Scammer Nunoo Grace

Accra Ghana

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I was hacked by Grace nunoo on
She is a computer criminal in accra Ghana,very dangerous
Photos forwarded to [email protected]
If you call her cell phone you can hear muslim call to prayer really loud. Claims to be dress maker with no sewing machine. Report all contact to INTERPOL

Dear ,

Additional information on Afrointroduction number 2209748
Currently angella Kristel. This is a short list of this persons aliases

Mary Joyce Yakanu
Grace Nunoo
Angella Kristel
Lydia Lamptey

Penal Code 419 Scammer

Report to 419 task force INTERPOL, Lyon France

afrointroduction client number 2209748 Angella Kristal is a repeat scammer. She has used numerous names, locations, occupations. She uses scams that are descibed in Penal Code 419. That is her father has died and needs thousands of dollars to recieve several million dollars from an african bank. She demands amounts of 200 and 300 dollars for fabricated emergencies. She is controlled by a group as a vehicle to get money for a hidden agenda. One picture of Grace Nunoo (m one ofher aliases)shows a large diamond rng on one hand and holding a 500 dollar cell phone in the other.File pictures of her show expensive nightclub dresses that out shine a Rock Star Diva.

This are pictures of 419 scammer , Numerous aliases, is bait for group in Accra Ghana. All money is sent byvWestern Union or Ghanaairtime scam for a hidden agenda.