Scammer Otent or Oteng Vicentia

Otent or Oteng
Accra Ghana

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General Money and Travel Funds scam...along with a Marriage Scam from Ghana.

I described it on the other page - a friend got an anonymous IM on Yahoo from "finally_finally29". She fell madly in love with him, wanted to get married, have babies, etc with him. She wanted money for medical reasons and then travel funds.

I knew it was a scam and proceeded to contact her on Yahoo IM. Within the first 90 minutes, she had fallen madly in love with me, wanted $100 initially for a webcam (which I knew from my friend she already had), and as the conversation went along - she asked for $120-350 for "spectacles" and $200 for "other medicines". Then she told me that after she gets the money for the webcam she can show me that she is "honest" and we will discuss her flying to the US to meet me and "move in" with me (immediately). She told me she is single and searching for a US man and it is "important" that it be a US man. She wanted $3,000 USD for travel funds, have me look up getting her a "finance visa" and send the money to her for that as well as her medical exams she will need. Then she told me that I can send her "whatever amount I want" so she can get certain things taken care of to "look her best for me" - ie manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup, clothes.

Her first pics to my friend were completely innocent ones. The next night she sent a slew of nude or almost nude shots to him and then performed on the webcam for him. So far I only got a set of the innocent photos. I uploaded 2 of each - but have many more that I could offer.

Money/Travel Fund Scam...a friend pointed this one out to me...he got an IM from a stranger on Yahoo and started to correspond. Within the first day or so she was telling him that she needed money for medicinal purposes. He played along. We talked that this was a scam of some sort. Over a few nights of chatting with her, she went from sending out innocent photos to sending out fully nude photos and performing on her webcam for him.

I popped on Yahoo and started to IM with her. She started off telling me that she was single and searching for a US man - and it was "important" that it be someone from the US. Within the first 90 minutes of chatting, she sent me the innocent photos. She told me that if I would Western Union her $100 she could buy a webcam for me to see her and "see that she was an honest person". (of course I know she has the webcam already). Then as we talked again she told me that "after I see she is honest and trusting she would like to come to the US to see me and move in with me. She told me that she needed $3,000USD to fly to see me. She claims to have a Passport and asked me to look into a "fiance visa" for her and to send her whatever money that would cost as well as money for a medical exam. She proceeded to ask me for money to "get her to her best to see me" - meaning money for a manicure, pedicure, hair, and clothes - what amount I sent was up to me.

She claims that you can't fly to visit her because it is too dangerous and you will be robbed and left for dead. You just "HAVE" to send her the money to fly to you. Even when I offered to fly a private jet to pick her up at my expense she said "no no no no no no you MUST send me the money via Western Union and I fly to you".

She went on to tell me that she knew she needed $120-350 for new "spectacles" and $200 for "other medicines".

She claims to work at a candy shop selling toffees and chocolates (although she couldn't spell either of them correctly).

She is a scammer from the first word. She immediately falls madly and deeply in love with you - even starts to sign her name with your last name (surname) and talks about how wonderful that sounds, she wants to get married, have at least 4 babies, she dreams vividly about you, her, and the babies, her parents are dead, she has no siblings, nothing to leave behind in Ghana. She claims to originally be from Sweden - father was Swedish and mother was Ghanaian and she only moved to Ghana 4 mo ago.

She loves to sign her emails as "yours sweet - Vicentia (or Vic) and your last name".