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ххх, my sweet love!!! How are you in this weekend? Thanks for you care, with me all are good here!!! I understand your difficulties with a remittance, I hope all will be soon well. In me is no be and never not were disappointments in you my love хххх!!! I love you my kid!!! I wish to be with you, in you gentle hugs!!! If only I, probably, have thought up correct words to describe depth of this beautiful feeling, that I have for you in my heart, I would say them to you for the first time when I will see you! ххх I love you, my sweet man!!! Communication through letters with you is similar to the best poetry ever made, the best song, ever played, the best picture, ever draw. I never thought and did not expect, that I can become so happy, as now together with you!!! I know, that you love me as well soon we will in hugs each other! Life would not be a life for me without you. We far apart while, but at you are my heart and my love. And I know, that I have yours here too! ххx I want to be with you! Take care my love!!! Yours Mariya

Hello my sweet love xxx!!! I waited for this moment when can to come to cafe and to write you the letter because I know that you also wait it!Our letters give us the big hope of our future and it is always brings a lot of pleasure and happiness in my heart! Today it has woken my thoughts, in me there were feelings that you have written it...Now here 12 hours of 24 minutes, in me there is having rummaged from work, therefore I here to be closer with you! Alex the agent said to me, that as soon as in me there will be money for it can do at once the booking for tickets. Also it can be made in advance for the named date. For example if you can precisely send me money on May, 14th, considering a trip to Moscow and another, my agent can make booking for May, 16th or 17, that is in some days. xxx I understand, that you cannot send it earlier, but I am ready to wait for the sake of our love and our future, I hope this time will go quickly here! My mum will allow me to see you ha ha! You wrote that were on a marathon in this weekend?! I also looked this from sports news if I am not mistaken the Russian woman took the second place in you were the participant of a marathon or you helped for carrying out of it? I want you to know how much I love you! You my love and will forever be my love kid!You like this word "kid"? There are no others words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that our hearts have come to dwell together, as one. Have good day!!My sweet kisses and hugs for you!!!Yours Mariya

Hello xxx! I was glad to get your answer!In the last letter I spoke
that I live in Russia. My city is located in Kirov region and has name
Orichi, small settlement in which lives about 8 thousand persons. From
Moscow it makes about 1150 kilometres on the east. Round a city it is a
lot of woods. You ever were in wood? It seems to me very
useful to the person to be in the nature some time. Know Alex I never
was in USA earlier, but would like to make it
once.I hope my idea is pleasant for you! Now to me 31 years old. For
this years of my life I never was married and I do not have children
though I very much love them, children life flowers! Know I has decided
to get acquainted on the internet because could not find the person
here.Earlier I got acquainted with men who did not respect me.Now I
looking for the man with whom I can open the heart!Man with whom I will
be good for me and with which, possibly,
to a can to create serious relations.I done not excited with your age. I
on the contrary searched to myself for man is
more senior than myself. At you rich life experience. It is pleasant to
me. xxx tell to me why you have decided to
search for the destiny in the internet? You know that I work in
hospital.My speciality responsible and the important, I therapist.
Earlier after work I went home, but now I go to the internet of cafe and
I wish to see your letter. It is a pity that I do not have computer in
house... I hope that I will receive your letters every day because it is
pleasant to me. Have good day together with my new pictures! Mariya

Hello dear xxx!!!It is pleasant to me to see your letter!It is a pity
that in it again there are no your pictures which I do not receive...
Try to send it again. I like your idea about a phone conversation, but I
dont have phone. I remember
how I wrote to you the first letter, I was very much worried. I very
glad that there have appeared affection between
us. Life gives chance to us to be happy learn each other better and by
that gives chance of future in development of our relations!Frequently I
think about your messages and I understand, that you are serious
concerning me. I do
not look at our dialogue as on an entertainment, and I write you some
very personal words and things, as to close
person.Excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman?
And what your private life now, please tell about it. Write to me more
in detail about the feelings to me! I never travelled abroad!!I very
much would like to
visit other countries!Citizens of our country have the full right to
travel in country in any direction and on any transport: the car, the
bus or a train, someone does it on foot. Today we with friends are going
to have some entertainment.
Probably we'll sit in cafe. It is pity, that now no opportunity to
invite you there because you are far from me... I hope
my pictures with friends will be my small consolation for you?I think if
could be possible to be together this evening, we could spend it very
well. I hope we'll do it in the future!I am sure,what it will be good
time for us!!!Mariya