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Nadezhda (Nadya)
Moscow Russia

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Hello! Hello! Hello!!!
xxxxxxxx , your Nadezhda is here again!!! Here
again is your new girlfriend from far Russia. xxxxxxxx , today I had an
interesting and pleasant day. Everything has begun in the morning. The
weather was magnificent – the shining sun and the blue sky. Such the
high and infinite sky. In the morning I have woken up, have looked in
a window and it was wonderful. The morning sun has shined houses and
streets. Everything seemed to be unusual, fantastic. I thought - "it’s
so beautiful! A good beginning of day...."... It was a surprise on my
work. Today was the day of the basis of our firm. It was an
anniversary of our firm - 10 years! (I really didn’t remember this
date.) We had a celebratory dinner - a banquet. All girls - to
employees were presented with a bunch of flowers! It was a beautiful
bouquet of white roses. By the way, this is my favorite flower! It was
unexpected and very pleasant... On a banquet I drank a glass of
champagne. I don’t drink any alcohol, but one glass I drank. We talked
much and cheerfully and laughed. Then we ate a pie and sweets. Today
my work has ended earlier. All employees went home very joyful. I took
my bouquet and also went home. Then I decided to have a walk. After
walk I went to Internet cafe. So I wanted to check up the letters. May
be you have written to me!?! And I have received the letter. It’s so
pleasant. Your letter of today is a part of my magic day. The whole
day was full of pleasant of emotions. The whole day was like a fairy
tale. A wonderful morning, a banquet, flowers from the firm. Now your
letter. Again your attention. I read your letter. I understand - you
have written it only for me. Only for me. It so is interesting. So it
is interesting and exiting. I receive your letters, I read them and I
smile. I smile like a little girl. Probably it is silly or it is very
romantic. But today your letter is a part of my happiness. Yes! My day
today is successful. Morning-day-evening. Everything was so pleasant.
And your letter. It’s also very pleasant moment for today. I cannot
find a word to describe this sensation. When you wait, worry and
receive SOMETHING.... Thanks! xxxxxxxx , I hope your day was also
impressing I also want to wish you good luck for tomorrow to be happy
tomorrow morning. Please, recollect my wish. Recollect , when you’ll
wake up. When you will look through a window, recollect about me. I
wish to present you a part of my HAPPINESS. Happiness which I have
received today..... Give me your phone number. I shall try to call to
you soon! I say goodbye, GOOD LUCK for you! Be happy!!!!

xxx , I am again glad to read your letter. And to answer
you! Our acquaintance develops, and develops. So, today I wish to tell
you about my family. About my childhood! I think, it is very
important. The family has huge value for everyone the person. In a
family the child receives the first experience of dialogue. The family
forms the person! Forms our way of life and thinking. In Russia speak
- "all of us from the childhood!" I can agree only. Nobody can be free
from memoirs of the childhood. These memoirs often help us to live! I
think, you agree with me??!!! Well, my family. It I, the daddy, mum
and my favourite grandmother! My parents doctors - you already know
it. I the only child. My childhood was the most fantastic and
beautiful! I have grown in very beautiful place. It really most
beautiful place on the Earth! I never will forget my native house.
Round the house there was the most beautiful garden. The garden
blossomed each spring. I looked at these flowers and it seemed to me,
that I live in a fairy tale. Inflorescences of cherries and
apple-trees made all very beautiful. Beautiful and solemn. In 4 years
I have told mine mum - "I will fall in love only in the spring! When
gardens will blossom!" All very much laughed. I have grown in love
atmosphere. Parents never swore, I do not remember any scandals. The
daddy always was kind and careful! He adored to please me and mum. And
often did to us small surprises. He gave to mum huge bunches of
flowers!!! It was so beautifully. My grandmother very kind. She it is
tasty prepares. Pies! She does what tasty pies!!!! It cannot be
described! Me the grandmother and mum too has learnt to prepare. The
grandmother always speaks - "the true woman should be a gourmet!"
Therefore now I perfectly well prepare any meal. I adore to do it! A
Russian cuisine and cookery - various and very tasty. I very much show
consideration to meal and to health. Me so have learnt in my family.
Me have learnt to be attentive to itself. Attentive to people, which
together with you. To me have set an example. The CARE example! Now I
live separately. But lessons which has received in a family, always
with me! I often visit my parents and the grandmother. I adore them,
but I should have the life now... All of us we grow once! Also should
go forward the by. But the family has learnt me to the main thing! I
understand, that mutual relations it is very difficult. It is not
simple - to be together with other person. But if you have care and
respect, all will turn out. Therefore answering a question - What
qualities for me are important!? Qualities of my partner. I can tell.
Important it is a lot of. In mutual relations there is no nothing
important. Each moment is possibility to show the care. Possibility to
show attention. After all our life not the eternal! I would like to
see about myself - the Careful, reliable and kind man. The man who
will respect me. To respect my force and to respect my weakness.
Simultaneously. After all the woman has both force and weakness! I
would like to have TRUST! The most important thing for me is TRUST,
without trust it is impossible anything. Not work, not friendship, not
love. The trust is a basis, the base! I would like to live all life
without fear and doubt. To have confidence and calmness. I would like
to feel the strongest love. To have love. To receive and give love. I
wish to be careful and gentle. If to ask me - "What most important
quality you? WHAT can you allocate?" I about myself will tell -
fidelity. I very true person. It not a farce... It is the truth. I do
not understand and I do not accept treachery. Treachery between people
who love. I think very important to keep love of the pure! Pure and
beautiful, even if you together already long time. It is such ideal
picture. But I wish to have the ideal. I dream about it! xxxx , I
wish to thank again you about your letters. Probably I repeat. But it
is very pleasant to me to write it. Thanks! It is very important to
have attention. It is very important to understand - you are necessary
and interesting to other person. To be very important not lonely.
Lonely in thoughts and in dreams. Thanks, for your attention. And
patience when you read my letter!!!! Sometimes I write much. It is a
lot of. Simply I wish to tell all. And to ask all! It is important and
interesting to me to find answers to questions. By the way, I should
warn you. I use the cafe Internet. Therefore I can not sometimes write
every day. The cafe can be closed. Therefore do not worry, if I become
silent. If there is no letter. I will necessarily write!!!!!! I will
write you! After all you are interesting to me!!! GOOD LUCK! Good luck
for you always and. I wait the answer.
Yours Nadezhda!

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