. You know
my co-ordinates, but I once again specify you it:
The country - Russia
City - Volzhsk, 425009
Street Molodezhnaya, 4-45
Name - Ekaterina
Surname - Muhametova
Remember, it is necessary to specify all without errors. And that I
could receive your remittance, for me the information which you is
required will specify in the remittance form. xxx, remember it also
please correctly: yours a full name, a city whence you carry out a
remittance, zip-code this city, the sum, mtcn. Was also reliable if
you send for me a copy of the form of a remittance. Well? Thus I can
receive your remittance in the same when you will carry out his and
only I can receive your remittance. I hope, that you understand that
it and there is a reliable way.
My darling xxx, you know, the volcano it can is any sign how you
think? I hope, that this volcano does not become for us the big
problem. You know, xxx, with agency to me will help with ticket
purchase because through agency it will be possible to learn what
flights free and with it all should be reliable.
xxx, I would like to tell to you one history. One of my girlfriends
was married, and then in 3 years she has divorced. And when I have
asked her about the reason of it, she have told to me, that this man
does not satisfy her, that he - not her type.
I think, that it happens with her because she did not think carefully
before she has married. As in my opinion, each person should try to
find for his or her the person who is going to satisfy his or her, the
person who is going to understand, care and love, and also these two
persons should be capable to live together, they should satisfy each
other in daily, a family life.
I also think, that they should have the same values of a life. How you
think, whether I am valid is right? What yours opinion? I would like
to know it.
xxx, I am very happy, that you are in my life, and I am always happy
to receive your letters and to study more about you. You know,
irrespective of as long we correspond, every day I study something new
about you from your letters, even thus, that sometimes I have feeling,
that I know you the whole eternity. You know that I mean?
Darling xxx, I finish my letter now, and I with impatience will wait
for your answer very impatiently!
With kisses, Katy.